Sunday, March 9, 2008

Hrry Potter

the 3rd series of Harry Potter was playing on tv just now... Harry Potter n the Prisoner of Azkaban. that brought back a lot of memories....

when harry potter 1st started, i wasnt into it at all... i watched d 1st one n d 2nd one too, but i completely forgot about it.... but when d 7th book was gonna be released last year, there was so much hype for it. my friends were already waiting in queue to borrow d book from someone else n read it! d harry potter craze was getting to me.. so i thought i might as well give it a try. i've never read any harry potter books before... n i didnt understand y all d extra love n affection of a series of book. i wanted to knonw wat was so great about it.

so, i started reading from d 1st book. a few of my friends had d whole collection of books in bits n pieces.. so, it was convenient for me. i borrowed 1 book from one friend n another from another friend. wanna know d final results ?

i read all seven book in exactly 2 weeks time.. wat do u think of that?? n i bought d harry potter dvd, 1st till d 5th one. i watched all 5 movies some 3 or 4 times within a week i think! so, by now u'd have known that i loved harry potter.. until something happened

wanna know wat exactly harry potter book n movies did to me?well, here goes... i usually listen to songs before i go to bed, n sometimes d songs continue playing till d battery dies or d disc stops if i fall asleep without switching off my discman. this one nite, i as usual i was listening to songs n i was dozing off already. when i turned over on my bed, i accidentally pushed my discman into d narrow gap between my bed n d wall n i couldnt put my hand in n pull it up cos d space was too narrow. so i tried tugging at d earphone wire, but it came off n my discman was still stuck there. take a wild guess of wat i would have done....

i was still sleeping k... i think it was about 2 or 3 in d morning. my eyes were half open while sleeping, u pointed my finger towards my discman (thinking that my finger was a wand )n said "Acio" a few times with full force, expecting my discman to fly back to me!!!! n i said it out loud! i dont remember how exactly its spelt, but its d spell in harry potter that makes things come to u.

i was so into harry potter until not only was i dreaming about it, i was even talking about it in my dreams n expecting it to happen!!! i enjoyed reading harry potter books cos it was about children growing up, n school n they had a lot of fun n adventures so naturally i enjoyed d movies too but not as much as d books. since d dvd was mine, i watched it every single day.

when i realized that i was becoming too addicted to harry potter, i conveniently borrowed my dvd to a friend n didnt ask for it back ( it was a pirated copy anyways ). talking n saying a curse out loud, while i was sleeping, to make my discman come to me hit me hard on d head n made me realize that harry potter was controlling my life now.

u know, there was one scene where harry potter was into major trouble with voldermort n i thought he was gonna die, so did harry himself,but he didnt know wat to do. while reading d book, i was thinking to myself, y is it that they never pray n ask God for help in times of desperation. all they had to do was say, "Lord help me!" only after a few minutes did i realize that they didnt believe in God, or else, y would they need to learn spells n witchcraft. Duh!

it is true that d spells in harry potter is true,n that they do practice it witchcraft. it is true too that its against Christianity n God. but it is not rite to completely deny it, n say that u shouldnt watch it at all, n that sort of stuff. if u know who n where ur believe is in, if u know wat ur stand is, then nothing can harm u. yea, i got carried away with it initially, but thank God i got out of it asap.

He who is in you is greater than he who is the world. so, dont worry about wat a fiction can do to u, or wat a character on tv or in a book can harm u. go a head n do it for d sake of entertainment, but remember to keep it at that, just pure entertainment for d time being.

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