Wednesday, December 31, 2008

End of another year, and beginning or a new one

I've got so many other things to blog about, like my 1st Christmas away from family, St Andrew's Day lunch, Christmas party in my department, some special skills that i've learnt within 2 months, my shopping spree, new discoveries i've made, new friends... I know it'll be too late if I blog about all this next year, and I know it'll all be too much of information overload if I blog about it all together now within a last few hours of this year. I'm gonna push all that for the next coming posts so that I can talk about how 2008 has been for me. I've never done this kindda post before, and I want to do it this year, cos I want to remember everything that has happened in this year ( even if it is only in point form.. yea.. like I can limit my words )

There has been many memories in this year.. some good, some bad, some recollect able, some forgettable. But I believe and I know everything was for a purpose and God was leading me, guiding, and molding at those times, and most importantly I know He was right there next to me all along.


Had a new look for the New Year. Managed to get my hair cut really short.. just like it was when I was in primary school.. but with a different style.

I dont think I was ready/prepared for the New Year... actually, didnt give much thought about it at that time. It was just the beginning of another year for me. I had no plans for the year ahead of me, bu the Lord did and I wasnt aware of it, until a few months back.


Had my 1st sip of alcohol... n didnt like it to the bits

Went to Chennai with my batchmates in degree course for a short holiday trip (1st trip with friends),

and had the privilege of showing them what Malaysian food is all about, am proud about it even today!

Amusingly figured out that my classes either gets shortened or canceled whenever I wear a new dress to college.


Had my graduations .. even before the final exams (that's how it's done in India)

Had many insecurities about my future and what I was gonna do with my life by the rate I was slacking

Amazed yet again by God's faithfulness

Went to a bar for the 1st time in my life all for the sake of food

Got influenced by Harry Potter.. in a very silly way :P


Almost died of nervous breakdowns, doubts, fear, panic attacks, accidents, etc. etc. all because of finals exams... oh, n lost a lot of hair in the process too

Started drinking coffee and tea to stay awake

Discovered many eating out places (before and after exams) and became a regular customer in Cafe Coffee Day for the sake of studying

I managed to get rid of chemistry from my whole entire life of studying for good!! u cannot imagine how happy that makes me!

Didnt have the guts to try cocktail.. ended drink a lousy mocktail

Had my share of mischieves ;)

A new found passion for special colour pencils

Bent on trying different types of beer . LOL


Successfully finished my Degree course without having to waste an extra year or a half to complete all my papers. You wouldnt understand how much that means to me without hearing me out completely about the history

Missed my friend's wedding which was happening rite there in the city I lived in for 3 years!

Went to Chennai and Thinelvelli (in India) for summer break and melted and looked like a househelper.


Was really excited to be back in Malaysia..who wouldnt be...

Made a very very important decision in my life and listed out some of d criteria. HAHHAA!!! .. n if u'r wondering if it worked out.. no obviously didnt.. LOL

Turned quarter of a century old!

Discovered many new eating places and expanded my waistline in the process

Finally made up my mind that coffee and I are better off without each other.

Walked hand in a hand for the 1st time with life as it was


Was in KL more often than I was at home in Penang

Went on a 'sort of' road trip with Sherline and Yasmin. That was my 1st ever trip with friends in Malaysia

Started cooking.. forcefully.. but turned out horrible and my mum had to suffer the consequences of forcing me to cook :P


Went out for movie and supper with friends at night for the 1st time in Malaysia. (not that I wasnt allowed to go out at night.. I just never asked or tried)

Made a total fool out of myself. Among all the idiotic/silly/playful/kiddish/mischievous things i've done in my entire life, this one won the trophy.

Met one of my darling nieces after a year she was born.

Another darling niece added to the family... whom I havent met yet


Reminded again and again of God's love, and His plans for me.

Went on a shopping spree which caused my mum a bomb


Changed hairstyle again, but not too drastic.

My farewell party – for good?? ... I dont know...

Had heart to heart conversations with important friends about our lives, and how God has been molding us, and how He has changed each on of us, and how He has brought us together. It was a different feeling that night when I was driving back home at 1am.

Set foot in a country that I could and was only dreaming of

Met one of the love of my life

Learnt many valuable lessons about Scotland practically


Unofficially changed my name to Lucky

1st sight of snow!!

Made friends with tea

For the 1st time in my life I missed having a sibling

Authored a “Step by step guide about bowling for Dummies”. It was a huge success!

Realized that I need a family ASAP.. n then realized that it doesnt happen ASAP


1st Christmas away from family.

Tried wine for the 1st time, n liked the fruit wine

1st Christmas with an English family, and had a proper English Christmas

Became famous for a skill which i never thought i'd have in my whole entire life!

Realized that i've become a scarf freak

Boxing Day is bad for ur health, am still tempted to go shopping even after the mad 3-day shopping spree!

Got hold of another love of my life

All the events above are only a few or everything that has happened that made many changes in my life. I spent 4 hours on this post, cos reading through my previous posts made me think about all that has happened.

And for the first time ever, i'm going to make New Year resolutions for the year 2009.

Here's wishing all of you a very blessed and prosperous New Year! May you have joy and peace in whatever you do and may you be blessed abundantly with God's grace and love! :D

Monday, December 29, 2008

My Reebok


I did it.

