Sunday, April 27, 2008

Little Italy

missed church this morning.. :( cos i only woke up at almost 1pm!!!!!!

went out for lunch today.. shalini's treat. she took us to a place called Little Italy.. supposedly famous for Italian n Mexican food... great food, great ambiance, at great prices! :D

am gonna let my pics do d talking today

She's one super poser!

She insisted on me taking another pic of her cos she knew i'd blog about it

Shalini n Charu

Me n Kavya

Don't worry.. thats d last pic of me n Kavya.. we had to take a few cos Kavya wasnt ready for d previous ones

My Golden Scream

Not all that great... it was Orange juice, with fresh milk and chocolate flakes/powder.
i actually wanted to try cocktail... but ended up with mocktail instead

Kavya's Pizza. i dont remember wat it was called.. but it had vodka in it

Shalini's Veg Lasagna

My spicy Spaghetii... it wasnt spicy.. but it was nice

Charu's cheese lasagna

We were sitting outside for lunch n then moved in for dessert cos it was getting too hot outside

Caught in d action

Didnt i tell u she was a super poser! hahaha
Charu's photographic skills

Gelato Chocolate and peach wine apricot

Chocolate Bomb

It tasted like friend Ice cream... i think they did fry it....

This pic was taken to find an excuse to take d pic below

my friend found that old American attractive!
P.S:pic not courtesy of me

need i even explain this pic?! ;)

four of us

Shalini-our sponsorer!!! thank u shalini!!

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