Monday, December 3, 2007

On delayed flights and human reptiles

Wat happens when ur flight is delayed for more than 10 hours, and u'r not even sure if its true and u reached d airport almost 4 hours before d rescheduled time, get stuck in a terrible human congestion, wait at d counter for more than 2 hours to check in ur luggage and get ur boarding ticker, worry if ur luggage might exceed d limit or not, get meet someone who is heading to d same destination as u, who is a human reptile?!

well, that's wat happened to me more than a week ago and i'm still blur about how i reacted to it. i received a call a few hours before my scheduled flight and was told that the flight was being delayed for more than 10 hours and it was rescheduled for the next morning, and that i would have to spend d whole of a saturday in flights and airports. i just lost it when that lady from d airport told me. i just said ok, and hung up without asking for proper details and confirmations. a few minutes after that i tried calling some 10 numbers again and again for 2 whole hours trying to confirm d information. i so thought someone was playing a prank on me... but couldnt think of anyone who'd be capable enough to do such a thing. so, eventually, i finished my last minute shopping, while cribbing to my friend about d delay, and having to spend d whole day in airports and flights and about d prawns my mum had cooked for me.

i woke up d next morning still doubting if my flight was really delayed or if i had missed my flight d night before.. i only believed it for real when i saw d notice that my flight was rescheduled for 10.30am that morning. and then i met a girl ( who looked like she was much much older than me but turned out to be much younger than me, and she even looked like d quiet and sweet kinds.... let me tell u something.... DO NOT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER!!)( n btw, she's s human reptile i meant ) she started talking to me 1st. she asked if i was also boarding d same flight as her, and where i was heading to...within less than 5 minutes, she was telling that she always scores distinction in all her papers even though it was very difficult! n when it was time for us to go inside and scan our luggages, i let her go in first and then a few other ppl, so that i can maintain a distance from her.. but unfortunately.. i ended up standing rite behind her in d queue at d counter!!!

i dont really know wat happened after that cos i was getting really pissed, and she was adding fuel to it!! she was talking to everyone who looked at her... fine, its up to her who she wants to talk to, but dont bug me! if i dont reply properly, or dont reply in full sentences.. then its obvious that i dont wanna talk!! i was already getting irritated thinking of wasting d whole day in a flight and missing my prawns, and waiting in an over-crowded-still under construction airport, with tempers flarring from every corner cos there's no place to move about.... n to top it all, i was worried about my luggage... she added insult to injury by reminding me about d delayed flight, about wasting d whole day, and even about luggage(she has this small tiny hand luggage bag to check in, n she was worried that would exceed 25kg!!!!!

when d counter was finally opened, we checked in our luggage ( thankfully mine was only 26kgs.. n hers was only 15kgs!!!!!!! ), i thought i'll try n loose her .. but she made sure she didnt loose me.. she kept sticking to me.. saying that she doesnt know wat to do, she scared.. bla bla bla... i thought she'd just shut up and leave me alone if i dont respond properly.. little did i know that nothing will make her stop talking! if i dont answer her properly... she gives her own answers!! thats exactly wat she did! when we were waiting for d flight to be ready for boarding, she started talking about money and banks.. for wat joy.. i still dont know. she said she reached d airport very early in d morning and she was scared to stand alone, cos she was carrying a lot of money. i didnt reply at all... and she happily continued. she said she had about 5000 in her handbag, when i still didnt reply, she said she had RM5000. i just nod my head a little bit, cos there were so many ppl watching us.. she was yakking away to glory and i wasnt even replying, so i just nod my head to be a little bit polite. and she said it's not safe at all.. wat do i care la! u know its not safe then y do u even bother carrying so much of money with u when u r going back home to ur parents!!!

by d time we boarded d flight from Bangalore to KL, i knew that she had a lot of family members in Singapore, one of her cousin bro was a pilot, her cousins were coming back for holidays, her aunt is in Germany, she's very close with her Principal whom she has lunch with everyday, she got special permission from her Principal to go back home, she went back to PG for 2 weeks during d study break, her friends disturb her when she's studying at nite at about 3am, and she goes by flight often since she was a small kid. i do not know which is true and which is not. she comes up with everything only when i say something. and she was contradicting herself... obviously she was too busy creating an imaginary life to realize that. she kept annoying me saying that she asked for window seat cos she'll get sick sitting elsewhere and she was worried about who'll be sitting next to her. since, i didnt react as much as she expected... she asked me if i wasnt worried or bothered. i said i'm just used to it, cos i've been flying so often ever since i was one year old i think...n who sits beside me doesnt bother me at all....immediately after that she said her dad used to be working in KL when she was a kid, and he used to fly to KL everyday, and she follows him during weekends. i was like wat d!! how can she lie as if she's born with it!! a few minutes before that she said she's been flying for d past 5 years, n now she says she's been flying since she was kid!!! n then she asked if i had any relatives in Bangalore...i said i had... but now they've gone back to US.. which is true.. n guess wat her next sentence was... she cousins are coming donw for holidays n she aunt lives in Germany!