It's mine now.

It's all mine.

But i'm not very happy.

U could say it's guilt that's killing me.

I could give you a thousand and one reasons ( it's REASONS ...mind you...NOT excuses ) like

1) I love Reebok
2) My current shoe is giving away already
3) There's nothing wrong in buying another shoe before i'm completely deprived of any
4) I heart Reebok
5) It's on Sale
6) There's no way i can get Austin Lady for the price i got it for now.
7) If i dont buy another shoe now, i'll be the only fool who'd spend extra for another pair of shoes probably next year after the sales is all over
8) For the amount i walk these days, i know my current shoes is bound to meet its last day soon
9) Have i told you how much i love Reebok
10) ... Yea, I Love Reebok

This is the model that i wanted.

But this is not the colour that i wanted.

Infact, I hate yellow

But i bought it anyways... sigh...

All for the love of that name!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

this is so pathetic

It's Christmas Eve, n i'm sitting in my cold room all alone watching idiotic movies.

I havent even drawn the curtains in my room today, havent seen the sun, havent heard a single Christmas carol, haven't heard any laughter ... but i think it's good in a way. if there's laughter from some other flat... for all i know there might just be sounds of tears and sobs from my flat

I should have just agreed to go to Manchester d day before rather than wait for next week.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! Have fun and celebrate with ur families.

Monday, December 22, 2008

it gets really depressing in here

... especially when i walk out on d corridor of my flat n see this

n my door is the only one that doesnt receive anything

Saturday, December 20, 2008

this is so AARRGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is why ppl keep saying dont leave your work till the last minute!! see la wat happens now!

there's a major essay due on monday morning, and i've just started it on a saturday afternoon!! and my comp is going mad!!!

i'm so doomed for this essay!!


Sunday, December 14, 2008

what Malaysia and India couldnt do to me, Glasgow has already done it

from a person who coolly but confidently said that her mum would come with her to India ( but it didnt happen... my mum threw me in a hostel ), for a person who refused to help in d kitchen in any way other than wash the dishes once in a while, from a person who used to like baking ( which was once upon a time ), from a person who survives on juice and biscuits and refuses to stand in front of the stove and cook lunch or dinner even if she's starving, from a person who survives on afforable instant food, from a person who assumes that she's gonna make her husband cook and help around with the housework.......

arises a girl who can do all this:



TO BE CONTINUED NEXT WEEK. ( PS: anytime within the next one week)

make sure u keep an eye on this page, so that u dont miss out on wat the 8th world wonder is

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The perfect dinner


Spicy Malaysian style noodles, Pepsi, Irish Cream Liquor, a cold night in Glasgow

Monday, December 8, 2008

let there be light.. n there will be light....

... a weekend later!

it's not that the management is not efficient... it's just my bad luck that my lights had to die out on my on a saturday morning, and the service department is closed during the weekends. so, i had to wait till today morning n make a report before going for class... i come back at 3pm, n find my room bright n ... white bright! LOL....

d thing is, i've always been complaining that d light in my room is d yellow light sort of thing n it gives me a headache when i try reading or doing much work.. infact, i hardly do any work with those kindda lights.. cos it just puts u to sleep!

now i've got nice white lights!! yay...!!! so, no more excuses n no more delaying in doing my room! it's supposed to be good... it is good actually... but somewhere in d corner of my heart i think i'm kindda upset that i dont have any more excuses! hahhaha


Selamat Hari Raya Haji and Eid Mubarakh ( i know i slept that wrongly/i dont know how to spell it correctly) everyone

since i have so many Muslim classmates from Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, etc. etc,), we had a chocolate party today!!!

i was too excited when i saw all that chocolate. i was so focused on trying out every kind of chocolate that was there, and i completely forgot to take photos! :P

there were so many varieties of chocolates.. that i dont even remember how many there were... but i remember that the Brazilian Chocolate was D BEST!! i took one from d box n popped it in my mouth... realized it was nice, so walked up to d front table on my way out n took another one. when i was out d main door of d building, i so wanted to turn back n smuggle d box with the remaining chocolates in it! LOL .trust me, it was really that good!

d whole of today morning, i kept walking up to d front table to take d chocolates n chocolate biscuits one by one.. that my whole class (probably just almost d whole class) noticed n labeled me a total food junkie! some of them sort of realized that i was a food junkie on St Andrew's Day lunch(it was organized by d staff especially for us and i conveniently forgot to take my camera along on that day of alld d days.. so, i'm still in d processing of stealing pics from my classmates), cos i tried everything on d table (even if it was something made from sheep's gut) and i still went for a 3rd round... even when i was so stuffed. at d end of it, i was sitting on a chair n couldnt move for quite some time cos i was too full, and i still didnt have d heart to leave that room! hahhaha....

i just dont care anymore i guess... i'm a food junkie and i dont know since when i became like this. i'm just willing to put almost anything n everything in my mouth to give it a try ( d sheep gut thing was ... errmm.. sort of a mistake ... cos i didnt know wat it was before i ate it. if i had known earlier, i wouldnt have tried it anyways... probably just half a table spoon... just for d sake of knowing how it taste like )

i remember telling Yasmin (principal/founder of HOPE) once that i'd never eat a burger or Subway in front of d guy i really like, cos i'd really embarrass myself. n she thought i'd never eat burger for d rest of my life after i find my guy. there's no way i'm sacrificing food for a guy n there's no way i will put up a show in front of someone who's gonna be stuck with me for the rest of his/my life. he might as well know wat he's asking for.. but i at least have d curtesy of sparing him for d first few dates n then he can have nothing but the whole truth! hahahha. On a serious note, i think i should go for eating lessons to Sherline (legal adviser/errmm... Sherline wat else was it that u are in HOPE?)


