Wednesday, April 25, 2007

new blog ready

I'm finally ready with d new blog in blogspot/blogger....thanks to trishey... without whom i couldnt have even thought of trying to get a new one!!

u can view my new blog at this link :

drop by when u r free n leave a msg for me k.. :)

so, i guess i wont be bloggin here anymore.. 2 blogs is a bit too much for me..but i dont wanna delete this blog.... kindda emotionally attached...this being my 1st blog... heheheh...

Anyway, hope to see u guys in my new blog soon... ;)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

new bloggy ALERT

After such a long time…. I’ve finally decided that I’m gonna start a new blog… I’m getting kindda bored with this one here in friendster… n since I’ve out grown this friendster blog… I’ve decided that its time I ‘grew up’ n start using a proper blog…. Hheheheh….

I decided to use this blog in friendster cos I wasn’t too sure if I’ll continue blogging or not…n I wasn’t sure how long this blogging thing will last for me…. I’m d kindda person who gets bored easily… I got to keep changing things so that I can keep myself entertained and satisfied ….

After almost a year…. I’ve learnt that I am not addicted to blogging… but I enjoy blogging…… I somehow like d feeling of being able to talk about a few things without looking at anyone directly n without having to justify myself or clarify anything…. Cos firstly this is MY blog…n secondly I don’t even know who’s reading it… haahha… I don’t have to bother about anyone getting offended.. ( not that I backstab ppl or gossip about them… its just that ppl get offended easily… that’s human’s nature rite… ) n i've also discovered that blogging is much easier than talking to someone directly... u know, when someone cuts u off while u r talking... or when nobody listens/or they do listen but dont respond when u r all in a group(which happens to me.. oh so often!!)... while blogging.. u dont have to worry about all that! :)

Anyway, getting back to my new blog story… I’ve already created one in blogger (…or was it I was ignorant of that while creating an account!! =S ) but its not complete yet… I’m still trying to get a proper template n proper intro lines n things of that sort…. N I obviously haven’t started blogging in that… y would I wanna continue here if I have one there?? DUH!!!


Monday, April 23, 2007

freedom at last!!

I have LOADS to blog about today… but I’ll tell it one at a time… if I were to blog everything that I want to by 2nite… I doubt if any of u will ever have d patients to read my blogs anymore!! So, being as much considerate as possible…I’ll make it short n sweet…

Ok, d very 1st thing is… my exams r finally over!!!!!! U cannot even imagine how happy I am to get over with my exams and get rid of my books!! D 1st thing I did today as soon as I reached home was to pack up all my books n notes which I used this sem. I’ve never been this restless to get over with my exams!!!

Its not like I was glued to my books 24/7… but I did study quite a lot this sem… a lot enough to keep me away from text books till the 3rd of July as least!!

Anyway… after d exams.. as usual … I became Cinderella for d day…. N my duty is not over yet for today….. got kindda lazy in between… hehehhe…

Secondly… eerrr…. I forgot wat else I wanted to blog… =P

I’m too sleepy now to recall too…. Reancangan tergendala sebentar ….So to be continued tomorrow…. ;p

Thursday, April 19, 2007

best Eng paper in 2 year!! :D

well well well.. today was my last eng paper for d rest of this degree...n guess wat..?? it was d best paper i had ever answered in 2 whole years!! hahaha.. i actually enjoyed answering all d questions n reading d passages... this one particular letter grabbed my attention... its realy funny....u should read it...

I spent such a long time typing this silly long letter.. so u ppl better spend as much time reading it!! it's not a request, its a threat!!! hahaha....

well, here goes...

Dear Papa,

This is an answer to your letter about my transgressions. Yes, my first rank slipped to the second rank. You advised me that I should think before studying, before answering the papers. Yes, the operating word “think” did make me muse and these are the results of those musings.

Father, we have never really been close and I can’t really say, you’ve been my friend, philosopher, guide etc. yet, I would like you to be aware of my musings. They are very important to me. You are highly educated and you provide very well for the family. But in your Departmental Store, do you apply Phytagoras Theorem or Newton’s Law of gravity? For that matter, does your doctor friend? Or lawyer brother?

