Monday, December 3, 2007

On delayed flights and human reptiles

Wat happens when ur flight is delayed for more than 10 hours, and u'r not even sure if its true and u reached d airport almost 4 hours before d rescheduled time, get stuck in a terrible human congestion, wait at d counter for more than 2 hours to check in ur luggage and get ur boarding ticker, worry if ur luggage might exceed d limit or not, get meet someone who is heading to d same destination as u, who is a human reptile?!

well, that's wat happened to me more than a week ago and i'm still blur about how i reacted to it. i received a call a few hours before my scheduled flight and was told that the flight was being delayed for more than 10 hours and it was rescheduled for the next morning, and that i would have to spend d whole of a saturday in flights and airports. i just lost it when that lady from d airport told me. i just said ok, and hung up without asking for proper details and confirmations. a few minutes after that i tried calling some 10 numbers again and again for 2 whole hours trying to confirm d information. i so thought someone was playing a prank on me... but couldnt think of anyone who'd be capable enough to do such a thing. so, eventually, i finished my last minute shopping, while cribbing to my friend about d delay, and having to spend d whole day in airports and flights and about d prawns my mum had cooked for me.

i woke up d next morning still doubting if my flight was really delayed or if i had missed my flight d night before.. i only believed it for real when i saw d notice that my flight was rescheduled for 10.30am that morning. and then i met a girl ( who looked like she was much much older than me but turned out to be much younger than me, and she even looked like d quiet and sweet kinds.... let me tell u something.... DO NOT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER!!)( n btw, she's s human reptile i meant ) she started talking to me 1st. she asked if i was also boarding d same flight as her, and where i was heading to...within less than 5 minutes, she was telling that she always scores distinction in all her papers even though it was very difficult! n when it was time for us to go inside and scan our luggages, i let her go in first and then a few other ppl, so that i can maintain a distance from her.. but unfortunately.. i ended up standing rite behind her in d queue at d counter!!!

i dont really know wat happened after that cos i was getting really pissed, and she was adding fuel to it!! she was talking to everyone who looked at her... fine, its up to her who she wants to talk to, but dont bug me! if i dont reply properly, or dont reply in full sentences.. then its obvious that i dont wanna talk!! i was already getting irritated thinking of wasting d whole day in a flight and missing my prawns, and waiting in an over-crowded-still under construction airport, with tempers flarring from every corner cos there's no place to move about.... n to top it all, i was worried about my luggage... she added insult to injury by reminding me about d delayed flight, about wasting d whole day, and even about luggage(she has this small tiny hand luggage bag to check in, n she was worried that would exceed 25kg!!!!!

when d counter was finally opened, we checked in our luggage ( thankfully mine was only 26kgs.. n hers was only 15kgs!!!!!!! ), i thought i'll try n loose her .. but she made sure she didnt loose me.. she kept sticking to me.. saying that she doesnt know wat to do, she scared.. bla bla bla... i thought she'd just shut up and leave me alone if i dont respond properly.. little did i know that nothing will make her stop talking! if i dont answer her properly... she gives her own answers!! thats exactly wat she did! when we were waiting for d flight to be ready for boarding, she started talking about money and banks.. for wat joy.. i still dont know. she said she reached d airport very early in d morning and she was scared to stand alone, cos she was carrying a lot of money. i didnt reply at all... and she happily continued. she said she had about 5000 in her handbag, when i still didnt reply, she said she had RM5000. i just nod my head a little bit, cos there were so many ppl watching us.. she was yakking away to glory and i wasnt even replying, so i just nod my head to be a little bit polite. and she said it's not safe at all.. wat do i care la! u know its not safe then y do u even bother carrying so much of money with u when u r going back home to ur parents!!!

by d time we boarded d flight from Bangalore to KL, i knew that she had a lot of family members in Singapore, one of her cousin bro was a pilot, her cousins were coming back for holidays, her aunt is in Germany, she's very close with her Principal whom she has lunch with everyday, she got special permission from her Principal to go back home, she went back to PG for 2 weeks during d study break, her friends disturb her when she's studying at nite at about 3am, and she goes by flight often since she was a small kid. i do not know which is true and which is not. she comes up with everything only when i say something. and she was contradicting herself... obviously she was too busy creating an imaginary life to realize that. she kept annoying me saying that she asked for window seat cos she'll get sick sitting elsewhere and she was worried about who'll be sitting next to her. since, i didnt react as much as she expected... she asked me if i wasnt worried or bothered. i said i'm just used to it, cos i've been flying so often ever since i was one year old i think...n who sits beside me doesnt bother me at all....immediately after that she said her dad used to be working in KL when she was a kid, and he used to fly to KL everyday, and she follows him during weekends. i was like wat d!! how can she lie as if she's born with it!! a few minutes before that she said she's been flying for d past 5 years, n now she says she's been flying since she was kid!!! n then she asked if i had any relatives in Bangalore...i said i had... but now they've gone back to US.. which is true.. n guess wat her next sentence was... she cousins are coming donw for holidays n she aunt lives in Germany!

i was so thankful when i realised that my seat was far away from her!!!! i had 4 hours of complete silence n peace! when we landed in KL airport.. i took my own sweet time, and let everyone else after walk out before me.. hoping that she wont wat for me... but when i got up from my seat, d first person i saw was her!! she was waiting for me.. cos she didnt know where to go and where to get d boarding ticket for d next flight! i was like "Lord have mercy on me!!" i was d last person to get d boarding ticket for d 7pm flight to PG, but thanks to that reptile, i missed that flight too!!!!!!!!!! she made me wait for her till she got her boarding ticket, and she made me wait till she got her stupid window seat!!! wats d big deal about window seat in a 45 minutes flight??!! u'r not gonna die if u dont get a window for 45 minutes!!!

we were 5 minutes too late when we reached d check in counter, and d counter was already closed for that particular flight,and since it was closed, we couldnt check in our luggage, and had to wait for d next flight which was at 8pm. i was gonna cry already when d guy at d counter said that .. but i had to shut up n be nice to him and ask him to make d necessary changes for me.. cos it wasnt his fault at all... at least he was being nice to me, and he explained things to me, and made d changes for me. this reptile was downright rude to them and she was shouting at d top of her irritating voice, saying that it wasnt her fault and she demanded to be put in d 7pm flight. but instead she got delayed for everything else as well, cos she was being rude to them!

while waiting for d PG flight, she did something else which irritates me even more! she received calls from some bloody fool who says that he loves her.... and she cant even handle that on her own. she answered d call and put it at my ear when i wasnt even looking at her and literally forced me to answer d call and tell that guy its a wrong number! it's ur call, it's ur life, it's ur bloody phone, and it's ur fault that guy keeps calling u and disturbing u, so u handle ur own dirty calls!!! y make me do it!!! i hate it when someone else decides for me or makes me do something without even asking me if i want to or not. am i retarded or wat that i have to depend on u to decide for me?!

by d time i reached PG airport, i knew her email add, her phone number, how many phones she had, wat laptop she had, she has secretaries at her disposal, she has a sister who doesnt like being with d family, her mothers worries about her when she's not dressed up properly, her dad will be waiting at d airport, her dad does some sort of business, she makes friends easily with everyone, her friends in india miss her a lot,...

i was just so done with her by d time i got out of d airport!! thank God i didnt have a local number yet n i didnt have to give it to her!! n i realized that she was going back on d 6th of jan as well!! i'm having double thoughts now... wondering if i should change my ticket from d 4th to d 6th of Jan or just go back on d 4th n lock myself in my room in Bangalore d whole weekend. *sigh*

oh,i forgot to mention y i call her d human reptile.. she sticks her tongue out for every single stupid sentence!! just like lizards and snakes!! that was so disgusting!!!! yuck!!!!!!!! it's like this, “i dont wanna take Singapore Airlines cos if my uncle knows then he'll force me to stay over for a few days.(sticks tongue out) my aunt's coming from Germany. (sticks tongue out) I have lunch with my Principal everyday. (sticks tongue out) it's just so very very disgusting!!! n d way she does it is exactly like lizards!!!!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007


ok, i'm really blur now.. i dont know wat to blog about ... cos there;s more than i can remember.. n i bet i forgot most of it already.... but d most important ones which i remember is about my delayed flight n d reptile which i met in d airport, my new look, Taiping youth camp, movies, ... eerr.. i told u i forgot most of wat happened in d last 2 weeks....oh, n i got myself a pair of sunglasses.. (yes.. yet another one... :P)

well,i guess i'll just stat with d airport thing later.. cos now i got to go n prepare lunch before my mum comes back home.. no no no.. dont worry.. am not gonna cook... just make sandwiches... hey, i can do that alrite! :P

Monday, November 19, 2007

cold cold cold...