To those of u who are in my facebook list.... i think u must have noticed d change in my profile.

i've changed my name to Chumi Lucky Lakshmi. ( oh, how i wish it was my relationship status had was changed ).

it is simply impossible for ppl here to pronounce my full name. so i gave up trying to introduce myself as Lakshmi to ppl other than my classmates. i just tell them that i'm Chumi. even that they find it difficult, unless i spell it out or write it down on a piece of paper.

So, i just simplified things by introducing myself as Lucky ( which is d name i got while i was in India, cos my name sounded like that n cos i was generally lucky, according to some of my friends... i'd prefer to say that i'm unfairly blessed.. LOL).

well, i thought it would simplify things... but it just complicated the situation... hahahha. cos when i tell them that I'm Lucky, they seem surprised and want to know how i got that name. so, i end up having to tell them the whole story where "my full name is Lakshmi, but since it's difficult for most ppl to pronounce it, i introduce myself as Chumi, which ppl find equally difficult, and i finally tell them that i'm Lucky, hoping that it's much easier for them to remember!"

i should have thought of an English/Christian name at least for the sake of making my life and other ppl's life more simple and manageable. sigh.... it's at times like this when i wish i use my common sense more often than i already do.

anyways, i'm officially now Chumi Lucky Lakshmi.

if u can think of any names that would suit me/simplified version of my original two names/would be me when u shout it out or whisper it... then let me know. i'd love to hear wat u guys can come up with!!! (which reminds me of how some of my classmates and i came up with Ajax Fabuloso for friend of mine during our secondary school years! HAHAHAHHH) but pls spare me from those floor washing detergents' names!


while i was walking back to my room today... i was happy.. cos i'd be moving soon!!!!! (still keeping fingers crossed though). but when i reached d front door of my flat, i wasnt happy anymore.... cos there was a mail..... but it wasnt for me. all my flatmates get letter, postcards, parcels, greeting cards, and God knows wat else.. except for me!! :(

Thursday, December 4, 2008

decoration = renovation


C, E and L are the other characters in this, while 'me' is obviously me. words in brackets and in italic form are those that were running in my head.. which werent voiced out... quite obviously!

scenario : In the car while on the way to another location

C : we can't have the community group in my place today because the place is being decorated. so it's all in a mess

Me : oh (decoration for christmas?? y is she paying other ppl to decorate her house for her. who wouldnt want to decorate their house on their own? weird.. :I )

After half an hour, and when we've reached the location.

C : we've had to relocate here today for the meeting cos my place is in a mess... decorating it. thanks to L who opened her place for us....

E : oh....

L : aww.. thats no problem.. u guys r welcomed anytime!!

E : oh well... it's good in a way.. i'm really like her place... expecially her curtains.!! her mum's so sweet to do it for me!!

Me : oh, yeah.. i'm so fascinated with everything.. i just love ur place L..!!

(it is an understatement to just say that i fell in love with that place! i couldnt close my mouth shut n i couldnt stop saying that i like that place... i was this close to asking her if she was looking for a flatmate for her empty second bedroom! i think i should have... i wouldnt mind at all walking or taking the bus from that place! i was too shy to ask her if i could take pictures of her house... one day i'll google that apartment n show u the pics... then u'll know wat i mean!)

after almost 2 hours... when it was time to leave

E : u've got such a nice place here! n i like to look around the houses here... really beautiful houses! u should have a walk around someday u know (to me)

Me : oh really?? i'm already fascinated with this.. i dont think i need to look at any more houses! LOL....

C : yeah... u've got a really nice place... my house is in a total mess. only 2 of me can walk along in d hall... everything from my room is thrown out to the living room...

E : have u bought that house already C??

C : no.. i'm renting it.. i'm still in the same place....

E : oh, then y r u decorating it now??

Me : (wat r they talking about..?? y not decorate her house for christmas even though it's a rented house... she's been there for quite sometime anyways..n i still dont understand y she wants to hire ppl to decorate her house..?!!)

C : cos it's leaking... it's been leaking for more than a year infact!

L : wat!! for more than a year?!! u should have gotten it done so long ago... y didnt u call someone to do it sooner??

C : well actually... my landlord..landlady..landfamily...watever! hahahahah... they arent really the fastest ppl.... i've been telling for quite sometime now... but they finally got someone to get it done... d leak was so bad that it has been sipping through so many floors from above! and it's been leaking from my floor to the one below me!

E : oh.. that's nasty...!

Me : (Chumi, decoration means renovation)

Monday, December 1, 2008

have you had the plessure of...

