Monday, May 3, 2010

kids really do say the darnest things

Teacher: Boy 1 can u pls read this sentence?
Boy 1: then 'no bath' said bla bla bla
Teacher: wat?? who said that?
Boy 1: 'no bath'
Teacher: Spell it out
Boy 1: N-a-b-o-t-h
Teacher: and how do you pronounce that??
Boy 1: No Bath!
Teacher: wat?? spell it out again
Boy 1: N-a-b-o-t-h
Boy 2: Here, i have a question... why would his parents name him No bath? doesnt it get embarrassing for him??
Boy 3: maybe he doesnt have a bath at all
Teacher: it's not no bath... it's Naboth. His name is Naboth
Boy 2: oh.... but it's stil embarrassing. couldnt his parents think of any other names?? they have very limited vocabulary!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dare i say i am back...??

for good or not i dont know... but for now i am back... (Hopefully)

i missed writing... A LOT! i might not be a poet, i might not be Arunthathi Roy (her book is still collecting dust in my bookshelf... ), i might not be Robin Cook or Joseph Prince.... but i enjoyed writing.. if u had to go through torture to read it.. ur bad.. ahhahha

so much has been happening.. so little time, and absolutely no time for myself.. that's partly y i sort of stopped thinking about this page. sometimes i even completely forget that i used to have a blog and that i used to write quite regularly and i took a lot of effort taking pics and cooking up stories to write. it's been more than 3 months now since i took a pic!!!!!!!!

so, where do i start now? rambling? complaining? musing? sharing the good and the bad?

i've successfully completed my postgrad, but havent graduated, lost a lot of weight (thats wat other ppl say, but i dont see it at all), have permanent pimple marks on my face (i have no idea wat made that happen while i'm spending so much on Clinique and Body Shop), am successfully still unemployed, one of my best friends got engaged and partly married, another bestie has become a wedding planner, am stuck in a very nice flat but wrong location, have been very busy (reminder: i'm still unemployed but i dont know how i got myself busy) all of a sudden, everyone has iphone i also wan!!!!!!!!, a lot of new ppl to keep track of and keep in touch with, my laptop crashed on me last month and am yet to sort it out and manage my pics and music and folders, and last but not least... am seriously considering getting back to blogging....

Sunday, February 7, 2010

life is a bed of roses

whoever who said that is a genius.

we always think about the roses and forget about the thorns. but its always the thorns that bring u back to reality. nothing is perfect in this life. no one comes to you without a knife hidden behind his back. no one is sincere of truthful. sigh... there's no point even talking about it.

Life is a bed of roses... enough said!