Bangalore is freezing cold for d past few days.. d weather's between 8 degrees n 14 degrees!

my fingers n toes get so cold that my finger nails n toes nails become purplish blue in colour, as if its just rotting, n go so numb that i wont be able to feel d fingers on my left hand while i'm doing d exam!

n my teeth goes shattering non stop.. till my friends wonder if its shattering because of d cold weather or because of exam tension. hhaha... a few days ago... just before one practical exam, a few friends n i were trying to figure some doubt which we had in that subject.. i couldnt even talk properly cos my teeth was chattering.. i had to repeat d sentence a few times in bits n pieces so that they understood!

thanks to this stupid weather.. i'm feeling sick already today... ok ok.. d ice cream i had yesterday is d culprit..... but it was just one small scoop of Snickers Gellato ice cream.. how much damage can it cause anyway...? :P

on a happier note... i'm happily counting my days till this friday. i'll sleep in Bangalore on friday nite n wake in Penang on saturday morning!!! :D

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

not at d top of my life rite now

i;m just getting so sick of my stupid exams... even though i dont study for it everyday.. i am pressured from d very thought of it. this semester's exam time table is just plain lousy! almost everyday i have exams!

n to top this off, almost everyday i get headaches too! i wake up with a headache almost every alternate days! n all i can do is easily take a tablet.. which is acting too much rite now. i took 2 Crocin ( something like Panadol but stronger i think ) on Sunday afternoon, one last nite, one this morning, one in d evening, n 2 more about less than an hour ago... n now i'm feeling nauseated n sick!

wat to i do to get rid of this headache n tension without having to take Panadols?? this is d only solution i can think of n d most effective cos i cant keep my eyes open with a migraine n i cant study while my head feels as if its gonna fall off my neck!

n i am yet to start studying for tomorrow's organic chem. i hate chemistry... leave alone Organic chem!!! n by d way, i had biotech pracs today.. i went quite ok.. except for d burnt n irritating marks i have on my hands now cos of d concentrated Sulphuric acid! i wonder how many more burns i'm gonna get tomorrow in d chem lab! *sigh*

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

i'm bored

now that exams r over.. it looks n feels as if i have absolutely nothing else to do with my life other than studying! its not that i wanna study 24/7.. its just this education system here in India which requires u to be glued to ur books or notes or reference books all d time.. so when u'r without it, it feels odd....

mum's gone to Bangkok this morning... so i cant even talk to her today... Perfect timing that bald boss of hers has to arrange for a company trip!!! d day after my exams!!

i couldnt even talk to mum properly for almost 2 weeks cos of stupid exams.. n then yesterday i couldnt talk for long cos she had to pack up n settle eveything before leaving.. n today she's not even at home!! :(

*sigh* wat do i do with my life.... i'm feeling very miserable rite now.. as if i have no purpose at all

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


exams r finally over... but its just d theory exams... i've got practicals from d 13th till d 22nd... n then i'll finally be able to go back home!!!!

anyway.. as soon as exams got over today.. me went shopping!!! hahaha... but didnt shop to my hearts content yet! this is just d beginning!! hehehhe... actually, i wanted to go to Com Street ( that's sort of a famous shopping spot here in Bangalore ) n then to Big Bazaar ( its concept is something like Pacific or BM Plaza.. ).. but i only went to Com street n then got back home.. cos i thought tomorrow was Diwali n it'd be really crowded n it'd be total madness to go shopping now! i wont even have to walk to get around in that building.. d massive crowd will just push me around!!

i didnt wanna get cramped in that crowd so i got back home.. n only now i heard from a friend that Diwali is on d 9th n not d 7th!!! this is wat exams n studies do to me.. i forget wat's on wat day! i wouldnt be surprised if i forget my own birthday because of this stupid exams!!!

so, have to go back shopping tomorrow! =D n now am gonna sleep peacefully till tomorrow morning!!!! hahahha.. i wish!

lawyer annamalai was murdered evening

my mum told me about it last nite when i was talking to her....

i was happily yakking away to glory about my d shopping,d clothes that i bought, wat else i wanna buy, asking her to send me more money, about my mum's bangkok trip, n giving her d list of things i want from there n all that nonsense... n towards d end, when i was gonna hang up cos my mum hadnt packed up anything at all for her early today morning... she said there was something that happened yesterday evening n she wasnt sure if she should tell me or not...

i literally had to force it out of her.. n when she finally did tell me.. i felt as if i was stoned! i just didnt believe wat she was telling....

a lot of ppl might be happy that he's finally dead n gone.. cos that's wat they've been praying for.. but a lot more ppl will be really upset about his death... because he was a good man!! he was a criminal n civil lawyer... watever he did was because his profession was such!

only d day before when i was talking to mum, i told her that we have to make an appointment with him when i go back home for holidays end of this month to meet him.. cos d last time i was back in malaysia i didnt see him at all.....n last nite my mum tells me this!!

if he had to die because of natural causes.. that would have been very different... of course it would been very upsetting... but murder is beyond acceptability....

i was gonna blog about this last nite as soon as i heard from my mum... but she told me that d news of his murder wasnt out in d open yet... so i decided againt blogging about it last nite.... today i found d article about his murder in d star online paper

i'm gonna miss him a lot....! :( ... we weren't really close.... but there was a special bond.. he was very fond of me n so was i.... not only is he my uncle ( though i dont know how we're related ), he was our family lawyer for ages...!!! he knew everything that was going on in d family n he was very supportive for all of us... especailly my mum n i...

his death is a terrible loss....

Saturday, November 3, 2007

me watched 3 movies today! one in d morning, one in d afternoon n one at nite... yea. ..during breakfast, lunch n dinner.. hahaha!

i watched The Chronicles of Narnia in d morning while i was having breakfast.. i missed almost one hour of d beginning i think.. i didnt know it was playing on tv today.. so i went down for breakfast kindda later then usual.. but i've seen bits n pieces a few weeks/months ago.. ( this movie's played quite often on tv here )

then when i went down in d afternoon for lunch... The Fantastic 4 was playing.... i missed a few minutes of d beginning and d ending.. but it doesnt matter.. i understood d movie anyways...

since i finished talking to my mum in d evening today.. i was watching tv again at nite.. from 8pm till 12.30am.... at first was a game show sort... it was a dance show... today was d semi finals n since i'll be following this, i made sure i didnt miss it.. after that was Enough by J Lo... i actually didnt wanna watch it.. not cos i didnt like her or i didnt like d movie, i've been wanting to watch this movie ever since i saw d title track of this movie a few months ago.. i was feeling kindda bad cos i was watching tv for so many hours today.. but i did watch it in d end.. rite from d beginning till d end....!

n i absolutely loved it...! J Lo was really good.. n that idiotic husband of hers deserved every single slapping around n punching n kicking that he got! hahaha.... my friend n i were practically sitting at d edge of d sofa when where were scenes where d guy comes looking for her.. since both of us havent seen it before..we didnt know wat to expect at all....

so.. ratings for d movies....?? all three were good.. i liked Chronicles of Narnia, followed by Enough n then Fantastic 4.

oh n do i hear u asking about my exams...?? yea.. its still not over yet.. i've got Physical Chemistry on monday, followed by Biotech on Tue without any breaks in between n with over-flowing syllabus.. n am gonna sleep peacefully tonite without having touched even d tips of my notes for neither chemistry not Biotech!

some nerves i've got huh?! i'm so doomed tomorrow!!! i'd better sit that ass of mine at my study table n study chemistry from 7am till 7pm.. ( obviously i'll take breaks in between for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dreaming, lazying, sleeping n fooling around! wat do u think i am.. some robot?!! )

Well, good nite everyone.. while i enjoy d last nite of my peaceful sleep! =s

Friday, November 2, 2007

break actually.. just back here in my blog after 1o days..... :P well... a lot of things happened....

break actually.. just back here in my blog after 1o days..... :P well... a lot of things happened....

firstly....about my return ticket which i happily booked on a friday without even looking at d calendar!! yea.. i did call up d agent d next day when i was supposed to.. he said he had to check with d airline n call me. so, i said cool... but i wasnt cool about it at all! i was eagerly waiting for his return call n praying in d mean time that there shouldnt be any problem... he called back in about 5 minutes.. n guess wat he said!! "There are plenty of availabilities on sunday, d 6th of Jan... let me know when u can pay d penalty ( of RS2000 = RM200 ) n i'll make d changes for u. absolutely no problem with that!"

n i was like .. "WAT D..!!!!!!" RM 200 to change d dates!!?? i so shocked that i just said "no thank...i'll happily keep d current dates!" n i hung up!! RM200 just to change one freaking date from d 4th to d 6th.. how much trouble is that gonna cost??!!! i just dumbstruck that it didnt even occur to me that i've change my dates before in a few airlines n i wasnt charged at all, n i could have asked him that..

ok ok... i know i was stupid enough to book a ticket without looking at d calender .. but still...! RM200 is too much of a punishment for that!!!

i guess i'll just have to do wat u said Letchu.. i'll go back home first n then try n make d changes.. i think it shouldnt be this bad in Malaysia. God! ppl just wanna choke d breath out of u here in India man!!

n when i told me mum about it.. her reaction was even worse than mine!! hahahha... she just paused talking n i thought line got disconnected again.. n i was about to end d call n call her up again! hahahha... but she was kinnda ok about it.. she said we'll do something about it after i get back home.. but.. yea.. i did get a bit of 'talking n telling' from mum for being so careless..but it wasnt too bad cos she herself didnt bother checking d calender too... like mum like daughter huh! hehehe..


rite... after that was all studies, studies n more studies....n also exams, yup my exams started on d 27th of Oct ( that explains d AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH! shout out in my page rite.. hahahah )... . there were a lot of things.. but i dont remember anything now.. but d most important thing i wanna blog about is about wat happened on... eerr.. lemme think... oh yea.. it was on wednesday during my zoology paper V exam!

first of all i was so stressed out for that exams ( like i always am just a few hours or minutes before any exams ), n d fact that i hardly slept d nite before ( like it always happens d nite before d exams )...i hardly had any common sense to notice anything weird happening around me...!

d paper wasnt too bad actually.. i had chucked a few chapters here n there while studying... but i had enough options to choose from.. but there was a lot to write n i had to make sure i dont leave out any important points. at about 11 am i think, another teacher walked in to our class for d replacement of d teachers as usual... i didnt even bother giving her a second look.. i just continued with my paper...

this lady who had come to my class was walking around n making her rounds to make sure that d girls were not copying... but she failed miserably.. cos many of them were copying while she had he eyes fixed on MY BAG!! ( little did i know that then.. till a little later)

since i sit at d 1st bench, 1st chair ... cos i unfortunately got d 1st role number for d exam register ( i'll tell u y unfortunate... later).. i saw wat this shameless teacher did!! she bent over towards my bag, n she was fidgeting with it... she leaned over with her big fat ass facing d class... ( i guess she must have been hoping that her big fat ass will cover up for her!! well.. it sure did! cos no one else saw wat she did except for me cos it was bag!!) she was looking at d key chain which i had on d zip of my bag. its nothing great actually, just a few nice looking heart shaped crystal like keychain. when i thought she was just looking at it, she was actually trying to take it off from d zip!!! n i was like wat on earth is she trying to do!!!!