... wearing 3 layers of clothes (tshirt, vest, jacket) under the water proof winter jacket that makes you look like an eskimo, topped up by a wool cap, a wool scarf wrapped around ur neck, 2 layers or gloves, 2 layers of socks under the sport shoes, and yet cannot feel ur fingers by the time u reach home, feel as if ur feet is wet, and cant move ur lips fast enough to talk...?

have you ever had d plessure of feeling pins n needles + burning sensation + forced pressure pressing inwards and outwards on ur fingers + bloated fingers ..??

u havent??

which part of the world r u in??!!!!

u'r missing out on all the fun man!!!!!!!!

come to glasgow!! it'd be my plessure to introduce all the plessure that i've had in the past few days!!!!!!

i promise u'll enjoy it!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

what is it with partly baked buns that refuse to co-operate!!!


Remember this post, where i told u about the bun that was supposed to be baked before eaten... but i greedily shoved it down my throat without even reading instructions......??

well, a few days ago, i made sure i baked it before eating.... n guess wat i did!!

i roasted it!! n had to break it as if it was a biscuit.

n just now, i baked d last piece...

make a wild guess wat happened this time!!

d bun wasn't the only thing that burnt..... so did my finger!!!!

it was like almost 4 hours ago n it still hurts!! =(

note to self : NEVER buy partly bakes buns!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

i need a family... like right now!

like i've mentioned a few times before... most of my classmates are doctors and working adults... and most of them also have families...

my first question was .. "how on earth can they manage studying postgrad while have a family with them right here in Glasgow?? how will they ever manage to study?? how will they prepare for their PBLs (read the previous post if you dont know wat PBL is)? how do they find the time to complete their reports and scientific essay papers..??"

i got the answer some time back... but i didnt believe it. today i do!!

let me explain

we've had loads of paper works everyday. it's either PBL, report, prelab sessions, or records ( d list seems too short... i think i've missed out something... which i cant recall now.. so just abaikan.. i'll update the list if i remember it soon). we have to work to complete all this work.. otherwise... i dont even wanna think wat'll happen!

Just listen to/read this list of submissions we've had so far :

1) last month we had to submit our very first scientific essay ( correction... MY very first scientific essay). it was the married ppl who submitted their essays first. when we got our results a few weeks ago, it was the married ppl who got As (excellent) and Bs (very good). the ones like me got only C (which is good) and D (satisfactory)

2) about 3 weeks ago, we had to submit a draft for the second essay. it was the married ppl who completed their drafts (as good as a final report) and submitted it without asking for extensions (not that that was allowed anyways!).

3) 2 weeks ago, we had to submit the final copy of the second essay. again, it was the married ppl who submitted their essays waaaayyyyy before it was due ( like 3 days before!!! i only started it 3 days before it was due... but hey, i finished it 36 hours before the deadline). we got the marks for that paper today. it was the married/working ppl who got As and Bs again.

4) there's a 3rd paper due on friday. and guess wat.... some of the married ppl already finished it and submitted it yesterday. ( if you couldnt guess that.... i sympathize u... u'r in a worse situation than me in being blur!)

i NEED A FAMILY ASAP in order to finish my work on time, to get very good and excellent grades and to be happy!!!

i mean... it's true okay! during the submission of our draft about 3 weeks ago, some of my classmates and i were trying to figure out how the married ones managed to finish it on time and get good grades. d only difference we could list out was that......

they were married - we werent,
they had jobs - we didnt,
they had children - we didnt,
they had their own house - we didnt

it all sums up to one thing in the end.... THEY HAVE FAMILIES!!!!!

after all this evidence... i'd be stupid not to believe the fact!!










Magic doesnt exist anymore does it......

it doesnt look like i'm gonna get a family right now...

i'd better get back to my essay.... i wouldnt want to throw my current grades out the window of my second floor room while waiting for the impossible


after friday i'm gonna start hunting for a family.... i wanna get As and Bs and always finish my work on time too!!

will be back on friday with the next post n with a family tied to my apron string or rather my belt!!


Monday, November 24, 2008

I've finally re-learnt the art of finishing my work way before hand!!

I'm so happy today that i'm gonna reward myself my not doing anymore work for the day!!!!!!!! :D

i've mentioned before that we are expected to work around the clock.We ALWAYS have something or the other to do. and my classmates usually finish their work at least 2 days before its due (while i start it 2 days before ts due!)(i wasnt like this before k... this is wat has happened to me after my temporary placement in India) there's never been a single day where we dont have anything to complete (the fact that i dont do d work everyday is a completely different thing). today was one of those days.....

I dont think i've really explained how my classes work..., let me educate you today so that u understand wat i'm talking about.

other than the traditional tutorials and lectures, we have 'Problem Based Learning' (PBL) sessions every single week. the whole class is divided in 3 groups, and we meet every monday and friday.

on mondays, we are given a speicific situation/senario about a family who has some sort of genetical disorder or things or that sort, and they have certain questions and doubts that needs to be clarified. we are the acting genetic consultants and cytogenetisists who has to understand the situation, do brainstorming sessions and come up with questions that needs answers and research, and we split the question among ourselves.

for the rest of the week (which is monday evening till thursday night), we have to work inividually to look for details and answers to our own questions. and then we meet again on friday morning, for the group discussions and presentations ( yea, we have to make it in power point presentation as well).

we've had 6 PBLs before and today is the 7th one. what i have been doing all along for more than a month is completely forget about the PBL work till wednesday or thursday and start working on it on thrusday evening or night.

but today.... i started working on my PBL 3 hours after the group discussion and i've finished it already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm so proud of myself!!!

