Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Retail therapy calling

The time that I longed for to go out and take pictures, spend some quality time with my accidental love for photography, write some more, read some more, and relax some more is now in my hands. And did I do all that I wanted to? Not one of it.

All of a sudden I have so much time without knowing what to do and when to do it. Or rather, not wanting to do any of it because of lame reasons such as congested camera bag, lack of motivation, or more practical reasons like it’s too hot to move away from the air condition unit!

Maybe I should just start by upgrading my camera bag. Yes! That’s always a brilliant idea! Upgrade your kit before any other agenda. Now, where do I go hunting for a 35mm lens and a bigger camera bag that would fit all my lenses and flash gun and not rip apart??

I’m already feeling motivated to move from what has been my comfort for the last 9 hours. Shopping malls have air conditions after all. See, retail therapy always works for the mind, even if not for the bank account.

Or I probably just need to get back to Glasgow ASAP. L One exact week and counting!