Papa, my grandfather speaks of care free and beautiful childhood. Of days spent in plucking mangoes and guavas from their ‘jameen’, of picnics on the banks of the river where the men cooked mouth-watering food, of playing marbles and gilli danda. From his talk, it seems, studies were an ancillary subject: and living and experiencing, the major subject. Father, is he fibbing? Or is it Adam and Eve eating of the tree of knowledge, all over again?

Papa, my grandmother is semi-illiterate: Yet she is at peace with her pots, pans, her flowers and garden. Her Bhagvad Gita and scriptures. My mother, highly qualified, is highly strung, tense and nervy. Do you think, literacy is a harbinger of restlessness, fear, frustration? Is it Adam and Eve eating of the tree of knowledge, all over again?

Oh Papa, last week, my rose plant almost died. Some pests. I asked my Biology teacher what I should do to save it? And she was cross. She said go ask the guy who keeps the gardening things. He’ll tell you. We learn about pesticides but we do not know how to use them. Oh father, it matters not to me why the apple does not fall upwards, nor do I care what Archimedes did. What matters to me is that my rose plant remain healthy: when there’s a fuse in my house, I should know to do something about it: I should know to make a desk for myself from my carpenters tools. Instead I learn about hypotenuse, relational square roots…..

Papa, once I asked grandmother how she got to be so wise. Do you know what she said? By living and experiencing. And she laughed as though I had asked something which was so obvious. Are we living, Papa? Or is life by passing us? What I fear is that if I were to meet Newton face to face, I would fail to recognize him, so busy am I learning about him! You know just like that boy, Vinu, in that award winning film. He prattles on – The Hibiscus is red – a hundred times, but in his book, he colours it yellow. Are we missing out on the essence of life? Papa, that’s what happens in my craft and drawing class. My imagination wants to soar like a rocket to Jupiter and Mars, to transverse new worlds, new fields.

Anyway Papa, do you know where I lost that quarter mark that brought about my fall? It was a fill in the blanks, I held that I was invited to tea and my teacher was adamant that he was invited for tea. A matter of grammar, And, Papa, if he says Geaorge Bush is the President of India it will have to be so. If he says the sun rises in the west, so be it; and if he says the earth is flat, it will be, it will be, my Papa. At least on my answer papers. My first rank is at stake, you see. Still, my dearest Papa, I shall keep your advice in mind and strive not to lose any quarter marks.

As always,

Yours ever obedient son,


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Killer paper was really a KILLER

maybe not exactly a killer.. i think cut throat would be a better name.... or maybe both... it was just plain stupid and annoying!!

there are a hundreds of other important things in my big fat zoology text book that could have been asked... but NO!! thats not wat they'll ask...!! these lousy, lazy bum of d 1st order lecturers only know how to sit in an air conditioned room, n fill their stomach with food, n gossip about students and n give us good for nothing questions and let us suffer.. wat do they care about us anyways...

I'm getting so fed up with d education system la... i've had enough of it already!! i just cant wait to finish next year... after that i dont even wanna think about studying here or work here.... all we are expected to do is mug mug n mug up everything... where's d practical knowledge, where's d chance to practicalise wat we learn??

i'm sitting here like a zombie cos i had to wake up at 3 in d morning to revise! n wat do i get in return.. d lousy paper... lousy of d 1st order!!

i have another exam tomorrow... at least its only eng... so, kindda relaxing....

Changing the world

I read this in Our Daily Bread... it was d word of God for today... while reading it, i knew it was really true even though sometimes we think that wat we did or said is absolutely rite ... so, i thought i might just share it with u guys... take a few minutes off n read it... it might help u too, as it helps me all d time...

Changing the World

It’s a full-time job trying to get people to change. Oh, what a perfect world it would be—if only other people would do what we want!

A plaque in our family room may hold the key to the secret of change. It’s in Dutch, but translated it reads:

Change the World—
Begin With Yourself

Not what most of us want to hear!

Jesus told a parable about the problem of not seeing our own faults. He said, “How can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me remove the speck that is in your eye,’ when you yourself do not see the plank that is in your own eye? Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye” (Luke 6:42).

Being able to see other people’s faults easily without ever noticing my own is not just an indication of hypocrisy. It can be a wake-up call that the problem in a struggling relationship may be me. Perhaps it’s my attitude that needs to change. Or I’m the one who needs to apologize. Maybe I’m the person who needs a humble spirit.