even then.. i wanted to give her d benefit of d doubt n not accuse her. so i just shut up n still thought that she wanted to have a good look at it. not only did she take it off d hook, she kept it in her no no.. she held it tight in her hand as if she wanted to hide it. n then she was walking up n down d corridor in class twice, n she went up to her table n chair, n sat there. n she was pretending that she was gonna write something, n she carefully pulled her handbag nearer towards her n put my keychain inside it without making it obvious!

n wat was i doing all along u ask? well,let see.... i was dumbstruck, shocked, annoyed, paranoid, furious, boiling, worried about d stupid exam paper which i had in front of me, n which wasnt completed ( n time was running out by d way!), n i was being considerate towards my classmates! i wanted to tell her that i was my bag that she was fidgeting with, i wanted to stop her when she was removing d keychain, i wanted to stand up n tell her that she was stealing my keychain when she was putting it inside her handbag! but i didnt open my mouth at all cos i didnt wanna disturb d rest of d class while d exam was going on! i mean this exam is no joke.. its not like any other class test, it was our finals...

i couldnt even concentrate on my exam. i was thinking of how to get to that teacher.. n i was looking out d window so often to catch a glimpse of where she was going after she left my class.. n this teacher who was in my class since morning.. gave me d dirtiest looks.. thinking that i was trying to copy!! i really didnt need that then..!

i tried to think of an excuse to get out of d classroom.. i wanted to talk to that shamless lady personally outside d class.. so, i told d teacher that i had to go to d toilet.. she was getting very suspicious but she cant do anything to stop nature's call can she! so very reluctantly she let me go.. while i was out of class, i saw one of d staff member from d examination department whom i know.. so, i asked her if she knew who this teacher was n i told her wat happened... she said not to worry.. n she told me to continue with me exam n she'll talk to d teacher later...

i was kindda relieved after that.. but i still couldnt get my mind off it.. after d exam, i went straight 2 d exam department but i was told that it seem that lady denying taking anything! of course she will!!! which teacher will admit stealing something from a student??!!!n when i went looking for her in d department office.. she wasnt there! obviously! she would have left college already!!

i was so disturbed about it for d rest of d day that i couldnt even study properly for d next exam which i had d next day!! i didnt even know who this lady was.. i've only seen her shaking that big fat ass of hers n walking around d college grounds like a hippo.. all i know about her is that she's a teacher from d Commerce department.. i didnt even know her name!!

i couldnt accept d fact that a teacher could stoop that low for a keychain!! she stole it in front of d whole class! n i couldnt believe that i saw d whole thing n i couldnt do anything about it!! its not about d keychain at all! if she had asked me for it, i might have given it to her, or i might even have offered to find one just like mine...

i let someone steal something from me, n i couldnt do anything about it! i could have... but i didnt wanna disturb d whole class, n i didnt wanna embarrass d teacher in front of everyone..! is it wrong to be considerate for other ppl??! is it wrong to expect others to be honest n truthful??! i mean, i can accept it if it were to be a student.. she she's a teacher in that college for goodness sake!!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

have u seen anyone so careless n stupid??!

i mean.. seriously.. when was d last time u've seen anyone so careless n stupid for some reason or d other?? have u seen or heard of anyone who books a flight tickets without checking d calendar??! well... u'r looking at one now! eerr... u'r reading her blog now actually....

i booked my flight ticket without looking at d calender, confirmed it with my mum, got d ticket issued n paid for it some 3 days back, n got hold of d ticket n happily blogged about it n announced to d whole wide world that i'll be going back home on d 24th of Nov, n realized only yesterday that my return flight is on a friday!!!

wat would i do back in bangalore on a friday nite...when i can spend another extra day or two at home n fly back on a sunday?!? n that too when there r flights flying back to bangalore from Pg on saturdays n sundays!!! how much more careless can i get!!!

tomorrow i have to call up d travel agent n ask them if they can make d changes.... i hope there r seats available on sunday n i hope they dont charge me extra for that!!! i have to call them up in d morning n wait till they settle n confirm everything... n i'm not even sure if there'll be any more availlability!! i guess it'll be evening before i know anything for sure..

AARRGGHHH!!! all this because of my stupid carelessness!!! how can i book my flight n confirm d dates so over confidently without even looking at d calender?!! i mean, how long would it have taken me to look at d dates in a calender?!?!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

i got my tickets already!!!!!!! :D

yup!!! I'VE GOT MY TICKETS ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

my friend's aunt brought it back home for me in d evening today... i've been waiting for this since monday!! hahaha... but since aunty was sick.. she didnt go to work till today... but anyway.. i got hold of d tickets already!!!!!!!! i cant wait to go back home!!!! hahahahha

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

24th Nov... where art thou??

actually... 23rd of nov... where art thou!!??! but before that i have my exams to think about! :( there's so much to study!!!!! how can they possibly make us study a whole year's syllabus within a so called 6-month-semester. its only 6 months for name's sake...but in reallity we only have 3 months of classes, 2 weeks or less for study break n then 1 whole month of exams!!

i dont remember if i've mentioned this before.. ( i've been cribbing about this every single day when i see my BCom n BA friends ).. d BCom n BA students get to go back home for their semester break from d 6th of nov.. while we have to stay beack till d 22nd of nov!! y?? because we have pracs n they dont!!!!!!

there's so much to study!!! =( =( =(. by d end of everyday i just get so saturated n brain dead!! even in my sleep i dream about stupid chemistry n biotech...!!at least i havent started seeing animals n skeletons in my dreams..! cos i havent started studying zoology.... sigh!

i've been counting d days for d 24th of Nov... but 27th of Oct is much much nearer that i expected! i have to get over with d 27th of Oct before 24th of Nov.....

10 more days to go! half of me wants 27th of Oct to be nearer so that i can go back home soon... but d other half doesnt want 27th of Oct to come at all cos i dont know wat crap i'll write in my exams!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


my final exams is starting in exactly 10 days time... n i still have d time n guts to feel bored!!

my friend n i started studying on saturday... n today's only monday.. i'm already gettign bugged of staying at home, making time table, trying to follow it n study.... :( but i have to go on doing this same routine for more than a month! my exams r from d 27th of oct till d 22nd of nov.

its so not fair! d B.Com n BA students get to go back home for their semester break on d 7th of nov while we d B.Sc students have to wait till 22nd of Nov cos of our stupid pracs!!! its always us d science students who have to sacrifice everything! be it movies, fun, fest, or even holidays! y?? because we r science students n we have to sacrifice everything n devote our lives to our Labs!! my foot!! i cant wait to get over with this BSc n go back home for good!

n in d mean time ( which is another 6 months before i can sya good bye to BSc... ) i have to go n study chemistry now!! :( :( :( I HATE CHEMISTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well.. if i am still in my sane mind tomorrow after trying to figure out y chemistry is important n necessary for me n trying to mug up a bunch of equations n structures n utter rubbish of chemistry tonite ( successfully or not.. i wouldnt know until my exams r over...! ).. i'll update tomorrow .. or not.. u wont hear from me for a few more days...! ( i;m sure u now y.. )

Friday, October 12, 2007

stupid government servants!!!

today was such a hectic tiring day, n most of all IRRITATING day!!!!!!!

i went to college for absolutely no reason at all.. actually, i had a lot of work to do.. but nothing got done cos of lazy ppl!!! d teachers themselves delay everything till d last minute n they yell at us for not keeping our work up to date!my zoology records were due on monday. i spent d whole day ( from 9am till 3.30pm ) writing non stop to complete everything, n submitted both d records... n till today, none of it is even corrected! ( leave alone attestation!), n d teachers r d ones who tell us not to leave everything till d last minute!!

n then i had to go to d FRO ( Foreigner's Registration Office ) to get my RP ( Residential Permit ). i did it myself last year.. n i should have done it myself this year too!!i couldnt go on my own cos i didnt have d time.. by d time my classes get over.. d FRO would be closed already.. so i gave to my good-for-nothing education consultant! he's only my education consultant for namesake n to snatch money from me! i told him like a hundred times that there'll be a penalty of USD 30 if it gets delayed, n that i wont pay for it again ( yea.. i had to pay that last year..) he said no problem n he'll take care of it n dont worry n all those crap!!

in d end, he obviously delayed it, n he said I WILL have to pay d penalty! like hell i will... when i told him i wont, he stopped answering my calls...n he even had d nerve to tell me that it wasnt his work at all, n he was just doing me a fav!! i decided that he had to learn his lesson!!! i had to call up his partner in malaysia ( these fellows work with partners all over d place...), n i had to call up a few other ppl.. as if that wasnt enough.. my mum had to interfere as well... n finally he agreed to pay.. n that too he didnt tell me himself.. he made his staff tell me.. well, it didnt matter who told.. wat i wanted was for him to pay for his own delay n carelessness n i got it! hah... he asked for it!!!

so, today i had to go to d FRO with this staff guy ( John ), cos i had to sign a few documents... n believe me i had a tough time with this John guy! he's d heights of Blurness!!!! how can anyone be like that?!! he didnt know wat i or even he was talking about at all!! i asked him how long he'll take to reach d office..n he says he'll pay d penalty! i ask him wat next n he tells me wat d time is!!!!

as if that wasnt enough to handle.. i had to pay bribe to those lazy asses who warm their seats for no reason at all!! d penalty was already paid for in d bank for d delay... n y d hell do these ppl want money for!! arent they being paid by d government to come to an office, sit there, n gossip about everything under d sun, n eat n snore n God knows for wat else??!!! n yet they want some more money to give me d documents that i rightfully deserve!!!

while i was standing there, that idiotic officer told john in Kannada ( d local dialect here ) that i have to give him some money, n i have to keep it in d passport n give it to him!n he's telling John to tell me about it! ( as if i dont understand their dirty language n tactics!!)

