Saturday, July 4, 2015

On presents ...

As the rest of the family and I were wishing one of my aunt’s for her birthday on the family WhatsApp group today, one of them asked what presents she got from the husband and son. To which she said her husband himself is a gift. Well done on being noble mami. Too bad the rest of the world is not like that.

My response to that was spontaneous, not that it would have been any different even if I thought first before speaking. What more could you expect from someone like me other than to have my way in it. Pls don’t spoil the market for the rest of the world, especially me.

Here I am, 2 weeks after my birthday, still holding on to my husband’s amazon log in and adding things to his wish list which will ultimately head over to the order basket, while short listing the list of things I could possibly ask my mother as my birthday present.

I genuinely started thinking why is it that I’m so obsessed with presents. I don’t remember when I first started this, but all I know is that I never stopped. I think I tried to stop asking twice, but it never worked, I asked for something as a present a day after my birthday, or maybe that was during some Christmas time. There was once when I actually cried cos my mother didn’t get my any Christmas presents when others kids got a lot and were telling me about it. Erm, minute detail to note here is that I wasn’t a kid when this happened.

There were times when people were making fun of me because of my lists.  Actually, people still are. Did it bother me? Not at all! Otherwise I wouldn’t have replied to my aunt this morning the way I did, would I?

There were also times when I was told it was wrong to expect from others. I partially agree to that. But my mother and husband don’t fall under ‘others’ category. So that’s not applicable to me.

There was once when someone said, “Chumi, you are so old now, and you already have everything you want! What more could you possibly want?!!”, which got me thinking.

I actually have more than what I need and want, and yet, I still want presents on my birthday. I make excuses that it’s my birthday and start creating my lists for the year. Could it be because I grew up and got used to being showered with everything I asked for? Most likely. But the thing is, it’s not like I only get things for my birthday. If that were to be true, it would be my birthday every day of the year because I get everything I want all the time!

Is it only children who should ask for gifts and receive presents for their birthdays? Absolutely not! Even if it is, dear mum and husband, I am still a child for both of you, so there’s no way you will ever see the end of my lists. =D