Saturday, April 5, 2008

It is beer, but it's not beer

confused?? so was i!! =s .....i think i still am though

i tried beer for d 1st time about 2months ago when i went to a rock concert with some of my friends... i took one sip, n i didnt like it! i didnt like d bitter taste, i didnt like d uneasy feeling i felt down my throat n i didnt like d smell which stayed for sometime..

n then after a few hours i took another sip for d sake of a picture. d next morning i woke up with a headache! hahha.. yea i know its silly when i say that i had a 'hangover' with 2 sips of beer. but it was because of that cos about a week ago, my friend was having a different brand of beer, n she insisted that this beer was really nice n all that thing n made me take a sip... no harm in a sip rite... so i tried... it still tasted d same to me! d same bitter taste, uneasy feeling, n d disgusting smell. n guess wat, i woke up with a headache d next day also!

today, my friend went shopping with her sister n she found something unique... she thinks its unique cos she hasnt seen it before n so do i. i'm rather unsure about wat it is actually....

It's a non alcoholic sweet beer! It's non alcoholic cos it doesnt have alcohol ( duh! y else is it called non alcoholic??! ), n it's sweetened! geez... i've never heard of anything like that before!

If u can read d label... it says that there's no alcohol n no flavouring added... i wonder how they managed to get d beer taste then! n extra sweet was added. n it's very very cheap...its a good thing d label is not all that clear :P

this one, i willingly tried... cos no alcohol n it was sweetened.. so no problem wat....

i tasted just like zapple la.... ( zapple is a carbonated apple juice ). d only slight difference between this non alcoholic sweet beer n zapple is that zapple is apple, n this one has a tinge of beer taste.

so, it wasnt all that bad... but i'm not in for it.... probably once in a blue moon if i'm forced to have beer... i might just have this one.. but otherwise, i'm happy with zapple or watever real non alcoholic drink i can get my hands on

Oh, n by the way.... i hope i dont wake up with a headache tomorrow morning!


Mounika said...

At tthe last office party, I had 3 glasses of wine ( 1 white and 2 red) in the hope of getting drunk(want to get really, really drunk at least once in my lifetime)!

Alas, I did not even get a hangover the next day..

But, on a happier note, that means, I can drink as much as I want without the people at home discovering the drunk in me!! ;-)

Chumi Lakshmi said...

LOL!!! good for u!!! :D