D penalty was USD30 ( which was already paid in d bank ) n this shameless officer wanted more than USD20 for himself!!!!!! can u believe it!!! 1st of all he so daringly asks for bribe n on top of that he has d nerve to demand for so much!! that did it! i got so wild i said i refuse to give him any money at all!! i've given them some money last year when i had to get this thing done.. but they didnt demand for it.. i gave watever i wanted to! but this time.. this idiot asked for so much!! i wanted to protest so badly! but John tried his best to shut me up.. saying that i wont get d documents that i have to..! then i had no choice at all... but i still refused to give him d amount that he asked for ( RS1000).. i gave him RS600...which John kept inside d passport together with d other documents...

that officer took d money, counted, n asked y there was lesser than how much he asked for!!! how much lower can he stoop!!?? but i guess he doesnt have even one tiny bit of guilt for asking money in d 1st place.. cos if he did... he wouldnt have asked at all!!!n he even said that it was ok n this time he'll adjust after john told him that i was a student that i didnt know n bla bla bla...

n i wasnt d only one who was having a problem! one girl missed her flight back home to her country, another old man was sent up n down n in n out of d office so many times that he fell sick, another man lost his temper cos he was being made to bring so many unnecessary documents n he wasnt even told in advance about everything, another lady had to spend d whole day there with her very young children, another old couple where made to wait d whole morning....all this for one simple reason..they refused to pay d bribe that was asked for!

AARRGGHH!!! it was so annoying!! y cant anyone he honest in their life! y is it so difficult to be honest n to obey laws n rule n regulations! if no one wants to follow it, then y d hell bother making it up!!! john said that those fools must have had to pay a large sum of money to get those jobs... n this is d only way they can earn everything n pay back their loan. if they cant afford it, then y bother trying to get it??!! n which idiot was d one who started making money from giving a government job!!??

Lord!!! this country is so full of all this nonsense! its not like this sort of thing doesnt happen anywhere else in d world.. of course it does! but there's always a limit to everything n most of d other countries' citizens have at least a tiny little bit of fear for the Lord n their laws.. !

if only God gave me one wish.. that would be for Indians to change have a honest heart... but i doubt God Himself will be able to do that.. if man is not willing to change!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

i'm sick :(

less than 3 weeks away from my semester exams.. n i choose to fall sick! talk about perfect timing! obviously i didnt choose to fall sick... but yet.. i'm sick now... thanks to d stupid weather fluctuations in Bangalore n d pollutions around!

n i've been sleeping like a sleeping beauty since friday i think! friday i slept for God only knows how many hours.. cos i was sleep deprived for 3 or 4 days while d Vision Net team was here... n then on saturday.. i slept through dinner cos of d cough mixture which i had to take ( i got cough cos of all d ice cream n cold drinks n milk shakes which i had while i had been eating out with d Vision net team.. i didnt think about falling sick even for one second while having all those.. but am suffering from d consequences now! ), on sunday and monday i slept as if my examas were already over... yesterday i slept too long in d afternoon n today.. i slept cos of d flu tablets which i had to take...

i wonder y i sleep so much before exams.. i mean it only happens rite before exams!!!!

when i bought d tablets in d morning today, d pharmacist said that it wasnt drowsy, but i've been sleeping like a rock since evening... n i cant even stay awake for 1 or 2 hours... i wonder if its just me.. or my body is over reacting to even non drowsy medications! when i tried to force myself to get out of bed n have some dinner before my mum called... i felt as if i was floating... like a hangover ( not that i know wat a hangover is..;p .. )

i hope this cold n flu is cleared by tomorrow.. i'm getting fed up of sleeping so much already!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

exams in less than 3 weeks already...

it's 12am here in india.... i'm supposed to be studying... but here i am blogging! d exact opposite of studying...! *sigh*

i just cant seem to be able to concentrate on my studies... thinking too much about d past, present n future... past is happy memory, present is depressing, n future is all imaginations n hope... which is obviously happy too... so... i'm kindda lingering in d past n future, instead of concentration in my present life n try n study

Last week was so much of fun! my friend's from Malaysia in d the Vision Net team had come to Bangalore for a few days.. n i was with them all d days. since it was all men this time, i didnt stay over with them... i leave my house early in d morning n go over to their place.. n get back home late at nite about after 12 almost everday.. i even bunked college.. :P

we went shopping, window shopping, cuci mata-ing ( only they did that... i couldnt even look at anyone with 5 men walking around me like my bodyguards!!!hahaha ), eating out.... i think i laughed a lot in those 4 days more than i did in many days...

i kept thinking about those few days.. but now am day dreaming about nov/dec ( me sem break ...when i'll be going back HOME!! :D ). day dreaming is nothing new for me... heheh.. i mean.. i'm a full time day dreamer n part time student.. so, day dreaming comes naturally to me... i've already started planning my holidays at home.. as in wat i'll be doing when i get back home, where i'll be going, who i'll be meeting up with, shopping, eating... n d list goes on n on...

i always do this a few weeks/days before d exam.. cos d break starts rite after the exams... some times i even think about home n holidays while doing my paper!! heights of day dreaming i tell u!!

i've got major plans for this holidays... =) i just cant wait to get back home!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 5, 2007


well.. yup.. i'm back again... back under popular demand!! ahahahha!

i kindda stopped bloggin while i was at home during d break... i guess i might stop again when i go back home this sem break... but i'll just blog till then...

ok ok.. here goes to everyone who asked y i stopped blogging.....i didnt stop cos i didnt feel like it anymore.. i just stopped cos i didnt go online as often (while i was at home in Malaysia) as i used to while i'm here in India.. n my mum hates it when i'm sitting online for too long.. so, naturally i spent lesser time online... n i was going out everyday, doing chores, occupied with many others things n commitments.. so blogging had to take a back seat at that time... i considered blogging again when i got back to india... but i didnt wanna make it a habit.. so i thought i might just stop...

but so many ppl have been asking me y i stopped.... n more were asking to update my blog in, i've decided to continue!! :D but i guess i'll just continue blogging here in friendster rather than in blogspot... am gonna delete that account.. cos a lot of them find it more convenient here...

oh n by the way.. i chose this auspicious day n time ( 6th of Oct, 2am Indian time, n 4.30am Malysian time ) to re-launch my blog...partly cos i cant go back to sleep ( not after d stupid unnecessary nap i had from 10pm to 12am ) n cos i'm cursing myself for falling asleep instead of talking to my mum!! i havent spoken to her for 3 days in a row!! :(

how much more ungrateful/irresponsible/selffish can a daughter get?!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

new blog ready

I'm finally ready with d new blog in blogspot/blogger....thanks to trishey... without whom i couldnt have even thought of trying to get a new one!!

u can view my new blog at this link :

drop by when u r free n leave a msg for me k.. :)

so, i guess i wont be bloggin here anymore.. 2 blogs is a bit too much for me..but i dont wanna delete this blog.... kindda emotionally attached...this being my 1st blog... heheheh...

Anyway, hope to see u guys in my new blog soon... ;)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

new bloggy ALERT

After such a long time…. I’ve finally decided that I’m gonna start a new blog… I’m getting kindda bored with this one here in friendster… n since I’ve out grown this friendster blog… I’ve decided that its time I ‘grew up’ n start using a proper blog…. Hheheheh….

I decided to use this blog in friendster cos I wasn’t too sure if I’ll continue blogging or not…n I wasn’t sure how long this blogging thing will last for me…. I’m d kindda person who gets bored easily… I got to keep changing things so that I can keep myself entertained and satisfied ….

After almost a year…. I’ve learnt that I am not addicted to blogging… but I enjoy blogging…… I somehow like d feeling of being able to talk about a few things without looking at anyone directly n without having to justify myself or clarify anything…. Cos firstly this is MY blog…n secondly I don’t even know who’s reading it… haahha… I don’t have to bother about anyone getting offended.. ( not that I backstab ppl or gossip about them… its just that ppl get offended easily… that’s human’s nature rite… ) n i've also discovered that blogging is much easier than talking to someone directly... u know, when someone cuts u off while u r talking... or when nobody listens/or they do listen but dont respond when u r all in a group(which happens to me.. oh so often!!)... while blogging.. u dont have to worry about all that! :)

Anyway, getting back to my new blog story… I’ve already created one in blogger (…or was it I was ignorant of that while creating an account!! =S ) but its not complete yet… I’m still trying to get a proper template n proper intro lines n things of that sort…. N I obviously haven’t started blogging in that… y would I wanna continue here if I have one there?? DUH!!!


Monday, April 23, 2007

freedom at last!!

I have LOADS to blog about today… but I’ll tell it one at a time… if I were to blog everything that I want to by 2nite… I doubt if any of u will ever have d patients to read my blogs anymore!! So, being as much considerate as possible…I’ll make it short n sweet…

Ok, d very 1st thing is… my exams r finally over!!!!!! U cannot even imagine how happy I am to get over with my exams and get rid of my books!! D 1st thing I did today as soon as I reached home was to pack up all my books n notes which I used this sem. I’ve never been this restless to get over with my exams!!!

Its not like I was glued to my books 24/7… but I did study quite a lot this sem… a lot enough to keep me away from text books till the 3rd of July as least!!

Anyway… after d exams.. as usual … I became Cinderella for d day…. N my duty is not over yet for today….. got kindda lazy in between… hehehhe…

Secondly… eerrr…. I forgot wat else I wanted to blog… =P

I’m too sleepy now to recall too…. Reancangan tergendala sebentar ….So to be continued tomorrow…. ;p

Thursday, April 19, 2007

best Eng paper in 2 year!! :D

well well well.. today was my last eng paper for d rest of this degree...n guess wat..?? it was d best paper i had ever answered in 2 whole years!! hahaha.. i actually enjoyed answering all d questions n reading d passages... this one particular letter grabbed my attention... its realy funny....u should read it...

I spent such a long time typing this silly long letter.. so u ppl better spend as much time reading it!! it's not a request, its a threat!!! hahaha....

well, here goes...

Dear Papa,

This is an answer to your letter about my transgressions. Yes, my first rank slipped to the second rank. You advised me that I should think before studying, before answering the papers. Yes, the operating word “think” did make me muse and these are the results of those musings.

