Monday, March 31, 2008

I;m so happy!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!! =D

"i'm happy beyond words!!!!!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!! =D" i've put up this shout out in all my sites, in friendster, facebook, orkut, msn, google talk, skype, and yahoo there anything left... u name it n its there!! hahhhaha. i could even publish it in d national papers! that's how happy i am n that's how much i wanna testify wat God has done for me!!

just this morning i was so worried about so many things!! about how i've drifted away from my ultimate source of love, how i've been wasting time this whole semester fooling around n going out, how i've taken so many things for granted, how i build high expectations and imaginations but do nothing to get it, how i'm ever going to scrap through this semester by d way i'm taking my studies.

i sat down this morning n made a simple prayer(for a few things), a very very simple prayer. even a primary school kid would have been able to do better than wat i did today. n then i completely forgot about it. i've been sitting online sorting out my bookmarks, reading ppl's blog, updating my photo album, and doing everything that has nothing to do with studies ever since.

u can imagine how lazy i was to go n study if i was sitting in front of my comp even after d power went off for more than half an hour.. i spent d whole morning in front of my comp!!! but as soon as d power came back, i checked my mail n found d source of my happyness!!!!!!!!!

How great is our God!!!!!! all He wanted me to do was to leave my burdens at His feet n then He took care of it immediately =D =D =D

when i saw d mail, i didnt know whether to smile or to cry... i did both anyways.. i was just too happy!!!!!!!!!!! i'm not gonna tell wat it is... i dont wanna tell yet... just give me a few more days or weeks... n then d whole world will know...

in d meantime, i'm gonna log off n go n study. thats d least i can do at d moment after all that God has done for me.

THANK YOU LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D =D =D =D =D =D ( I just had to do it!!!!!!!!!! =D )

Sunday, March 30, 2008

English Breakfast?? NOT

my friend n i went to a place called "Pecos" on Sunday morning for breakfast. apparently this place serves very good English breakfast.. n because of all d hype there was about it, 3 of us went there on wednesday morning..(or maybe tuesday morning last week) n left disappointed cos they only serve breakfast on weekends ( its a pub u see.. so, u can imagine wat u get there on normal circumstances )


so, this morning my friend n i went there rite after we got back from church. by d time we ordered n started eating it was already noon. literally we had breakfast during lunch time! :S

anyway, d so called english breakfast was bull's eye egg, toasts, mashed potatoes, sausages, n bacons. it wasnt all that great. though the menu sounds impressive, d quantity n quality wasnt so. d food was kindda stale n i didnt quite like d bacons. i tried a little bit of it.. it was kindda ok ( it was pork.. or maybe beef ... ), but didnt feel like eating it after listening to my friend's commentary n expressions on wat she thought about it.. so i just gave it to her(which she finished..she wasnt being greedy k.. she just didnt wanna waste food! ;p )


when my friend had finally finished her food n quarter of my share, we asked for d bill. we had d rite amount of change for d bill, but my friend wanted change n she gave her RS500 note. within a few minutes d waiter came back telling us that d note was torn n cello taped n wont accept it. we had to fork out d change. this time, d waiter counted d money in front of us. i was wondering if we didnt keep d rite amount, but he cleared my doubt immediately. he took up d bill n said that d bill was for RS270 (thats d amount we had kept), n i said 'yea'.

guess wat he did?! he gave us d most disgusting look ever, hit his forehead with his palm, called us waste n walked off!! my friend was just lost! she didnt even know y he did that!

ok, we should have left some tip (after changing our order, making him change d drink from one glass to another cos my friend thought it smelt of egg, making him carry out plates n clean d table) but we just forgot k! n d waiter had absolutely no right to demand for tips!! giving tips is d customers wish, not d waiters wish! y else r they being paid by d owners of d restaurant. it's not like they have to survive with our tips!!

