Wednesday, April 16, 2008

how much of studying is enough??

3 papers done.. 3 more to go n then i'm done with this semester exams.. but i dont feel too enthusiastic about it.....not cos i'm gonna miss college n friends n all that... today's paper didnt go too well...

i wonder if its because i didnt study everyday, or if its cos i didnt refer to past year papers n work them out. or maybe its just that i'm plain stupid n not competitive enough to learn up every single detail ( including anthrogenesis is actually anther culture )

that cost me 10 solid marks just like that. i knew anther culture so well, but i didnt know anther culture was anthrogenesis. i've never done botany in my whole entire life, so how was i supposed to know. ok.. probably this is wat u might say as 'common sense'. let me tell u something... when it comes to botany n plants... all i know is to admire them .. i know nothing more or nothing less, n am not interested to know anymore too!

it just upsets me when i keep thinking about todays paper.. i wanted to write about anther culture.. i thought it was wrong, so i didnt bother answering that question. but towards d end, i did start answering it... but then i stopped halfway cos i didnt wanna ans it wrongly n then have d teachers to read it n then realize that its a wrong ans. she might just get pissed n mark me wrong even for my right answers. n this was an extra answer anyways ( here in india, we r not allowed to answer extra questions even if there r options. some teachers say we can, some say we cant, most of them tell u to just ans d required number of question n get out of d exam hall.. so it means just stick to d number of question which u have to )

i had zoology exam yesterday. that wasnt easy either. i had to wake up early, sleep late, try n force myself to keep my eyes open n study. i studied non stop on monday from morning till evening u know.. stopping for 15 minutes for lunch n drink. n then after i got back home in d afternoon i had to start studying for today's paper. my eyes were so tired n heavy, but i couldnt do anything about it. d weather wasnt helping either. it made me feel really sick.

thank God for places like Coffee Day who had air conditioned area. my friend n i decided to go there n study ( i had to push her a little bit more than just suggest cos she wasnt used to it.. not that i was.. but i had no other go... try as i might, i couldnt tolerate d weather anymore )

we were in Coffee Day for almost 4 hours, n studied for 3 n 1/2 hours. we had to suffer d embarrassment of ppl staring at us, cos probably they've never seen girls studying in a Coffee Day. if its normal for boys n girls to go to Barista or Coffee Day n sit for hours sipping from one cup of coffee or eating ice cream from one bowl n one spoon while they were all over each other.. i dont see y they cant get used to seeing us studying. Waccha lookin at?! Hasnt ur mother told you that it's rude to stare!!!

after d Coffee Day, i had to stay awake at nite n wake up at 4.30 this morning to study everything. as if all that isnt enough.. guess wat i forced myself to do in Coffee Day...?? i was yawning every minute n my eyes were closing on their own, n my brain had already gone to sleep. Cold choco-latte didnt help. n i dont think cocolate n ice cream will help me anymore cos i've grown immune to it.( in case, u didnt know, chocolate n ice cream keeps u wide awake.. it increases ur body metabolism. even banana helps in that way ). n chocolate n ice cream is working on me d wrong way...

since i'm vertically challenged ( have been so since i was like 17 or 18 i think! ), i'm not about to let myself get challenged by my horizontal growth as well. there's nothing i can do about d fact that i'm short, other than wear heels when necessary n whenever possible. but i can control my growing waistline... which has been out of control off late.

so, wat else will keep u awake other than chocolate, ice cream or banana.. something which has caffeine... something which is not carbonated n something which i DONT LIKE!!!( never liked it before in my life, never even liked d smell of it!!). yea, i had coffee. one whole glass of it!!! ok, probably not d whole glass, but 3/4 of it.

i know most of u love n live for coffee. but me... i'd rather die ... not for coffee.. but because of coffee. n yet i forced myself to drink it yesterday! my eyes popped open when i took d 1st sip! it was so bitter!!! how can u ever get addicted to something as bitter as that?? i think i'd rather eat bittergot vege than drink coffee.

a few weeks ago, my friend, her sis n i went to coffee world for waffles. ( we were supposed to go somewhere else for English breakfast but were disappointed cos they dont serve English breakfast on weekdays, so we ended up with waffles.. the nearest we could get to English breakfast!). my friend's sis ordered cold coffee with whipped cream and chocolate chips. n she insisted that i try it cos this one is really nice, n she herself isnt a great fan of coffee but she likes this one... so, i gave it a shot n i liked it.. i really did.

so, yesterday, my friend n i were looking at a menu so many times trying to figure out wat coffee was it that her sis ordered d other day. we were even looking at d pics n contemplating on whether we should ask d waiter wat that was, but decided against it cos he was giving dirty looks for hanging around there for hours with just one drink each.. hey sue me!! i bought a drink, n i paid for it, so i have every right to be sitting there for as long as i want to alrite!

finally i decided to order the 'Devil's own'... no NOT me!! d drink was called that. d description matched with wat we saw d tried d other day, so i decided to give it a try. u never, u never know! n my friend ordered d cafe frappe. she's a coffee lover.. so, she has no problems with any kind of coffee. my drink finally came, n i was excited! cos i tried one something like that n it was good... so, i thought i've finally found the thing can make me stay awake rather than chocolate, ice cream n coke.

how so very very wrong could i get???!!!! when i took d 1st sip... i couldnt swallow it. yea...i mean it... i had it in my mouth for a good 2 minutes! i couldnt swallow it cos it was SO bitter!!!!!! n i took an extra large sip ( tell me about being greedy ).. so it was like extra extra bitter... n i couldnt even spit it out. i was sitting in Coffee Day for goodness sake! i had to force it down my throat before i accidentally spit it out in pubic. n every sip i took after that, i was cursing myself for not calling my friend up to ask wat was it that she ordered. -_-

today evening i remembered to ask my friend's sister wat coffee was it that she ordered d other day... she told me it was cold chocolate with whipped cream n chocolate chip!

pls shoot me down!! i didnt even know d difference between cold coffee n cold chocolate! but it didnt have d typical chocolate taste neither did it have d typical coffee taste... cos i didnt know... i was wonder how could they ever make coffee without d coffee taste n smell (both of which i'm not very fond of btw)... but i forgot about till yesterday.

so much for my coffee-tasteless coffee!! i totally give up on coffee! i think i'n fine sticking to chocolates n coke for d time being.

eerr.... i've taken a very very huge diversion from my original topic ... havent i.. :P talking about coffee... i smell coffee around me rite now :S

so, anyway, back to d main intension of this post... after all my sacrifices n sufferings, this is wat i get in d end!

frankly, speaking.. i kindda forgot about how i felt while talking about coffee n Coffee Day n that stuff..... now i'm back to feeling shitty, n disappointed n moody =(

n i just realized that i got to get back to studying cos i;ve got 3 more papers to go. if i dont do well in that.. u'r gonna have to read a few more super long posts n i'll have to come back to India next year to do supplementary papers!! :S

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