Father, we have never really been close and I can’t really say, you’ve been my friend, philosopher, guide etc. yet, I would like you to be aware of my musings. They are very important to me. You are highly educated and you provide very well for the family. But in your Departmental Store, do you apply Phytagoras Theorem or Newton’s Law of gravity? For that matter, does your doctor friend? Or lawyer brother?

Papa, my grandfather speaks of care free and beautiful childhood. Of days spent in plucking mangoes and guavas from their ‘jameen’, of picnics on the banks of the river where the men cooked mouth-watering food, of playing marbles and gilli danda. From his talk, it seems, studies were an ancillary subject: and living and experiencing, the major subject. Father, is he fibbing? Or is it Adam and Eve eating of the tree of knowledge, all over again?

Papa, my grandmother is semi-illiterate: Yet she is at peace with her pots, pans, her flowers and garden. Her Bhagvad Gita and scriptures. My mother, highly qualified, is highly strung, tense and nervy. Do you think, literacy is a harbinger of restlessness, fear, frustration? Is it Adam and Eve eating of the tree of knowledge, all over again?

Oh Papa, last week, my rose plant almost died. Some pests. I asked my Biology teacher what I should do to save it? And she was cross. She said go ask the guy who keeps the gardening things. He’ll tell you. We learn about pesticides but we do not know how to use them. Oh father, it matters not to me why the apple does not fall upwards, nor do I care what Archimedes did. What matters to me is that my rose plant remain healthy: when there’s a fuse in my house, I should know to do something about it: I should know to make a desk for myself from my carpenters tools. Instead I learn about hypotenuse, relational square roots…..

Papa, once I asked grandmother how she got to be so wise. Do you know what she said? By living and experiencing. And she laughed as though I had asked something which was so obvious. Are we living, Papa? Or is life by passing us? What I fear is that if I were to meet Newton face to face, I would fail to recognize him, so busy am I learning about him! You know just like that boy, Vinu, in that award winning film. He prattles on – The Hibiscus is red – a hundred times, but in his book, he colours it yellow. Are we missing out on the essence of life? Papa, that’s what happens in my craft and drawing class. My imagination wants to soar like a rocket to Jupiter and Mars, to transverse new worlds, new fields.

Anyway Papa, do you know where I lost that quarter mark that brought about my fall? It was a fill in the blanks, I held that I was invited to tea and my teacher was adamant that he was invited for tea. A matter of grammar, And, Papa, if he says Geaorge Bush is the President of India it will have to be so. If he says the sun rises in the west, so be it; and if he says the earth is flat, it will be, it will be, my Papa. At least on my answer papers. My first rank is at stake, you see. Still, my dearest Papa, I shall keep your advice in mind and strive not to lose any quarter marks.

As always,

Yours ever obedient son,


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Killer paper was really a KILLER

maybe not exactly a killer.. i think cut throat would be a better name.... or maybe both... it was just plain stupid and annoying!!

there are a hundreds of other important things in my big fat zoology text book that could have been asked... but NO!! thats not wat they'll ask...!! these lousy, lazy bum of d 1st order lecturers only know how to sit in an air conditioned room, n fill their stomach with food, n gossip about students and n give us good for nothing questions and let us suffer.. wat do they care about us anyways...

I'm getting so fed up with d education system la... i've had enough of it already!! i just cant wait to finish next year... after that i dont even wanna think about studying here or work here.... all we are expected to do is mug mug n mug up everything... where's d practical knowledge, where's d chance to practicalise wat we learn??

i'm sitting here like a zombie cos i had to wake up at 3 in d morning to revise! n wat do i get in return.. d lousy paper... lousy of d 1st order!!

i have another exam tomorrow... at least its only eng... so, kindda relaxing....

Changing the world

I read this in Our Daily Bread... it was d word of God for today... while reading it, i knew it was really true even though sometimes we think that wat we did or said is absolutely rite ... so, i thought i might just share it with u guys... take a few minutes off n read it... it might help u too, as it helps me all d time...

Changing the World

It’s a full-time job trying to get people to change. Oh, what a perfect world it would be—if only other people would do what we want!

A plaque in our family room may hold the key to the secret of change. It’s in Dutch, but translated it reads:

Change the World—
Begin With Yourself

Not what most of us want to hear!

Jesus told a parable about the problem of not seeing our own faults. He said, “How can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me remove the speck that is in your eye,’ when you yourself do not see the plank that is in your own eye? Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye” (Luke 6:42).

Being able to see other people’s faults easily without ever noticing my own is not just an indication of hypocrisy. It can be a wake-up call that the problem in a struggling relationship may be me. Perhaps it’s my attitude that needs to change. Or I’m the one who needs to apologize. Maybe I’m the person who needs a humble spirit.

It’s a lesson some of us have to learn over and over. We can’t change others, but with God’s help we can change our own behavior. And when our attitude changes, it may seem as if others have changed as well. Cindy Hess Kasper

To change can be a wonderful prospect,
Though often it’s met with resistance;
The transformation begins within us
And will take a lot of persistence. —Hess

When God works a change in us He can change others through us.

Monday, April 16, 2007

1 paper done, KILLER paper on wed

Yes!! 1 paper done.. 4 more to go… but d problem is.. my next paper is a KILLER!!

I don’t believe this…! For d 1st time in my life I find zoology difficult…. N chem is not too bad!! Shocking isn’t it??!! I’m zapped myself! I’ll do anything to get rid of Chem from my life… that’s how much I hate Chem! But it’ll be stuck with it for another whole year!!

Anyway, today’s paper was ok… keeping in mind that I had Add Eng today… today’s paper SHOULD be and MUST be ok…or not I’d better go hang myself!! I’ll die if I can’t do an eng paper properly… I finished it by 11.15am n d teacher told us that had to stay till d end ( which is 12.30noon) no matter wat… while trying to figure out how I’m going to survive d KILLER paper on Wednesday… I accidentally fell asleep…. Hehehe….. I was sitting up straight n kindda dozing off, so it was obvious that I was sleeping.. d teacher couldn’t bare to see me dozing off in front of my exam paper n she let me go… hehehe… I did it on purpose actually… =P .. hey, I didn’t fake d entire sleeping thing.. I was sleepy cos I woke up before 5am today… I just over did it a little bit… hehehe.. I was starving n I had nothing else to do in that room... I got bored reading my eng paper again n again till 12noon!! ( yea….. she only let me out half an hour before time…. N that too only after all that over acting!! Talk about strict teachers! )

4 more papers to go.. I cant wait to get over with all d other exams as well… I wanna SLEEP!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Food, cards n no study

Me had cheese cake yesterday!! =D … but d best part was how we decided ( how many hours we took to decide actually…), how we got lost n how we ended up in that place…. Hahha… hilarious… we had been to this place called Cake Walk last year for a friends birthday treat… n d cheese there was kindda decent… compared to other places… yesterday we were watching this health n living channel in which there was some cooking programme going on… n d 3 of us got hungry ( we had just finished our lunch by the way…) n we were trying to figure out where n wat can we eat… we were actually thinking of going somewhere near by so that we don’t waste a lot of time…cos my friend n I had to study… but some how we ended up deciding on going to Cake Walk cos theirs is supposedly good….

We were supposed to leave at 5pm…but we only left at 5.45pm…(oh.. we started planning since 3 in d afternoon by d way…) n then we had to go out of our way n stop in a mobile shop cos my friend’s sim card got blocked and she had to submit some documents for it n register her number… n then we were thinking if she should go to Cake Walk or not, cos it was in d other end of wherever we were… I and my friends’ sis were bent on going to Cake Walk… since it was 2 against one… my friend had no other choice but to go there… on our way there… we kindda got lost… cos it was almost a year since we went there.. n my friend so adamantly didn’t wanna stop and ask for directions… we were d opposite direction from where Cake Walk was…n then had to turn back, n ask directions n finally we reached that place at almost 7pm!

I ordered Blueberry cheese cake cos I didn’t wanna take d risk of trying something new …( err… its usually risky to do so in


… =P ) but my friend n her sis ordered something else… which wasn’t too gud.. hehehe… but not too bad either… hehehe…. We finished it really fast actually.. my friend was trying to take some pics…but none of it turned out good… we had halos in a few pics…n some were plain dumb… d guys working there were staring at us… as if they’ve never seen anybody taking pics..n to save us from d embarrassment… my friend was proudly proclaiming to everyone there in Cake Walk that I was going to go back to


very soon n she wanted to have some pics with me for remembrance… hahaha!! Heights of embarrassment I’d say!!

We finally reached home at 8pm n I rushed to call my mum… D power failure here is unbearable!! Everyday d power goes off… n everyday d power goes off only when I’m going to talk to my mum!!! This is so annoying!! As it is we are staying so far apart… n we only get to talk to each other for about 1 hour a day… n within that one hour, d power will be disconnected, or the broadband line will be bad, or my mum’s tm net line will be bad, or skype will be giving some sort of problem!