*pats self on back*

actually... my topic this week wasnt all that difficult... but hey, i've never done it before... and so it was a challenge for question was to draw the family pedigree (family tree)

it was so much fun!! so interesting.... i'm gonna do my family tree using that software!! heheheh

those of you who want your family tree drawn in a very neat way and in proper order... drop me a line! i'd be more than happy to do it for u!! :D (but u'll obviously have to give me details about ur family 1st before i can do anything about it)

Sunday, November 23, 2008


i ran out of my room at 2am to play in the snow!!

it was so exciting!! so freezing cold!! so nice!!!!!!

:D :D :D

it wasnt d heavy snow sort of thing. but it has just started... and unfortunately d snow was so less... i couldnt make snow balls and play :(

i cant wait for it to snow again soon!! LOL

it was snowing for a few minutes, then stopped... started raining for a few minutes, then stopped...n started snowing again for a few minutes... all this withing half an hour at 2 am! hahhaha

look at d snow covered car..

n look... i have snow on my pants!!!!! :D

Friday, November 21, 2008

Vaaranam Aayiram, Krishnan


so many memories came flooding back...

so many dreams and hopes ...... floated around

so many unfulfilled dreams ..... never failing to hang around to haunt

so many shattered dreams ..... heard loud and clear

flashbacks ... over and over again .... realizations of the truth still hurts

i 'have' a dream became i 'had' a dream... cos it all stayed as a dream

Whoever said dreams will make you big in the future?? ......... it made me feel ever so small

So, do you stop dreaming....??

no...... i didnt stop.....

i only started dreaming even more........

... to compensate for the loss

... to compensate for the lies

... to compensate for the love... which was never there in the past

did it help??

no... it didnt....

it only made it worse....

... to the extend that made me doubt my own sanity

and then i started dreaming with a different hope, a different light, a different vision, a different reason, a different source

this time,

i know it will be fulfilled .... in double portions

i know i will hear sounds loud and clear ..... sounds of laughter and joy ... my own

i know i will have memories .... of good things... from deep within

i know i wont be disappointed .....

this time.... i'm desperately hoping... just like last time

the only difference between now and past...

... is that now,

i know my source


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

i've got such nice classmates!!

most of my classmates are married ppl... and almost all of them have brought their family here to stay with them cos they're being paid by their government.

these guys are so sweet, that they actually bring food from home... some time they even bring cookies and cakes that are really yummy!!!!

we even have mini parties during our group discussion...

some other classmates buy ferrero rochers for the whole class!!!!!!

d day i saw d two boxes of ferrero rochers on the table as soon as i entered class, i just paused in front of it as if i was mesmerized and i couldnt stop that stupid grin on my face!! :P

everyone else in class got 1 chocolate, some got 2.. but i got THREE!!!! yay....

(PS: u just cannot imagine how much i LOVE ferrero rocher and wat i;m willing to do for it!!!! )

n not only that... d guy who bought the ferrero rochers gave me the box!!

now i have 1 box

puls another box to put my earrings in!!

my earrings finally have a decent home to live in

compared to the tiny uncomfortable temporary shelter that they had in these few weeks

but the only problem now is that everytime i open that box to take my earrings... i can see ferrero rochers dancing in front of me! :(

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Heights of hunger!


is a wheat bun which is PARTLY baked.

whoever who buys it, is supposed to bake it for about 6 minutes before eating it....

i bought it last night.... and i ate it last nite.....

did i bake it??

nope... i didnt.. i didnt bake it.... i just ripped open the plastic and ate the wheat bun.

i ate not just 1.. not 2.. but 3 whole buns without even realizing that i was supposed to bake it some more!!!!

i tasted kindda funny when i was eating it... but i was too hungry to think about it and just gobbled it down.

a few minutes ago, i was gonna eat d remaining 3 buns when i suddenly saw d label which says that this bun is only partly baked and should be baked for another 6 minutes before it's safe to be consumed...

no wonder i had an upset tummy last night :S

Sunday, November 16, 2008

i feel like i've missed a lot all these years.. like i do today

this is a very spontaneous post. i never even thought about things like this before...