It’s a lesson some of us have to learn over and over. We can’t change others, but with God’s help we can change our own behavior. And when our attitude changes, it may seem as if others have changed as well. Cindy Hess Kasper

To change can be a wonderful prospect,
Though often it’s met with resistance;
The transformation begins within us
And will take a lot of persistence. —Hess

When God works a change in us He can change others through us.

Monday, April 16, 2007

1 paper done, KILLER paper on wed

Yes!! 1 paper done.. 4 more to go… but d problem is.. my next paper is a KILLER!!

I don’t believe this…! For d 1st time in my life I find zoology difficult…. N chem is not too bad!! Shocking isn’t it??!! I’m zapped myself! I’ll do anything to get rid of Chem from my life… that’s how much I hate Chem! But it’ll be stuck with it for another whole year!!

Anyway, today’s paper was ok… keeping in mind that I had Add Eng today… today’s paper SHOULD be and MUST be ok…or not I’d better go hang myself!! I’ll die if I can’t do an eng paper properly… I finished it by 11.15am n d teacher told us that had to stay till d end ( which is 12.30noon) no matter wat… while trying to figure out how I’m going to survive d KILLER paper on Wednesday… I accidentally fell asleep…. Hehehe….. I was sitting up straight n kindda dozing off, so it was obvious that I was sleeping.. d teacher couldn’t bare to see me dozing off in front of my exam paper n she let me go… hehehe… I did it on purpose actually… =P .. hey, I didn’t fake d entire sleeping thing.. I was sleepy cos I woke up before 5am today… I just over did it a little bit… hehehe.. I was starving n I had nothing else to do in that room... I got bored reading my eng paper again n again till 12noon!! ( yea….. she only let me out half an hour before time…. N that too only after all that over acting!! Talk about strict teachers! )

4 more papers to go.. I cant wait to get over with all d other exams as well… I wanna SLEEP!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Food, cards n no study

Me had cheese cake yesterday!! =D … but d best part was how we decided ( how many hours we took to decide actually…), how we got lost n how we ended up in that place…. Hahha… hilarious… we had been to this place called Cake Walk last year for a friends birthday treat… n d cheese there was kindda decent… compared to other places… yesterday we were watching this health n living channel in which there was some cooking programme going on… n d 3 of us got hungry ( we had just finished our lunch by the way…) n we were trying to figure out where n wat can we eat… we were actually thinking of going somewhere near by so that we don’t waste a lot of time…cos my friend n I had to study… but some how we ended up deciding on going to Cake Walk cos theirs is supposedly good….

We were supposed to leave at 5pm…but we only left at 5.45pm…(oh.. we started planning since 3 in d afternoon by d way…) n then we had to go out of our way n stop in a mobile shop cos my friend’s sim card got blocked and she had to submit some documents for it n register her number… n then we were thinking if she should go to Cake Walk or not, cos it was in d other end of wherever we were… I and my friends’ sis were bent on going to Cake Walk… since it was 2 against one… my friend had no other choice but to go there… on our way there… we kindda got lost… cos it was almost a year since we went there.. n my friend so adamantly didn’t wanna stop and ask for directions… we were d opposite direction from where Cake Walk was…n then had to turn back, n ask directions n finally we reached that place at almost 7pm!

I ordered Blueberry cheese cake cos I didn’t wanna take d risk of trying something new …( err… its usually risky to do so in


… =P ) but my friend n her sis ordered something else… which wasn’t too gud.. hehehe… but not too bad either… hehehe…. We finished it really fast actually.. my friend was trying to take some pics…but none of it turned out good… we had halos in a few pics…n some were plain dumb… d guys working there were staring at us… as if they’ve never seen anybody taking pics..n to save us from d embarrassment… my friend was proudly proclaiming to everyone there in Cake Walk that I was going to go back to


very soon n she wanted to have some pics with me for remembrance… hahaha!! Heights of embarrassment I’d say!!

We finally reached home at 8pm n I rushed to call my mum… D power failure here is unbearable!! Everyday d power goes off… n everyday d power goes off only when I’m going to talk to my mum!!! This is so annoying!! As it is we are staying so far apart… n we only get to talk to each other for about 1 hour a day… n within that one hour, d power will be disconnected, or the broadband line will be bad, or my mum’s tm net line will be bad, or skype will be giving some sort of problem!