Last nite I was so happy that d power wasn’t disconnected… n I was happily talking to mum ( while trying my level best not to get irritated with d skype slow down ) n d power went off!! I only spoke to my mum for 10 minutes n d power went off already!! I thought it was not gonna come back till another hour… but thank God it came back within 5 minutes!! Praise the Lord!! =D

My friends were sitting outside on d balcony waiting for me to finish talking to my mum…. One of them had brought d Uno cards with her… so that we can play.. ( we decided that d day before.. cos everyday at nite d power goes off…n its pitch dark inside d house n not forgetting boiling hot!! So, we always sit on d balcony and talk n talk n talk about God knows wat.. most of d time we end up talking about d same things.. so we thought it would be nice if we could play some games during that time.. its bright enough on d balcony … n we can use a candle too… )

So, yesterday we were playing Uno on d balcony from 9pm till almost 1am!! We had so much of fun!! Hehehe… screaming n shouting… some of us forgot to say “Uno” when we r left with one card n then end up taking another 7 cards as penalty…. N some were trying to cheat ( cos they were way behind in d game n left with loads of cards in their hands…) we were making so much of noise as if it was no body’s business… hahaha… our neighbours must have gotten irriated… Who cares anyways… its not everyday that we make so much of noise… hahahha

My friend had brought some of her notes and books along cos she wanted to “study” while taking a break… I don’t think she even looked into her notes for more than 1 minute… hahaha!! Under normal circumstances… we would have fallen asleep at 10pm on d dot if we were to study… but yesterday we were wide awake till 1am!! Hahaha… n we actually looked like we were gambling…(like in d tamil movies ) we were all sitting in a circle on d ground n playing cards, while listening to some songs… d only thing that was missing was some bottles of alcohol n money… hahaa… we actually had a bottle of water.. so, that made up for d absence of water… hahha… n my friend even tried taking pics of that also… but none of it was clear…

We are less than a week away from our semester finals n we were least bothered about it!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

extra long blog today

i cant think of a proper title for today's blog... initially i wanted to blog about a poem with Trish allowed me to copy... but am in no mood for that at all now....

i woke up feeling very happy n nervous at d same time... there's only 5 more days for my final exams n i have SO much to study!! this 5 days is gonna be like hell for me!! anyway, i spoke to my aunt( who gave me a wake up call n woke me up from my slumber land...thanks but no thanks.. i slept very late last nite.. ) n then i realized that there was more things on my mind other than my exams...

n then got super irritated cos i felt i was made use of, ignored, victimized, ....( watever la...) i dont wanna talk about it... i dont wanna clarify anything ( i'm so sick of clarifying..wat's d point anyway if it happens almost everyday!!) n i dont wanna think about it.. i'll just continue being like how i am now... if anyone wanna talk to me they can go ahead n talk... but i've learnt my lesson... i am not gonna talk anymore ( except to very very few ppl who r willing to give n take ) ... y does it ALWAYS have to a one way thing when it comes to me n ONLY ME!!! that's it!! i've made up my mind already!

i locked myself in my room... n didnt wanna go out or see anyone... but then i had to go to college today to collect my hall, i had to force myself to get out of my room... it was a good thing that i went out too.. at least i could get rid of my irritating and sulking mood .. cos i saw many other friends...

n today was d seniors graduation in my college... it was held in d open place cos our audi is still under construction ( i wonder if it'll be ready by next year..!! trust indians to delay everything!!) after i was done with my hall ticket ( which took a LONG time as well.. thanks to d lazy teachers n staff!! ) i went to d place where d programme for d graduation was being held...n am glad i made it for that...( i didnt wanna stay back for it cos i was still kindda moody...i just wanted to go back home n lock myself in my room again )

all my teachers made special performance for d students! thats was so sweet of them!! some of d teachers danced, some sang... a few of them even acted! n trust me, it was hillarious!! hahaha... i had a good laugh!! which did a lot of good for my foul mood... there was a teacher who'se daughter was studying in d same college as well... this teacher dressed up as a guy... n they put up a short drama which involved 2 guys ( female teachers dressed up as guys ) who were looking for love...ahahha!! that was d best performance!! n that teachers daughter was laughing her heart out... ahhaha... hats off to all the teachers

* PS: i still cant think of a suitable title for this blog....

after all that i had to go hunting for a professional courier service to send a photocopy of my passport to my aunt so that she can get d flight tickets for me... i got so burnt today while looking for d professional courier office... as usual...

i was dead tired when i came back home in d evening cos of d sun.. n slept off till dinner time.... i was kindda ok when i woke up.. but not am moody again cos i didnt speak to my mum properly..

even yesterday i couldnt speak to her.. cos d power went off n didnt come back till it was late nite already... even today d power went off but it came back in time for my mum to call.. but unfortunately my mums modem wasnt working!!

anyway, wats d point of being happy n cheerful when something happens and spoils everything! i might as well learn to be quiet and keep things to myself more often now...

i'm losing my temper too often nowadays.. i just cant wait to get out of this place n go back home.. i so wish this holidays was my final year holidays... so that i dont have to come back here again...

i'm getting very fed up with this kindda emotional ups and downs which i'm facing here.... i try to ignore everything n be happy n cheerful... but it doesnt last long...

i;ve made up my mind about another thing also... i dont wanna give a damn about anything or anyone anymore... i'm gonna live my life for myself. like i used to say last time... i CANNOT n i WILL NOT change myself just because other ppl r not satisfied with who i am. i live my life for myself n NOT for other ppl!!!

i'm not gonna let anything bring me down anymore... i only hope i can be this strong hearted when something happens again....

n this is gonna be the last blog where i'm cribbing about something.... i'm dead serious about that!

Sunday, April 8, 2007


i wonder if men ever have a limit to exploiting other ppl's life and God's creations...

I read this Horoscope thingy in d bulletin today... this is extremely hillarious.... i dont believe in this sort of nonsense... but something just caught my eye, n i ended up reading Cancer's (mine)..n ended up laughing my heart out.. hehehe...

so, i've posted it here for u all to have a good laugh too... ahahaha... oh n by the way dont bother about d bad luck thing k... its nothing at all... it doesnt work...

SCORPIO - The Addict
EXTREMELY adorable. Intelligent. Loves
to joke. Very Good sense of humour.
Energetic. Predict future. GREAT
kisser. Always get what they want.
Attractive. Easy going. Loves being in
long relationships. Talkative.
Romantic. Caring. 4 years of bad luck
if you do not forward.

VIRGO - The One that Waits
Dominant in relationships. Someone
loves them right now. Always wants the
last word. Caring. Smart. Loud. Loyal.
Easy to talk to. Everything you ever
wanted. Easy to please. The one and
only. 7 years of bad luck if you do
not forward.

LIBRA - The Lame One
Nice to everyone they meet. Their Love
is one of a kind. Silly, fun and
sweet. Have own unique appeal. Most
caring person you will ever meet!
however not the kind of person you
wanna mess with ... u might end up
crying... 9 years of bad luck if you
do not forward.

ARIES - The Liar
Outgoing. Lovable. Spontaneous. Not
one to mess with. Funny. Excellent
kisser EXTREMELY adorable. Loves
relationships, Addictive. Loud. 16
years of bad luck if you do not

AQUARIUS - Does It In The Water
Trustworthy. Attractive. Great kisser.
One of a kind. Loves being in long-
term relationships. Extremely
energetic. Unpredictable. Will exceed
your expectations. Not a Fighter, But
will Knock your lights out. 2 years of
bad luck if you do not forward

GEMINI - Irresistible
Nice. Love is one of a kind. Great
listeners Very Good in the you know
where... Lover not a fighter, but will
still knock you out. Trustworthy.
Always happy. Loud. Talkative.
Outgoing VERY FORGIVING. Loves to make
out. Has a beautiful smile. Generous.
of bad luck if you do not forward

LEO - The Lion
Great talker. Attractive and
passionate. Laid back. Knows how to
have fun. Is really good at almost
anything. Great kisser. Unpredictable.
Outgoing. Down to earth. Addictive.
Attractive. Loud. Loves being in long
relationships. Talkative. Not one to
mess with. Rare to find. Good when
found. 7 years of bad luck if you do
not forward.

CANCER - The Cutie
MOST AMAZING KISSER. Very high appeal.
Love is one of a kind. Very romantic.
Most caring person you will ever meet!
Entirely creative. Extremely random
and proud of it. Freak. Spontaneous.
Great telling stories. Not a Fighter,
But will Knock your lights out if it
comes down to it. Someone you should
hold on to. 12 years of bad luck if
you do not forward.

PISCES - The Partner for Life
Caring and kind. Smart. Center of
attention. High appeal. Has the last
word. Good to find, hard to keep. Fun
to be around. Extremely weird but in a
good way. Good Sense of Humor!!!
Thoughtful. Always gets what he or she
wants. Loves to joke. Very popular.
Silly, fun and sweet. 5 years of bad
luck if you do not forward.

CAPRICORN - The Passionate Lover
Love to bust. Nice. Sassy.
Intelligent. Sexy. Predict future.
Irresistible. Loves being in long
relationships. Great talker. Always
gets what he or she wants. Cool. Loves
to own Gemini's in sports. Extremely
fun. Loves to joke. Smart. 24 years of
bad luck if you do not forward.

TAURUS - The Tramp
Aggressive. Loves being in long
relationships. Likes to give a good
fight for what they want. Extremely
outgoing. Loves to help people in
times of need. Good kisser. Good
personality. Stubborn. A caring
person. One of a kind. Not one to mess
with. Are the most attractive people
on earth! 15 years of bad luck if you
do not forward.