In my quarter of a century of lifetime... never have i ever felt missing out on something being the only child. but today i do.

almost all my friends in malaysia have siblings... infact ALL of them had/have siblings... i was d only one who didnt. most of my friends in india have siblings and it didnt bother me. at that time, i felt having a sibling was not all that important. (even now i dont think its all that important).

even when i used to go to India for holidays every year ( all the members from my mum's side of the family was there... now most of them are all around the world.. just like my dad's side of the family), i never really felt like i've been missing out in the sibling thing. all my mum's siblings are very closely attached and the love they have for each other is so obvious even when they are talking about them to ppl not in the family.

like, one of my aunt would say. "my (my mum's name) is coming to india next week. my chumi always insists on coming to india for her school holidays". another aunt would say, " our (my mum's name) is bbla..bla..bla.... ". everytime they talk about us or each other, they never fail to mention 'my' or 'our'.

many ppl have been shocked when they learn that i'm d only child and i dont have any brothers or sisters, and i've always wondered y they give such drastic reactions. i've always never been bothered. cos i dont know how i'm supposed to feel when i have a sibling n when i dont.

because of the ppl i see around me, i usually feel blessed to be the only child. cos there wasnt any ncecessity to fight for things, fight for attention, fight for rights, fight for tv, fight for the loo, fight for phone, fight for chocolates and ice cream, fight for this, fight for that.... (thats wat i see most of the time around me) there are times, like once in the bluest moon, when i feel like i've missed out by not having a sibling.( just for d feel of it i never bothered me more than a few seconds anyways)

The main reason for my rambling about siblings is that today, i was reading MM's blog, whom i've never met, never seen, dont know where she lives, dont know what she does... she's basically a stranger to me and so am i to her. i came across her blog through some other article (which i dont remember now). i was killing time by reading some of her old posts...

i came across some post in which she wrote about her children. some had pics, some didnt, some had funny comments, some didnt. but all of them meant one thing. the love that the young children had for each other. Nevermind about the love that MM has for her. every mother will... it's this tiny little children's love that amazes me.

i dont even remember how old d children are. i think d little boy is 4 or 5, and the little girl is 3.. couldnt be more than that i guess. but the love that they have for each other is like "WOW". there were some posts when her children were much younger....i think it was last year, in which she mentioned that d small one never find any fault in her elder bro n d bro goes to any extend to pacify and pamper d sister. this wasnt the only one... there were so many other posts about her children throughout the years....

many of it made me realize wat i've been missing in a sibling. at first i thought i could have ended up like my cousins or friends.. fighting n arguing all the time. but i later realized that i'm not like that. i have so much of love in me that i want to share with a lot of ppl around me, with my immediate family, extended family, friends.... i realized that i could have been that little girl and i could have had an elder bro like MM's son, or probably i could have had a younger brother or sis.

while i was reading her blog.... i thought of how her children would feel if/when they come across her blog when they grew up. her love for her family was recorded every other day. it's like a gift of memories for them. it was such a nice thing

somehow, we humans always remember the sad/bad things that has happened in our lives. i can remember a lot of sad things in my life as if it happened yesterday, but when i try to recall some things that really mean a lot to me and has changed my life for the better... i cant. it's a completely different feeling when u can recall every good/nice incidence that has happened in ur life.

MM's blog has inspired me to continue bloggin for many more years to come. when i'm old and grey, i'd really love to read though my (undecided, ever shifting and interupted ) blog and be refreshed with all the memories that i've had. and i'll want my children to know how it was for them while they were growing up.

and MM's children have inspired me to have more than one child .... ( that will be when i finally get a boyfriend and get married to him )

Thursday, November 13, 2008

On libraries, working around the clock, and beers

for the first time after 37 days of being here, i finally set foot in the famous library... n i fell in love!

nevermind the weird stares and giggles i got from ppl around me (thanks to the obvious blur and lost look on my face), i still liked the library... no, actually i loved it!!

it was humongous!!! n there were thousands and thousands of books, that the students might not even have touch most of it!! there were these reference and bibliography books for Medicine, enzymes, plants, biotechnology, nomenclature names.... u name it, and it was all there! it was so nice to just stand at the one end of the book shelf and stare at all those books.

i've always had a soft spot for libraries. when i was in primary school, my friends n i used to come up with all sorts of excuses to go to the public library. we even went to the extend of telling each other's parents that we were going to each other's house ( i was going to her house and she was coming to my house... get it..?) cos the old public library was on a hill and there were a lot of human monkeys and real monkeys.... but that library itself was an antic bungalow sort... it had that homely feeling n i've always liked the quiet and organized atmosphere of libraries.

When i was in secondary school, i went to the library almost everyday, and i had finished reading almost all the novels that was stocked up (CBM had one of the best collection of novels and books even though it was smaller than any other school library ).i even had my favourite spot and no one else would dare sit there cos they knew it was m spot! LOL! while i was in High School, i used to skip break times and lunch hours and sit in the library to read some books or newspaper. i skipped lunch n break time cos i didnt want to go to the canteen and embarrass myself (co-ed school la... n i hardly used to talk in those days). Mount Carmel College was a different story on it's own. i hated that library!! i can count with my fingers the number of times i went to that library!

now, i've found my love back again! i really like that place.. and i can see myself going back there very often and spending hours.

the thing is.... i've got zero disciplin these days! i'd switch on my computer d moment i reach my room, and start chatting, watching movies, listening to songs, reading and replying mails and everything else expect do my work...

talking about work.. that's my second topic. there's paper work every single day! i have to keep working around the clock.. but all i do i walk and talk around the clock not work!

let me just explain to you my to-be schedule for the coming 2 weeks k.. and then u'll get a drift of wat i'm saying.

i have :
1)to prepare for my PBL group presentation for tomorrow morning (which is every week. we get a new topic every monday and we have time till friday of that week to prepare for it)

2)a major scientific paper due on tuesday morning (for which i have to work my ass off from tomorrow... cos there's no such thing as working in the last minute here and there's no way i'll be able to get at least exceptable marks if i dont even spend the weekend on it)

3)to work on the new practical on tuesday as soon as i submit the essay in the morning. this practical is gonna be another headache.. the others can easily say its easy cos they've done it before. i'm the one who's gonna have to start from stracth and make up a whole new primer and find restriction enzymes and genes and proteins for it!