Heights of embarrassment !! hahaha... we just scooted from that place as soon as that waiter moved away. hopefully no one else had seen it :P

r u left brained or right brained?

was chatting with Yasmin a few minutes ago ( i still am though...) n she sent a few links about which brain r u....check out d links .. its fun.. n true to a certain extend

the one with d girl turning clockwise/anticlockwise is a trick! it says that it u can see d girl turn clock wise then u'r right brained and vice versa. yasmin said she saw d girl turning clockwise so she was right brained and couldnt focus on trying to make d girl turn anticlockwise.

when i tried it out, 1st i saw d girl turn i thought i was right brained too n then almost immediately i saw d girl turn anticlockwise also! so, i'm right and left brained! while i was basking in d glory of d knowledge that i was more dominant then everyone else, i realized that it was a trick!

d girl turns both clockwise and anticlockwise!! when u look at it closely for a few minutes, u'll know wat it is about. when d girl is turning clockwise, d right leg n right hand is sticking out. n initially she'll be turning at a moderate pace, but she'll speed up soon n then slow down ( probably she's intimidated by d fact that there's someone on d other end of d computer screen staring at her! ). when she slows down or even when she doesnt slow down, she changes directions and turn anticlockwise. n this time her left leg n left hand is sticking out.

it's really d mirror effect sort of thing.. just give it a few minutes n try it out.. u'll agree with me.. n it's fun to stare at d turning girl n think that she's intimidated by u!,22049,22535838-5012895,00.html

Friday, March 28, 2008

time is flying by

it;s been 10 days since i last blogged...not that i dont have anything to blog about... but i didnt have d time to blog about certain things.. n then i just forgot...n now i'm thinking of quitting this blogging thing.. *sigh*.. i wonder if it would make any difference...

anyway, my final exams have started ( d day before yesterday )... but i havent started studying... :S i'm as good as a dead meat! last week i almost couldnt get my hall ticket cos i had shortage of attendance in 5 out of 6 subjects ( here in india, without hall tickets, u cannot sit for d exams ), n believe me i freaked out big time n i was saying all sorts of prayers..that i'll study properly, wont waste time, wont take things for granted, wont do this, wont do that.. bla ... bla.. bla... n d minute i got hold of my hall ticket.. i forgot about everything!how ungrateful of me

my hall ticket thing is one hell of a long story actually.. n yesterday, i almost left one of my important records in an auto! 1st of all, i had to wait for 40 minutes for an auto, i reached college at 10am n am told that d practicals might start at 11am. wat would a not-so-sane, taking-things-for-granted-girl-who didnt-study-when-she had-d-time do? freak out obviously!!! i wanted to study in college from 9.30am till 12.30pm( d pracs was supposed to start at 12.30pm NOT 11am )

n then i realized that i never put my record in my bag!! (i was holding d record in my hand all along while waiting for d auto, when i finally got one, i was just so tired. i sat in d auto with my bag on my lap n my record on d seat next to me. within a few minutes i thought i should put my record in my bag, cos i wouldnt wanna leave it in d auto. that book carries 5 marks n hours n hours of striving n suffering to write n draw all d diagrams. but i didnt put it in my bag immediately cos i was tired to my move lazy hands!) i almost died when i realized that i wasnt holding my record in my hand! how will i ever find that auto?! how will i explain to my lecturers n d external examiners that i was a fool to leave it in an auto!!?

i didnt know wat to do! i started panicking! (which i dont usually do. i'm not d panicking kindda person!) i knew my record wasnt in d bag cos i didnt put it in at all... but i still opened my bag to assure myself of how idiotic i can get! n guess wat... my record was rite my bag.. where i didnt put it in

i was close to tears when i saw my record in my bag. d whole of yesterday i tried recalling, thinking of wat i did, n when i put d record in my bag... but all i could come up with was that i didnt put d book in my bag.

n then i finally started studying.. i had already read through everything d nite before, but i didnt do d proper studying. but yesterday of all d days i was so nervous.i've never been this nervous before ( even when i havent even read one word ) till i got d gastric sort of pain ( u get it not only because of starvation but also because of tension n stress ). i was practically shivering n a total wreck, a friend was explaining something n i just cut her off n told her it wasnt necessary.

when our practicals finally started at 12.30pm, for once i wasnt d 1st one who had to identify d slides and get my paper corrected and laughed at if i had identified it wrongly ( mine is d 1st roll number in each and every examination since d 1st semester, so i'm d one who has to go 1st all d time ). the lecturer called another girl to do d honour for once :). when it was my turn, i identified it all correctly, wrote decent answers n did d slide preparation quite well too. i did pretty well in d end... not all too great, not all too bad

at d end of d day, after everything works out right even with loads of uncertainness and doubts and fear, all we can do is to Praise the Lord for His never ending love and His mighty works rite. Thank You Lord!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

College is almost over

today is d 2nd last day of my official college days.. we didnt have any classes at all today, but had to get our records corrected and attested. and we had to run about all the labs for that

Once that was done, a few of us conquered one of d empty zoology labs and settled there for d rest of d day to write slam books (its d autograph books that we write during form 5 and form 6.. here in India they call is slam book).