Last nite I was so happy that d power wasn’t disconnected… n I was happily talking to mum ( while trying my level best not to get irritated with d skype slow down ) n d power went off!! I only spoke to my mum for 10 minutes n d power went off already!! I thought it was not gonna come back till another hour… but thank God it came back within 5 minutes!! Praise the Lord!! =D

My friends were sitting outside on d balcony waiting for me to finish talking to my mum…. One of them had brought d Uno cards with her… so that we can play.. ( we decided that d day before.. cos everyday at nite d power goes off…n its pitch dark inside d house n not forgetting boiling hot!! So, we always sit on d balcony and talk n talk n talk about God knows wat.. most of d time we end up talking about d same things.. so we thought it would be nice if we could play some games during that time.. its bright enough on d balcony … n we can use a candle too… )

So, yesterday we were playing Uno on d balcony from 9pm till almost 1am!! We had so much of fun!! Hehehe… screaming n shouting… some of us forgot to say “Uno” when we r left with one card n then end up taking another 7 cards as penalty…. N some were trying to cheat ( cos they were way behind in d game n left with loads of cards in their hands…) we were making so much of noise as if it was no body’s business… hahaha… our neighbours must have gotten irriated… Who cares anyways… its not everyday that we make so much of noise… hahahha

My friend had brought some of her notes and books along cos she wanted to “study” while taking a break… I don’t think she even looked into her notes for more than 1 minute… hahaha!! Under normal circumstances… we would have fallen asleep at 10pm on d dot if we were to study… but yesterday we were wide awake till 1am!! Hahaha… n we actually looked like we were gambling…(like in d tamil movies ) we were all sitting in a circle on d ground n playing cards, while listening to some songs… d only thing that was missing was some bottles of alcohol n money… hahaa… we actually had a bottle of water.. so, that made up for d absence of water… hahha… n my friend even tried taking pics of that also… but none of it was clear…

We are less than a week away from our semester finals n we were least bothered about it!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

extra long blog today

i cant think of a proper title for today's blog... initially i wanted to blog about a poem with Trish allowed me to copy... but am in no mood for that at all now....

i woke up feeling very happy n nervous at d same time... there's only 5 more days for my final exams n i have SO much to study!! this 5 days is gonna be like hell for me!! anyway, i spoke to my aunt( who gave me a wake up call n woke me up from my slumber land...thanks but no thanks.. i slept very late last nite.. ) n then i realized that there was more things on my mind other than my exams...

n then got super irritated cos i felt i was made use of, ignored, victimized, ....( watever la...) i dont wanna talk about it... i dont wanna clarify anything ( i'm so sick of clarifying..wat's d point anyway if it happens almost everyday!!) n i dont wanna think about it.. i'll just continue being like how i am now... if anyone wanna talk to me they can go ahead n talk... but i've learnt my lesson... i am not gonna talk anymore ( except to very very few ppl who r willing to give n take ) ... y does it ALWAYS have to a one way thing when it comes to me n ONLY ME!!! that's it!! i've made up my mind already!

i locked myself in my room... n didnt wanna go out or see anyone... but then i had to go to college today to collect my hall, i had to force myself to get out of my room... it was a good thing that i went out too.. at least i could get rid of my irritating and sulking mood .. cos i saw many other friends...

n today was d seniors graduation in my college... it was held in d open place cos our audi is still under construction ( i wonder if it'll be ready by next year..!! trust indians to delay everything!!) after i was done with my hall ticket ( which took a LONG time as well.. thanks to d lazy teachers n staff!! ) i went to d place where d programme for d graduation was being held...n am glad i made it for that...( i didnt wanna stay back for it cos i was still kindda moody...i just wanted to go back home n lock myself in my room again )

all my teachers made special performance for d students! thats was so sweet of them!! some of d teachers danced, some sang... a few of them even acted! n trust me, it was hillarious!! hahaha... i had a good laugh!! which did a lot of good for my foul mood... there was a teacher who'se daughter was studying in d same college as well... this teacher dressed up as a guy... n they put up a short drama which involved 2 guys ( female teachers dressed up as guys ) who were looking for love...ahahha!! that was d best performance!! n that teachers daughter was laughing her heart out... ahhaha... hats off to all the teachers