SAGITTARIUS - The Promiscuous One
Spontaneous. High appeal. Rare to
find. Great when found. Loves being in
long relationships. So much love to
Not one to mess with. Very pretty.
Very romantic. Nice to everyone They
meet. Their Love is one of a kind.
Silly, fun and sweet. Have own unique
appeal. Most caring person you will
ever meet! Amazing in the you know
Not the kind of person you wanna mess
with- you might end up crying. 4 years
of bad luck if you do not forward.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

BGR like buses??

all this while, i've only heard of ppl saying that the ocean is full of fishes... which means there are many more guys or girls who r available... so, dont worry about d one whom u've lost... u'll always get another one sooner or later...

but today, i read in a penang's most famous blogger's site... that Bf/GF relationship is like busses... if u miss one... then catch d next one... hahaha!! that's a good way to think of it n get over a broken relationship..

anyway... today's theme seemed to be about relationships... (unintentionally of course....)

like a good girl..i started studying this morning... (11.30 is still morning k!!) n managed to do a little bit of studying ( obviously with a lot of distractions in between... i've got nil concentration power nowadays... =s )..n while studying... me received a lot of msges/jokes/forwards... about relationships... i dont really remember any of them now....

n then in d evening i went to a friends house...( wanted to take an undeserved break from studying..hehehe.. or rather staying at home..) n even there we ended up talking about relationships ( OTHER ppl's relationships... we weren't gossiping la...just sharing information...heheh)

even during dinner we were talking about relationships ( family )...n about marriage... my friend wanted to get married before her elder sister... n she was so happy when her cousin sis gave her d green light .... n she ate some more to rejoice for that!!!! hahaha!!!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Day 1 of studying

i only woke up at 10 this morning...n by the time i started to study... it was already 11.30am... so much for trying to wake up early n start studying!! but i actually woke up at 4.30 this morning...cos i slept off while trying to study last nite...n left d lights, it was very bright at 4.30am n i thought it was already some 10 or 11 in d morning... but when i saw d time, i happily switched off d lights n went back to sleep!!! trust me to wake up early in d morning n this is wat will happen.. hahaha..

anyway, i forced myself to sit still n start studying at 11.30am.... i didnt study...but i took 1 and half hour to finish studying something which would only need half an hour!! d extra one hour was because i was day dreaming as usual...n planning for my holidays....

last nite while i was talking to mum, she told me that she has made a lot of plans for may n june while i'm at home in malaysia... so, today i started thinking about it already!! this is wat i do all d time during my study break!! i always end up thinking about my holidays instead of studying for d exams which is before d holidays!!

anyway, i got irritated..couldnt sit with d same notes any longer...n took a break for lunch... n then i couldnt resist d temptation to go online... so here i am!!

i studied for half an hour this morning n i took a break for 3 1/2 hour!! if i continue at this rate... i;ll mess up all my papers big time... and ask for loads of trouble!! i'd better get back to studying.. i have zoology pracs pre finals tomorrow n i'm yet to study for that... n i only have 14 days left for d finals!!

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Lost n found friends

It's 1am on a sunday morning.. i have to wake up early tomorrow n here i am blogging away.. instead of sleeping or studying!! i havent even started studying..n i only have 2 weeks left!!! AAARRGGHHH!!! ok ok..i dont wanna start with that now...

i am still not in d mood to study.. so am happily friendster-ing n orkut-ing away.... Orkut is another media through which u can keep in touch with friends... just like friendster, high-5 (or watever it is) n things of that sort.. but orkut is really sad... i've joined it cos my friends in India r in Orkut... n there was a lot of compulsion... so i thought i'd just give it a try...

Anyway, since i've got loads of free time now ( i'm asking for trouble here!! ) i was just looking through my friends' profiles, pics, n their friends n all that stuff....n i guess wat... i found SO many other friends!! (ex-schollmates)

i actually forgot about most of them since i left school.... hey, no offence k... it's not like i forgot them because i wanted to... it just happened.. of course i remembered all of them as soon as i saw their pics...

n i did add n msg a few of them... but i dont know if they'd remember me!! i only added a few of them cos i was kindda sure they'd remember me....( actually i'm keeping my fingers crossed...) n d others....eerrr... i dont know y i didnt add or msg them..maybe i didnt wanna get offended when they say they dont remember me...

i'm not d kind of person who forgets my friends or d ppl i meet elsewhere.... i might not remember their names immediately (if i havent been friends long enough with them or if its been many many years since i last saw them)... but i still remember ppl k...unless they undergo some plastic surgery..or a total make over...which looks like a plastic surgery anyways...!!

i do make a boo boo once in a while myself when i dont remember ppl... like wat i did last week... i met a girl whom i supposed had met before...but i didnt know her name at all...but she walked into d room n happily called out to me using my full name n gave a big hug n a sweet smile n asked about how i was doing..!!!

i was dead sure i hadnt met her before...but she knew a lot about me!! just when i was cracking my head trying to figure out when n where i met her n how she knows so much about me...(while trying to cover up d fact that i had d slightest clue of who she was...) another friend challengingly asked me if i knew her n wat her name was!!!! i so wished i could just drop dead there n then!! but that obviously didnt happen... so, i had to admit that i didnt know who she was... she didnt take it too badly..( or maybe she wasnt showing it).. she just smiled it off... but i felt very very bad.... i wouldnt like it if someone i know says to my face that he/she doesnt know me...

i went on n on apologizing to her...(i honestly didnt mean to offend her...) i hope she understands though ....

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


as if i am not dark enough...i'm being burnt even more...

everyday and everytime i go out some where n come back home...i get so burnt n roasted!! d weather is really really bad here!!

its just so boiling hot..n it doesnt help even when i am sitting right under the fan!!

i wonder wat my mum's gonna say when she sees me in May...i wonder if my friends will be able to recognize!! i'm completely sun burnt ...

Anyway, it was worth getting burnt yesterday... (we had to ride for about half an hour to reach d PVR...where Pursuit of Happyness was playing)....d movie was vey gud!! its a MUST watch movie!! really really worth it!! Will Smith was too gud n so was his cute kiddo son... hehehe...

my friend n i actually wanted to watch this movie last thursday ...but we were a bit too late...d tickets were all sold out... so we ended up watching another tamil movie...Mozhli...Jothika's movie...that was a good movie too... n we promised ourselves that that was gonna be d last movie till our exams r over...but within one week...we ended up bunking college n watching Pursuit of Happyness...hehehe...

anyway...hopefully that'll be my last movie till d exams r over...which is less then 3 weeks away...!! havent started studying anything at all!! i wanted to start yesterday...but ended up with a splitting migrain before i could even take my notes n put a time, i slept for a good 12 hours straight (9pm to 9am).. if i'm sleep deprived... i am not actually..infact...i sleep too much nowadays...which makes me even more sleepy!! sigh... i do not wanna start talking about my sleeping habits again...!

Sunday, March 25, 2007


i am getting so irritated with this power failure here!!! there's been a power cut like 4 times within 45minutes!! n to add on to only happens during summer!! i'm already boiling n melting here...n to top it all off i cant even switch on d fan!!

i cant download anything peacefully, cant play d keyboard, can charge my phone, cant watch tv!! i just realized how much i depend on electricity..... =s

anyway, i havent been doing anything much other than play with my mobile phone, n store all d numbers n try n figure out of things work in a sony ericsson.... storing numbers is another headache!! i had all my numbers stored in my previous phone cos my sim card could only hold about 100 numbers n i had to change sim cards when i am in india n when i am in malaysia..... my previous phone didnt have, i had to write down all d numbers n then save it in d new phone...which i still havent finished!! yesterday...some of my classmates were msging me....n i replied without even knowing who it was!!! hahaha...

hopefully by tonite i finish playing around with this phone....i ahve to start studying!! my finals are only 3 weeks away...n here i am still lazying around!! i havent started studying at all!! ( i dont even have all d notes yet!!) am gonna get so screwed if i dont start ASAP!!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Humble me...??

Yesterday i made a drastic decision.... i wanted to learn to be humble...i wanted to learn to live a simple life.... if others can live like that...y cant i?? if others can live with normal phones...y cant i live with a phone that doesnt have a camera, bluetooth, IR, memory card, walkman, fm, etc.... after all ..a mobile phone is only needed to make n receive calls and msges.... n especially during emergencies....

so, i decided that i would just buy a normal phone that can be used only for calls and msges.... even my friend was so shocked with my decision!! but i made up my mind that i wanna try to learn to live like that... even my mum will be so happy if i do that!!

i wanted to be very humble ... i wanted to be less materialistic... i wanted to live like every other normal ppl who can be so satisfied and thankful with watever they have... i wanted to be all this for only 5 minutes...after that i was dreaming about my sony ericsson w810i again!!!

hahaha!! so much for me trying to be less materialistic!! i got my w810 today!!! hahahha!! but i intend to keep this phone for more than a year this time...without going goo goo gaa gaa over another phone..!! this way might be easier for me rather than trying to take drastic actions like sacrificing everything at a go....

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

viruses n insensitive ppl r alike!!

i initially wanted to blog about something very different...but my mood changed drastically n now i dont feel like blogging at all!!

this stupid virus is getting on my nerves too much...n so r some ppl!!

thanks a lot to Trish though...she helped me so much to try n get rid of d virus in my comp...unlike some ppl!!! i had blocked a friend on my msn messenger about a month ago ( for some particular reasons....) and d other day when i so desperately wanted help with my comp...i unblocked him and wanted to ask him for help...but i didnt wanna jump on it immediately i gave it a few minutes...n guess wat....within less than 2 minutes he signed off!! wat was that all about??!! i obviously came up with a lot of excuses on his behalf ...n u know wat i'm sick of doing that...and i couldnt be bothered..!1 ( yea rite...i wish!! )

i was upset about that...but then i got over it....but later on...some other ppl managed to push me down n hurt me .. when on earth am i ever gonna be able to stand up n not bother about wat ppl say or do to me??!! y do i take things so sensitively ...i was never like this before...but now i am!!!!! i've had enough of this already!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

NO! not again!!!