4) to start preraring resume and some self determination letter or something like that on wednesday and thursday for some official purpose

5) to unseal my record book and ceremoniously do the opening ceremony by writing down the first out of four long experiments which is still pending from day 4!

6) (oh how can i ever forget!!) i have to work on the next PBL which would have been given to us on monday!

7) to start writing draft for another essay which is due the following week.

day after day after day... there's some work that's always pending...


and about something which is off topic from work... wat is it with beer?? y is it that ppl go all emotional even for a hug and silly things? is it that ppl actually forget wat they're talking or doing.... or do they just act as if they dont know wat's happening...?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

it's been a very long time (more than 3 years) since i ever got anything easily without putting up a fight

i had to fight, demand, raise my voice, throw a tantrum, show my temper and pull my sleeves up to get something all the while i was in India.

that made a very drastic impact on me. i did the same even when i was in Malaysia. well, it's not all that necessary to take drastic measures to get something done in Malaysia.

if you were to ask humbly or point out injustice or unfairness politely, the Indians will turn and look at you from top to toe, give you one of their most sarcastic and disgusting laugh and continue doing watever they were doing earlier. if it were to be a shop keeper, he wouldnt even have heard u in d 1st place and will just continue serving his customers who are smarter than u (i say they're smarter cos they shout at the top of their voice for something that they want, and they have no such thing as manners or decency)

but if you were to do the same in Malaysia, i cannot guarantee you that you'd get work done immediately. Malaysians are a mixed bunch. some are decent and some are not. so you start off by being polite, if it doesnt work, then raise ur voice. you wouldnt want to show ur temper at random ppl cos you wouldnt want to strike the wrong cord with the wrong ppl.

in UK, especially in Scotland, you'd NEVER want to raise ur voice. all you have to do is very decently walk up to them, expain things, show proof and that's it. u'r done with ur work!!

just like how i did today evening.

there was this electric jug kettle which we had in our flat. it was really old k ( i dont know how old it was.. or it could have been new and wasnt much appreciated by previous tenants ). the aluminium coil inside the kettle was not like how it should be. i wanted to take a pic of it n put it up here, but i really wanted to spare u guys from the disgust. everytime i use it, i try my best not to look at it inside when i'm filling it up with water or when i'm washing it. sometimes i even feel that i'd die of water contamination if i consume water which was boiled in it.

i asked my flatmate if it was possible to get it changed from the service building. she wasnt sure, neither was i.

today, when i came back from class, i stopped at the service building and asked them if it was possible to get a new kettle. they said they wanted to see it for themselves before they decide.

i said ok, fine and went to my flat to get the kettle and come back to them. i was mentally preparing speeches to voice out my opinion and point out how dangerous it can be to continue using that 'rusted' old kettle and how irresponsible they were for not giving us a new one.... if they had denied a new one.

all i had to do was hand over the old kettle to them. they took one look at it and said.... "give me a minute ya, i'll go and exchange this one for you. which flat did u say u'r from? i just need to make a record for acc purpose"

she comes back in 5 minutes with a brand new cordless electric jug kettle packed in a box and apologizes frantically for making me wait for so long (it was only 5 mintues).

explain d situation, show proof and 5 minutes later, i walk out of the building with this :

if this were to happen in India, i would have had to fight my heart and soul, and return with the old kettle and die of some water poisoning.

if it were to happen in malaysia, i might have had to put up a fight, but i would hahve gotten a new one anyways.

here in UK, there's no need to even think of raising ur voice for ur rights.... it's as if they're all waiting to give everything to u....

try as i might, i still i cant stop comparing between India, Malaysia and UK.

dont tell me i have no rights to talk about any one of these countries. i have equal rights in all 3 countries. 1 being my home country by birth, another being my home country by paternity and another my home country to be ;)

Monday, November 10, 2008

My meals 2 weeks ago week

my breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner

now u see it

now u don't!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

talk about jinx

one day i'm so proudly showing off my finger nails

n d next day this is wat happens!

Friday, November 7, 2008

how would u like loitering around city centre with ur middle finger n pointer finger polished with sea weed products?