* PS: i still cant think of a suitable title for this blog....

after all that i had to go hunting for a professional courier service to send a photocopy of my passport to my aunt so that she can get d flight tickets for me... i got so burnt today while looking for d professional courier office... as usual...

i was dead tired when i came back home in d evening cos of d sun.. n slept off till dinner time.... i was kindda ok when i woke up.. but not am moody again cos i didnt speak to my mum properly..

even yesterday i couldnt speak to her.. cos d power went off n didnt come back till it was late nite already... even today d power went off but it came back in time for my mum to call.. but unfortunately my mums modem wasnt working!!

anyway, wats d point of being happy n cheerful when something happens and spoils everything! i might as well learn to be quiet and keep things to myself more often now...

i'm losing my temper too often nowadays.. i just cant wait to get out of this place n go back home.. i so wish this holidays was my final year holidays... so that i dont have to come back here again...

i'm getting very fed up with this kindda emotional ups and downs which i'm facing here.... i try to ignore everything n be happy n cheerful... but it doesnt last long...

i;ve made up my mind about another thing also... i dont wanna give a damn about anything or anyone anymore... i'm gonna live my life for myself. like i used to say last time... i CANNOT n i WILL NOT change myself just because other ppl r not satisfied with who i am. i live my life for myself n NOT for other ppl!!!

i'm not gonna let anything bring me down anymore... i only hope i can be this strong hearted when something happens again....

n this is gonna be the last blog where i'm cribbing about something.... i'm dead serious about that!

Sunday, April 8, 2007


i wonder if men ever have a limit to exploiting other ppl's life and God's creations...

I read this Horoscope thingy in d bulletin today... this is extremely hillarious.... i dont believe in this sort of nonsense... but something just caught my eye, n i ended up reading Cancer's (mine)..n ended up laughing my heart out.. hehehe...

so, i've posted it here for u all to have a good laugh too... ahahaha... oh n by the way dont bother about d bad luck thing k... its nothing at all... it doesnt work...

SCORPIO - The Addict
EXTREMELY adorable. Intelligent. Loves
to joke. Very Good sense of humour.
Energetic. Predict future. GREAT
kisser. Always get what they want.
Attractive. Easy going. Loves being in
long relationships. Talkative.
Romantic. Caring. 4 years of bad luck
if you do not forward.

VIRGO - The One that Waits
Dominant in relationships. Someone
loves them right now. Always wants the
last word. Caring. Smart. Loud. Loyal.
Easy to talk to. Everything you ever
wanted. Easy to please. The one and
only. 7 years of bad luck if you do
not forward.

LIBRA - The Lame One
Nice to everyone they meet. Their Love
is one of a kind. Silly, fun and
sweet. Have own unique appeal. Most
caring person you will ever meet!
however not the kind of person you
wanna mess with ... u might end up
crying... 9 years of bad luck if you
do not forward.

ARIES - The Liar
Outgoing. Lovable. Spontaneous. Not
one to mess with. Funny. Excellent
kisser EXTREMELY adorable. Loves
relationships, Addictive. Loud. 16
years of bad luck if you do not

AQUARIUS - Does It In The Water
Trustworthy. Attractive. Great kisser.
One of a kind. Loves being in long-
term relationships. Extremely
energetic. Unpredictable. Will exceed
your expectations. Not a Fighter, But
will Knock your lights out. 2 years of
bad luck if you do not forward

GEMINI - Irresistible
Nice. Love is one of a kind. Great
listeners Very Good in the you know
where... Lover not a fighter, but will
still knock you out. Trustworthy.
Always happy. Loud. Talkative.
Outgoing VERY FORGIVING. Loves to make
out. Has a beautiful smile. Generous.
of bad luck if you do not forward

LEO - The Lion
Great talker. Attractive and
passionate. Laid back. Knows how to
have fun. Is really good at almost
anything. Great kisser. Unpredictable.
Outgoing. Down to earth. Addictive.
Attractive. Loud. Loves being in long
relationships. Talkative. Not one to
mess with. Rare to find. Good when
found. 7 years of bad luck if you do
not forward.

CANCER - The Cutie
MOST AMAZING KISSER. Very high appeal.
Love is one of a kind. Very romantic.
Most caring person you will ever meet!
Entirely creative. Extremely random
and proud of it. Freak. Spontaneous.
Great telling stories. Not a Fighter,
But will Knock your lights out if it
comes down to it. Someone you should
hold on to. 12 years of bad luck if
you do not forward.