Initially i didnt wanna get a book for myself cos i just didnt fell like it... i thought i've outgrown writing slam books/autographs, n i since we had facebook, friendster, orkut n emails these books will have no use... but then everyone was so interested in writing d slam books.. some of d girls came prepared with beautifully wrapped and decorated slam books, stationaries and some bought d books from d bookshop in college n we were happily writing on it.

In form 5 i remember that we used to compete n write for so many pages.. we wrote all d stories rite from kindergarten till form 5, we wrote about tuition stories, about all d nonsense n stupid things we used to do, about all d fun we had.. n all these stories takes up at least 10 pages. its sort of a rule that d number of pages you write should be equivalent to d number of years u know them. but here in india, no matter how long or or how well u knew someone, it doesnt exceed more than 2 pages. they all start off my saying u'r so sweet, so helpful, so.. bla bla bla' n they end it by saying 'all the best n keep in touch'. its just so monotonous. but i guess its because there's not much time left

so, anyway, when i saw everyone writing, n even i was writing in everyone's slam book.. i thought i might as well get one for myself... its memories anyways rite.. no matter how good/bad/fake/truthful/nice/mean/hypocrite/helpful each n every friend was.

by the time i started my quest to get a slam book, it was almost afternoon, d books in d college bookshop were all d same or sold out n i was too lazy to walk down d road opposite my college n get one from there, so i went to my friend's room in d college hostel n ransacked her books n tore off pages from her note book! hahahhha

n then i went around to everyone with d papers in my hand telling them that those were my slam book to be, n they had to write in it properly with colours n decorate it nicely cos i was gonna collect everything n make a beautiful cover by myself n bind it n keep it so that i can show my children one day! yea.. everyone did laugh, n i ended up memorizing d whole line, cos i had to tell it to everyone! LOL. but so wat if they laugh, i had a good laugh myself too, n i got most of them to write for me within one day compared to those who brought/bought books. look who's laughing now!! hahahha

actually, i'm glad i took d initiative to get something done today even though it was in d last minute n even though it wasnt d best slam book i could come up with at d last moment, but its all still good memories. i had a good laugh reading d ones which my friends wrote for me today, n i know i will enjoy reading it after a few years... like how i still enjoy reading my form 5 autographs

Monday, March 17, 2008

my MSN was hacked

Some fool has been using my MSN id for more than a year.... n i'm a bigger fool for not realizing it!!

Trish smsed me a few days ago at nite n asked if i was ok or not, n that she received a msg from my msn saying that i was dead! d 1st thing that ran on my mind was that i was killing my back n my head to do stupid diagrams in zoology, n i wasnt even online... then how can she receive msges from my id?? the 'Chumi is dead' thing didnt bother me too much. i was still doing my drawings n i received another sms from sherline asking me if i was ok...

that was it... i put my record away, n switched on my comp to try n understand wat was happening... when i finally logged on to my MSN, trish was there to update me on wats been happening in my MSN while i havent been online. some idiot has been using my id, signing in from an old version of MSN messenger, and chatting away to glory to my friends n family on my behalf without me asking him to do so!!!

that was when i realized that when abi said that she told me something but i wasnt too enthusiastic about it, n d replies werent like how i would was d hacker n not me ( i thought i might not have replied probably i must have been too sleepy or sick that i didnt realize). when some friends had been trying to msg me, they received no replies..cos it wasnt me. that also explains y a few friends didnt reply to my nudges n msges when i try to catch up with them!

stupid hacker!!!! y cant u just go n mind ur own business n log in from ur own account!! not only has he messed up between me n my friends, he's made me waste like almost an hour in sending apology emails n msges to everyone on my mailing list n msn list, n even here in friendster. i spent such a long time d other day to change all my passwords for all my accounts n today this.

alrite here goes another round of apology n warning. i'm very sorry if any of u guys received anything funny/rude/weird/sarcastic/vulgar/plain idiotic/or never received any reply from me.... it wasnt me. i never not reply to many msges no matter how busy i am...n i dont send sarcastic or rude comments to anyone ( a few ppl who know me well n know y i say that r exceptions ). n i dont have an old verison of MSN for goodness sake! y would i wanna sign in from n old version of MSN!!

n i dont have d patients to change all my passwords often... so, pls be on d alert side at all times... if u sense anything funny... pls let me know pronto. dei, Vid, this goes especially for u! dont happily go n bla bla bla to a stranger n then tell me after a few months!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Hrry Potter

the 3rd series of Harry Potter was playing on tv just now... Harry Potter n the Prisoner of Azkaban. that brought back a lot of memories....

