Thursday, April 10, 2008

d last inorganic chem i'll ever have to study for!!!

yup...d absolute last inorganic chemistry i'll ever have to study, memorize, suffer, n sit for n exam in my whole entire life!!!!!!!!!!!

today's paper wasnt all that bad... not too good, not too bad.. practically on d fence la. but i'm so glad it's finally over. i wont have to look at anymore equations n unnecessary calculations n laws and crap! its not all that unnecessary, but for me.. i have no needs of knowing it.. i;m not gonna do a pHd in chem n try to proof some silly valence theory wrong! i'm not even insane enough to have d slightest thought of doing MSc in Chemistry, or anything to do with chemistry for that matter!

chemistry n i dont get along well at all. I hate chemistry with all my heart.. n u have no idea how much that is!thats my worst nightmare n enemy! pls dont preach to me about loving my enemies.. i've heard that a hundreds of times now. n i did take an effort to try n like it at least one tiny little bit k...but nothing worked.. it ( chemistry i mean ) doesnt wanna get along.. so do i!

no more inorganic chem.. no more inorganic chem.. no more inorganic chem!!!

but there's one more chemistry n then i'm done with d whole of chemistry for d rest of my life!!!!!!!!!


Vikram Christopher said...

why do you take chem is you're not interested in it?

Chumi Lakshmi said...

it's part of the degree... there's nothing else i could do with biotech but without chemistry... so i had no other choice