PISCES - The Partner for Life
Caring and kind. Smart. Center of
attention. High appeal. Has the last
word. Good to find, hard to keep. Fun
to be around. Extremely weird but in a
good way. Good Sense of Humor!!!
Thoughtful. Always gets what he or she
wants. Loves to joke. Very popular.
Silly, fun and sweet. 5 years of bad
luck if you do not forward.

CAPRICORN - The Passionate Lover
Love to bust. Nice. Sassy.
Intelligent. Sexy. Predict future.
Irresistible. Loves being in long
relationships. Great talker. Always
gets what he or she wants. Cool. Loves
to own Gemini's in sports. Extremely
fun. Loves to joke. Smart. 24 years of
bad luck if you do not forward.

TAURUS - The Tramp
Aggressive. Loves being in long
relationships. Likes to give a good
fight for what they want. Extremely
outgoing. Loves to help people in
times of need. Good kisser. Good
personality. Stubborn. A caring
person. One of a kind. Not one to mess
with. Are the most attractive people
on earth! 15 years of bad luck if you
do not forward.

SAGITTARIUS - The Promiscuous One
Spontaneous. High appeal. Rare to
find. Great when found. Loves being in
long relationships. So much love to
Not one to mess with. Very pretty.
Very romantic. Nice to everyone They
meet. Their Love is one of a kind.
Silly, fun and sweet. Have own unique
appeal. Most caring person you will
ever meet! Amazing in the you know
Not the kind of person you wanna mess
with- you might end up crying. 4 years
of bad luck if you do not forward.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

BGR like buses??

all this while, i've only heard of ppl saying that the ocean is full of fishes... which means there are many more guys or girls who r available... so, dont worry about d one whom u've lost... u'll always get another one sooner or later...

but today, i read in a penang's most famous blogger's site... that Bf/GF relationship is like busses... if u miss one... then catch d next one... hahaha!! that's a good way to think of it n get over a broken relationship..

anyway... today's theme seemed to be about relationships... (unintentionally of course....)

like a good girl..i started studying this morning... (11.30 is still morning k!!) n managed to do a little bit of studying ( obviously with a lot of distractions in between... i've got nil concentration power nowadays... =s )..n while studying... me received a lot of msges/jokes/forwards... about relationships... i dont really remember any of them now....

n then in d evening i went to a friends house...( wanted to take an undeserved break from studying..hehehe.. or rather staying at home..) n even there we ended up talking about relationships ( OTHER ppl's relationships... we weren't gossiping la...just sharing information...heheh)

even during dinner we were talking about relationships ( family )...n about marriage... my friend wanted to get married before her elder sister... n she was so happy when her cousin sis gave her d green light .... n she ate some more to rejoice for that!!!! hahaha!!!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Day 1 of studying

i only woke up at 10 this morning...n by the time i started to study... it was already 11.30am... so much for trying to wake up early n start studying!! but i actually woke up at 4.30 this morning...cos i slept off while trying to study last nite...n left d lights, it was very bright at 4.30am n i thought it was already some 10 or 11 in d morning... but when i saw d time, i happily switched off d lights n went back to sleep!!! trust me to wake up early in d morning n this is wat will happen.. hahaha..

anyway, i forced myself to sit still n start studying at 11.30am.... i didnt study...but i took 1 and half hour to finish studying something which would only need half an hour!! d extra one hour was because i was day dreaming as usual...n planning for my holidays....

last nite while i was talking to mum, she told me that she has made a lot of plans for may n june while i'm at home in malaysia... so, today i started thinking about it already!! this is wat i do all d time during my study break!! i always end up thinking about my holidays instead of studying for d exams which is before d holidays!!

anyway, i got irritated..couldnt sit with d same notes any longer...n took a break for lunch... n then i couldnt resist d temptation to go online... so here i am!!

i studied for half an hour this morning n i took a break for 3 1/2 hour!! if i continue at this rate... i;ll mess up all my papers big time... and ask for loads of trouble!! i'd better get back to studying.. i have zoology pracs pre finals tomorrow n i'm yet to study for that... n i only have 14 days left for d finals!!