when harry potter 1st started, i wasnt into it at all... i watched d 1st one n d 2nd one too, but i completely forgot about it.... but when d 7th book was gonna be released last year, there was so much hype for it. my friends were already waiting in queue to borrow d book from someone else n read it! d harry potter craze was getting to me.. so i thought i might as well give it a try. i've never read any harry potter books before... n i didnt understand y all d extra love n affection of a series of book. i wanted to knonw wat was so great about it.

so, i started reading from d 1st book. a few of my friends had d whole collection of books in bits n pieces.. so, it was convenient for me. i borrowed 1 book from one friend n another from another friend. wanna know d final results ?

i read all seven book in exactly 2 weeks time.. wat do u think of that?? n i bought d harry potter dvd, 1st till d 5th one. i watched all 5 movies some 3 or 4 times within a week i think! so, by now u'd have known that i loved harry potter.. until something happened

wanna know wat exactly harry potter book n movies did to me?well, here goes... i usually listen to songs before i go to bed, n sometimes d songs continue playing till d battery dies or d disc stops if i fall asleep without switching off my discman. this one nite, i as usual i was listening to songs n i was dozing off already. when i turned over on my bed, i accidentally pushed my discman into d narrow gap between my bed n d wall n i couldnt put my hand in n pull it up cos d space was too narrow. so i tried tugging at d earphone wire, but it came off n my discman was still stuck there. take a wild guess of wat i would have done....

i was still sleeping k... i think it was about 2 or 3 in d morning. my eyes were half open while sleeping, u pointed my finger towards my discman (thinking that my finger was a wand )n said "Acio" a few times with full force, expecting my discman to fly back to me!!!! n i said it out loud! i dont remember how exactly its spelt, but its d spell in harry potter that makes things come to u.

i was so into harry potter until not only was i dreaming about it, i was even talking about it in my dreams n expecting it to happen!!! i enjoyed reading harry potter books cos it was about children growing up, n school n they had a lot of fun n adventures so naturally i enjoyed d movies too but not as much as d books. since d dvd was mine, i watched it every single day.

when i realized that i was becoming too addicted to harry potter, i conveniently borrowed my dvd to a friend n didnt ask for it back ( it was a pirated copy anyways ). talking n saying a curse out loud, while i was sleeping, to make my discman come to me hit me hard on d head n made me realize that harry potter was controlling my life now.

u know, there was one scene where harry potter was into major trouble with voldermort n i thought he was gonna die, so did harry himself,but he didnt know wat to do. while reading d book, i was thinking to myself, y is it that they never pray n ask God for help in times of desperation. all they had to do was say, "Lord help me!" only after a few minutes did i realize that they didnt believe in God, or else, y would they need to learn spells n witchcraft. Duh!

it is true that d spells in harry potter is true,n that they do practice it witchcraft. it is true too that its against Christianity n God. but it is not rite to completely deny it, n say that u shouldnt watch it at all, n that sort of stuff. if u know who n where ur believe is in, if u know wat ur stand is, then nothing can harm u. yea, i got carried away with it initially, but thank God i got out of it asap.

He who is in you is greater than he who is the world. so, dont worry about wat a fiction can do to u, or wat a character on tv or in a book can harm u. go a head n do it for d sake of entertainment, but remember to keep it at that, just pure entertainment for d time being.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Chennai Trip Day 2

Day 2 in Chennai. Sunday, 1st of March 2008. That''s how you write a report rite??... eerr.. whatever...

The day started off quite bad.. no, no.. it started off quite good but after a few hours it was kindda screwing cos we all woke up late, took our own sweet time to get ready, have bath, fool around(everyone was walking up n down to different rooms waking d others up, n disturbing), and photo sessions. we were more than an hour late, and the day we are late, everyone else was already in d bus!! talk about punctuality! (the 1st day everyone else was late by 2 hours!!!)