i was so thankful when i realised that my seat was far away from her!!!! i had 4 hours of complete silence n peace! when we landed in KL airport.. i took my own sweet time, and let everyone else after walk out before me.. hoping that she wont wat for me... but when i got up from my seat, d first person i saw was her!! she was waiting for me.. cos she didnt know where to go and where to get d boarding ticket for d next flight! i was like "Lord have mercy on me!!" i was d last person to get d boarding ticket for d 7pm flight to PG, but thanks to that reptile, i missed that flight too!!!!!!!!!! she made me wait for her till she got her boarding ticket, and she made me wait till she got her stupid window seat!!! wats d big deal about window seat in a 45 minutes flight??!! u'r not gonna die if u dont get a window for 45 minutes!!!

we were 5 minutes too late when we reached d check in counter, and d counter was already closed for that particular flight,and since it was closed, we couldnt check in our luggage, and had to wait for d next flight which was at 8pm. i was gonna cry already when d guy at d counter said that .. but i had to shut up n be nice to him and ask him to make d necessary changes for me.. cos it wasnt his fault at all... at least he was being nice to me, and he explained things to me, and made d changes for me. this reptile was downright rude to them and she was shouting at d top of her irritating voice, saying that it wasnt her fault and she demanded to be put in d 7pm flight. but instead she got delayed for everything else as well, cos she was being rude to them!

while waiting for d PG flight, she did something else which irritates me even more! she received calls from some bloody fool who says that he loves her.... and she cant even handle that on her own. she answered d call and put it at my ear when i wasnt even looking at her and literally forced me to answer d call and tell that guy its a wrong number! it's ur call, it's ur life, it's ur bloody phone, and it's ur fault that guy keeps calling u and disturbing u, so u handle ur own dirty calls!!! y make me do it!!! i hate it when someone else decides for me or makes me do something without even asking me if i want to or not. am i retarded or wat that i have to depend on u to decide for me?!

by d time i reached PG airport, i knew her email add, her phone number, how many phones she had, wat laptop she had, she has secretaries at her disposal, she has a sister who doesnt like being with d family, her mothers worries about her when she's not dressed up properly, her dad will be waiting at d airport, her dad does some sort of business, she makes friends easily with everyone, her friends in india miss her a lot,...

i was just so done with her by d time i got out of d airport!! thank God i didnt have a local number yet n i didnt have to give it to her!! n i realized that she was going back on d 6th of jan as well!! i'm having double thoughts now... wondering if i should change my ticket from d 4th to d 6th of Jan or just go back on d 4th n lock myself in my room in Bangalore d whole weekend. *sigh*

oh,i forgot to mention y i call her d human reptile.. she sticks her tongue out for every single stupid sentence!! just like lizards and snakes!! that was so disgusting!!!! yuck!!!!!!!! it's like this, “i dont wanna take Singapore Airlines cos if my uncle knows then he'll force me to stay over for a few days.(sticks tongue out) my aunt's coming from Germany. (sticks tongue out) I have lunch with my Principal everyday. (sticks tongue out) it's just so very very disgusting!!! n d way she does it is exactly like lizards!!!!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007


ok, i'm really blur now.. i dont know wat to blog about ... cos there;s more than i can remember.. n i bet i forgot most of it already.... but d most important ones which i remember is about my delayed flight n d reptile which i met in d airport, my new look, Taiping youth camp, movies, ... eerr.. i told u i forgot most of wat happened in d last 2 weeks....oh, n i got myself a pair of sunglasses.. (yes.. yet another one... :P)

well,i guess i'll just stat with d airport thing later.. cos now i got to go n prepare lunch before my mum comes back home.. no no no.. dont worry.. am not gonna cook... just make sandwiches... hey, i can do that alrite! :P