It was such a funny thing today that i was smiling to myself while walking around Buchanan Galleries alone today... hahahha (PS: Buchanan Galleries is equivalent to KLCC/Mid Valley/Bangalore Central)

i was minding my own business, looking around d shops in Buchanan Gallery when this guy stopped me and wanted to ask me a question. i was stunned, n didnt wanna stop, but after i saw him properly .. i was like.. 'it's ok.. let's give in a little bit'. he was cute la. :P

n before u come up with ur own conclusions... i'll tell u who he is. he was some manager of one of the booths in that shopping complex which sold sea weed products for nails and skin k.

n d question he asked was if i had natural nails. i felt insulted that he would ask me such a question! never in my life has anyone ever suspected if my finger nails were natural or not. wat kindda of a silly question is that! i take pride in my naturally beautiful finger nails! i lifted my right hand and proudly showed off my finger nails (thank God none were broken or cracked today! LOL).

he was stunned! all he said was 'wow' and stared at my finger nails for a good 30 seconds! ah... u cannot imagine how proud i was!!

only later on i realized that he was promoting his products, that;s y he asked if i had natural nails... cos there's no use for these products on artificial long nails.

anyways, he started buffing my middle finger nails, while explaining y and how this sea weed thing works. its this block sort of thing, which has four sides and each side has a different work like exfoliating, conditioning, n ...errr...something to give a shiny finish.

when he was finished with one finger nail.... i was embarrassed at how unhealthy my fingers were! d middle finger nail looked so healthy n shiny!!!

n then he started talking about other things while buffing the pointer finger nail. he asked for my name, he asked how old i was, n he even asked wat i was doing in Glasgow..... n i answered... all because he was good looking :P

n then he put on this sea weed moisturizer on my right hand. he claimed that this moisturizer was very very good compared to any kind of lotions and creams. he told me to compare my right and left hand to see the difference.

when i lifted up my left hand to compare, the saw the ring on my left hand... n u should have seen his expression!! i just wish i had my camera at that time. his expression was priceless!! he was so stunned, that he abruptly stopped talking and started at me with his mouth open wide! hahahhahha... he asked if i was married....

very calmly, i said i was engaged, and walked away saying that i'll come back tomorrow and get the products... the poor fellow didnt even say anything after that!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

one decade ago.....

i just realized that i has my PMR exam 10 years ago.......

i remember it as if it was yesterday.... we were all sitting outside d exam hall, doing last minute revision and discussion, and it was Shah Rukh Khan's bday on that day too....

we spent more time talking about Shah Rukh Khan, how cute he was in his latest movie, how charming he looked when he smiles, how young he looked even when he had a son, and how unfortunate it was cos he was married with a kid.... as if he knew of our existence!

i'm getting old.....

my clock is ticking faster than i thought it was

much faster than i would like to admit

where's my knight in shining armor?

when and how am i gonna fulfill my craving for extreme sports...?

when am i gonna be settled in life??

most importantly.... i wonder if my knight has his GPS/electronic navigation with him... i wouldnt want him to get lost u know


Sunday, November 2, 2008

How to survive a bowling game no matter how badly u suck at it

before i give u life saving tips on wat to do in a bowling alley if u don;t like bowling either because u can't bowl, or even because u don;t know how to bowl... i've got a very important announcement to make!!

I've got a follower in my blog!!!!!! n it's HOPE!! yay!!!! (HOPE, how did u do it ah? wat does a follower mean actually?!)

ok, we'll resume with my super tips: "For Bowling idiots"

This is a post with pictures so that ------ will understand much better. (there are 35 pics, so Malaysians and Indians, give it some time to load, everyone else from everywhere else, i dont think u'll have to wait long for d pics, just go ahead n scroll down)

1. Take a pic of the bowling place from outside... it looks different in every country anyways

2. pose like an idiot at d counter with ur bowling shoes. ppl from ur hometome/country might not have seen bowling shoes before

3. If u think u took too retarded in d 1st shoe pose, then try n act natural n take another pic in another pose

4. Pose with 'the ball' and give it ur best stupidest smile ever

5. Chose the ball like a pro n dont let ppl know that u dont know wat to do

6. next, walk toards d isle, n swing d ball... be careful not to throw it backwards

7. Got a strike?? show that victorious smile on ur face

8. Take a break n pose for pics with the less lucky ones n give them ur autographed photo

9. no strike...? better luck next time...

10. 50/50..... u can still smile for a pic

11. went down d drain.... dont worry, n dont give such drastic reactions yet

12. Strike?? relax.. this is no boxing alley.. it's a bowling alley

13. Always remember to bring out d best in u even if u dont manage to push one pin down. smile n d world smiles with u!!! (except that some's definition of smile might be different from urs)

14. pose with d ball in every way u can think of. u might not have this chance again

15. too engrosed in posing??

16. now, that's a striker's smile!

17. Silently pray for ur opponent to loose

18. if u think u r the least scorer, confuse everyone else, n deny everything to d max

19. let d pro show u how its done.but always keep in mind that he's a pro n he can get away with watever he does. if u immitate him n suffer the consequences, i'm not responsible.

20. make disgusting faces

21. n then act cute n make it up for d previous pic

22. take pics of cute guys to entertain urself

23. if lady luck decides to let u deal with ur turtle-slow ball on ur own...

24. u hunt lady luck down n get ur own way...

25. carry ur sling bag along... if u insist that it brings u luck

26. yea yea... that's how u carry d ball

27. never forget to take pics in between turns.... err... funny faces r optional

28. yes, we know u got a strike

29. even though u r not d winner... show d victory sign!!

30. remember to pose in different angles

31. saw something fascinating??

32. exxagarate

33. look away from camera n smile.. it's d latest trend

34. group shot.... it doesnt matter if some in ur group r missing... as long as u look good