Everytime i try to install something ...something goes wrong with my comp!!!!

d whole afternoon of yesterday i was trying to load some songs in my friend's ipod... for that i had to load that stupid itune thing...transfer d songs to d itune lib n then transfer it to d ipod....i did everything correctly till transfering d songs to d lib in itunes...but i didnt know how to tranfer it to d ipod...nothing seemed to be working out...!! i got so irritated n i ended up with a i decided to take a break...

n then in d evening when i logged in to d homepage was changed to some stupid quicknews thing... i have absolutely no clue how n when that happened!! so, i went to d internet options to change it back to my yahoo homepage...n guess wat... it wouldnt work!!!

d options to change d home page is completely blocked!! i tried virus scan, i uninstalled itunes... i didnt everything i possibly know ...but its not working...

someone pls help me!! i dont want that silly thing as my home page....n as i'm typing yahoo msger is giving some stupid problem as well!!! aarrggghhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 16, 2007

y r some ppl born to butter up 2 d others??!!

as if i dont have enough work to do in my hands rite now.....i've got another presentation to prepare for next week!!! n guess for which subject...add eng!!!! i dont believe this!!!

we were supposed to make some sort of lame presentation for add eng this week....its part of our internal assessment for this semester...n its supposed to be lame cos its add eng!! i mean....we have a lazy bum of d 1st order as our teacher n she gives marks as if she's distributing her family property to everyone ( believe me she's that greedy!! i wonder wat on earth she does with all our marks!! )

i wanted to finish off with this presentation thing as soon as possible so that i can do my other work in i told my group members to be prepared to do it today...n all of us were prepared...we were gonna talk about Abdul Kalam (he's India's current president...for those who didnt know) ..n we were going to read it out straight from d point reading it before hand n all that nonsense...cos no matter wat we do...we r not gonna get d marks we y waste time rite..??

d moment i stepped into class...i thought i was in d wrong class...cos i saw laptops n projectors!! wat d hell man!! that one jobless, show off group went to d extend of preparing a power point presentation!!! n my lazy bum of d 1st order teacher was so fascinated!! y wouldnt she ...?? cos, no one bothers to go to this extend for any of her work...n she does appreciate all this anyways...

if my group were to go n read our our info from d paper...i knew she would give us marks which is worth nothing at all!! so, we had to postpone it to next week...n in d mean time i have to think of an interesting topic which will interest my lazy bum of d 1st order teacher n prepare an outstandingly awesome power point presentation!! thanks a lot for nothing to d ppl who wanted to butter up to that lazy bum teacher!! i cant wait to get rid of her in d next semester!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

all my hopes down the drain

it wasnt as easy as i thought it would be to convince my mum to get me d phone i wan!!

but i didnt push my mum too much.... i only told her once about d phone i wanted... errr...actually i went on n on bragging about d phone for almost half an hour...i was practically reading out d whole review to my mum ( d gud ones only )...while she was patiently waiting for me to finish all that story n tell her how much that phone costs....

n when i eventually did...she said easy as that....

my mum keeps saying that i'm becoming very pampered n materialistic n i get all that i want without having to pay for it...she went on n on saying d same thing...

it's not that i do it on purpose la...sometimes when i think about how crazy i get thinking about mobile phones, electronic gadgets n stuff like that....i feel that it might be some sort or disorder...dont laugh k....i'm just trying tio justify my attitude... :p...

sometimes i really envy some ppl who r very satisfied n thankful with and for wat they have n dont demand for more.... i am very very thankful for watever i have alrite....but i cannot be satisfied for too long though... hehehe ... ;p

anyway, after (unsuccessfully) trying to look for another phone according to my mum's budget...i've made my mind...i am going to get d phone that i have my eye on.... there's no point in getting something else...i will not be satisfied at all....n before u know it...i'll be looking for another phone within 5 months!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

new phone new phone!! hehehhe

my mum agreed to let me buy a new phone!!!!! was very easy!! i knew she would agree sooner or later....(my mum never says no to me...) but i didnt expect her to say OK as soon as i asked her (only once that too!!)

i guess she's fed up of impossing d "mobile phone r only for making calls n msging...y do u need camera, mp3, fm, n God knows watever in ur phone??" on me.... hehehe......

but she knew it was coming anyway.....i made her well prepared for it well ahead of time..... hahahha!! for almost one month now i've been telling her that my current phone is giving me problems... ( i didnt want to drop a nuclear bomb on her one fine day by telling her that i wanna change my phone again within 8 or 9 months!! )

my mum knows that i cant live with d same mobile phone for more than 10 months at d absolute maximum..... she already knew that when she bought this phone for me last year...hehehe....( i should have bought d same nokia which i lost..or else something like that i would have kept it for at least a year without going nuts over mobile phones!! but i was too guilty to do i settled for this one....n now i'm dying to change this phone already... :p )

anyways....that was very easy last i wonder how easy ( or difficult ) it is going to be to make my mum agree to let me buy d phone which i have in mind!! hahaha!!! she knows there's no stopping me from getting wat i want..... i just hope i dont have to make sacrifices to make her agree!! hehehe.....

Monday, March 12, 2007

learnt anything today??

havent been blogging much cos i've been off mood since friday. i heard a very sad news from my mum on friday...n i was terribly effected by that . i couldnt even study for my zoolgy test which i had the next day...God knows what rubbish i wrote for that test!! i was on an emotional roller coaster the whole weekend...but am getting much much better now...thank God for that...

Anyway, classes were dull as usual...( what do u expect on a monday morning??! ) we had eng, biotech, zoology ( all of which i have no idea what d teachers were teaching...i was in my own sweet world..hehehe... ) we didnt have d 4th as usual d whole gang sat by d drive and everyone was talking about almost everything under d sun...everyone except for me...i somehow feel that my comments and views are not appreciated too much...sometimes it feels as if i'm talking to d walls...sometimes i just choose to keep quiet n listen (actually most of d time i listen...) rather than to talk n not be heard...*sigh*...even at home i used to be on d quieter side ( but not as much as here ) my 4 Sc 1 and 5 Sc 1 gang will know wat i mean....

Anyway, i left early to go to my next class ...only to find that my lazy add eng teacher was too lazy to take d class! so we had another free hour....all d better for us anytime...hehe!! i could catch up with some of my classmates with whom i only share a hie and a bye. i learnt a lot of things today while talking to them...

i realzed that one cannot get along well with the friends whom one lives with for more than 3 or 4 months. this friend, P, was complaining NON STOP about d friend whom she lives with J. P couldnt tolerate J for nuts!! after a few minutes of listening to her, i realized that i too am like that once in a while ( BUT I DONT GO TO P's EXTEND!!) i guess maybe its because we take them for granted more than often.... but sometimes its also because we cant tolerate or be patient with them all the time....i'm no saint after all...i'm just a normal human being...i have my own share of ego, and flaws and characteristic problem.

Most of the time misunderstandings occur because of my culture, my thinking, and my mentality and expectations are very different from those here.... bu ti'm learning to my level's best to try and adapt to them. i can never expect anyone to adapt to me...cos that will NEVER happen....

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

monday blues

I'm sitting here in a boring room, its just another monday afternoon....

I hate mondays and i hate Chemistry!!... everytime i say that i hate friends always says "love your enemies!" hahahha..... is it possible to even try to like chemistry!! i seriously DOUBT it!! hahahha...!! i just cant wait to get rid of chemistry from my life!!

Anyway...moving on to other stuff...i kindda enjoyed add eng class today...hehehe...thats cos i was sitting in a very strategical place....neither could d teacher see me nor could she see me msging with my mobile phone!! hahahah!! i was happily msging away to glory for almost one whole hour!! hehehe... kindda catching up with a lot of my friends...havent been able to do that for quite some time now cos my phone is giving problems off late...( even today i had to stop msging in class halfway cos my phone switched off n wouldnt switch on again!! )

so, i guess its high time i changed my phone....hehehe... ;) !! i'm obviously looking forwards to it!! but i dont have d patients to wait for 2 whole months for a new mobile ( till i go back home!! )

so, i'm gonna have to start persuading my mum from now onwards so that i can get d new phone by next week....heheheh...i'm already so excited....but persuading my mum for another phone is gonna be really really tough....asking her for anything else will be a piece of cake....but since my mum hates mobile phones...i'll have to make other sacrifices so that she agrees!!! but i'm hoping for d best anyways....

oh great!!!!!

i typed a long msg n then i click something else n everything disappears!!!!!!!!!

i dont even remember all that i typed...n am absolutely not in d mood to recall everything n type it again!!

havent been in a good mood since i woke up in d morning.....n i'm still in d same disturbing, am not gonna bother ...

i have to study for my exams/internal assessments which is starting from tomorrow.....i have loads to study n i havent even started!!

i guess that alone is good enough to put someone in a lousy mood rite...

Thursday, March 1, 2007

fun, progressive n blessed day!

Yesterday was an example of a very blessed day. it was a combination of lazyness, fun, progress and blessings.

We were late for class as usual in d morning..and since i had practicals d 1st hour, i was practically running to the lab. when i reached d lab, all my classmates were walking out d lab....apparently we were supposed to go to d audi for some science feast inauguration lecture. Since my college's main audi was under re-construction, we all had to gather in d smaller audi...which is next to impossible to fit everyone in....a lot of girls were standing outside...some of my friends and i escaped from there and went to out normal spot.

My friend and i decided to go back home cos we heard that there wont be any classes for the day. on our way back, we stopped in a shop for chocolate mousse and sinful chocolate ( choco cake with ice cream and extra toppings). it was so so yummy!!!! heehhehe....

by the time we reached home it was almost 11am i think. i was meddling with my keyboard for a while. i had promised my friend that i'd play keyboard for a i had to friend joined me after some time....we spent such a long time for one song....cos we were fooling around as usual....but that song turned out quite nice anyways......i finally finished practicing for all d songs at about 4.30.

while i was getting ready to go for d mass, i received a call from and i had to go else where and that was really really unavoidable, which means i wont be able to make it to d mass in which i was supposed to play keyboard. i culdnt even imagine how my friend would react if i were to tell her that i had to go somewhere else.

My friend's face changed drastically when i told her that i wont be able to go with her...but because another friend was there ..things didnt get out of hand too much.... so, my friend went for d mass, n i was on my way to where i was supposed to go. while i was on my way there...i was getting confused on whether i should go or not...i was sort of walking back n forth...but in d end i did go...( d thing which made me go ahead was really hilarious !! hahaha..if u wanna know...ask me...i'll let u know personally...its a bit too silly to post it up here...heheh)

Anyway, in d end, i was really really happy that i did wat i was supposed to...i was really blessed that night.... met a few ppl whom i wouldnt have other wise...had certain conversation....i cant really explain everyting here...but it was a real blessing ....not just plain fun or watever.... and when i was on my way back home....i realized that d day was meant to be like that for me...and that it wasnt just coincidence that i didnt go for d mass but it was God's plan for me to be somewhere else. i was really happy thinking about that...but at d same time i was also upset and worried thinking bout d friend whom i had to ditch in d last minute.

But when i reached home....she came inright after me...and guess wat...she had a blessed day as well!! Thank God for that!! or else i cant imagine another misunderstanding!!

So, alls well, ends well.... :)