We went to a temple by the beach. oh! btw, the temple was named after me! ;) heheh... It was really hot, so again i was looking like a begger, minus the fisherman's hat and umbrella. while waiting for everyone else to come from the temple and beach, i went shopping... bangles shopping. you cannot guess how crazy i went! there were so many small shops along the shore , and i bought 1 set of bangles in every shop that i stopped at. my friends were getting worried that i was going mad, and literally had to force me out n away from the shops.

after that was d snake park. there was no way i was gonna go inside n look at horrible, disgusting, slimy reptiles... so i decided to go to my aunts house which was supposedly near by.but when i called my aunt, i realized that 45 minutes of traveling to and fro was considered near! it was way too hot n too far n i didnt have d time. so i just bought ice cream and sat in d bus, taking pics of my expanded bangle collection.

next stop was lunch. lunch was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!!!!!!! i'll dedicate a blog especially for that! hahahha

then was shopping which was unsatisfying.. :( we hardly had 1 hour cos we spent too much time for lunch, and my aunt had come to see me, so id dint even have time to look around :(

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Chennai Trip Day 1

I went to Chennai on d 29th of Feb with my classmates n college mates on a college trip. We got to know about this trip on d 1st week of feb, but i was undecided about going till d very last minute... pls dont ask me y... its a long story! chennai trip was fun.. not all that great, but fun to a certain extend. i had already been to all the places that was in d list, but still i went again. :p

we left by bus on friday nite, n we took 10 hours for a 6 hour journey! y? because d bus driver n d tour guide didnt know d route n wasnt prepared with d paper work!! we stopped for so many hours in between till we got so sick of it!!

oh, one stop was fun!! hehhehe... d bus driver wanted to have dinner, so we stopped at a restaurant called... eerr.. i dunno wat its called... it doesnt matter anyway. all of us got down from d bus cos we were sick of being cramped up in d bus for so long, n some of us wanted to go to d loo. d some who wanted to go to d loo became more than 30 students!! n there was only one loo in d ladies side which was already starting to stink... so guess wat we did!? yup... we went to d men's loo!! hahahhaha!! there were no men around k... n we couldnt help it. going to a men's toilet was more practical then waiting for hours(which we didnt want to) in a long queue for d ladies toilet.

while my friends n i were walking out towards d bus, we saw one guy customer in that restaurant going to d loo... we wanted to warn him about wat he's gonna face... but he walked past us by the time we decided wat to do.n within a few seconds we saw that guy running out !! hahah.. must have gotten a shock of his life to see so many girls in a men's loo!!

On saturday we went to d crocodile farm, n Mahabalipurum Beach. i've been to that crocodile farm a few years ago... infact many years ago... n i vaguely remembered how it was. after that was an old temple n beach.

we had to pay entrance fee n then go in to see d old temple... it was built of large stone blocks n it was actually d ruins of a famous temple i think. we werent bothered about d temple at all, cos we were all roasting!! d weather was simply unbearable!! i had my sunglasses on, wore a long thick scarf around me, had my friend's fisherman's cap(with army sort of colour n design) on, n occasionally had am umbrella. in short,.... i think i looked a begger !! wat do i say i think... cos i didnt even bother looking at myself! all i wanted to do was not get roasted n burnt... but thats wat happened at d end of d day ..especially after d beach.

while we were walking from d temple to d beach(which was just next door), we got lots of stares n remarks from d idiotic guys who were on d way! wat else can we expect when all of us were looking like beggers n girls with leprosy who were trying to cover themselves rite...

btw, this was d 1st time i ever went to a beach in chennai!! i've been to chennai like uncountable times already.. but i've never been to d beach before! most of d girls were having fun in d water.. i was just took busy trying to keep myself protected, n looking at d others play.

oh, n i picked a fight with one cheap idiot in d beach!! ahahha....not a fight actually, i blasted one guy big time.. it felt so good!! :D Initially i noticed that this fool n his friends were looking at d girls for a very long time. but i didnt bothered to say anything.. i just mind my own business n kept quiet cos they were some 6 guys, n they were sitting in their place n commenting among themselves like how so many other passers by did. i'd be sutpid to walk up to them n tell them off. but after some time, i noticed that this fellow was following my friends(they were walking n running along d shoreline while playing). n he was hanging around as if he was admiring his gf of wife playing n having fun!! that ticked me off !

when i looked at him n called out to him, he happily walked towards me as if i was gonna ask him out on a date!! i asked him in tamil if he knew any of those girls he was looking at, n he gave me this dumb smile n said he doesnt know tamil, only english! n that too in broken english!! then i asked him d same thing in english, n he did not understand!! he finally understood after i blasted him n he said he didnt know anyone he was just looking. how stupid can a guy get!!! he was asking for trouble himself, n i gave it to him. he didnt even understand when i said give us some privacy! wat bloody english does he know then?!! i practically had to say word by word in every possible way to get him to understand wat i meant. finally i just said go away n get lost... only then did he understand!! dumb ass!