Sunday, March 25, 2007


i am getting so irritated with this power failure here!!! there's been a power cut like 4 times within 45minutes!! n to add on to only happens during summer!! i'm already boiling n melting here...n to top it all off i cant even switch on d fan!!

i cant download anything peacefully, cant play d keyboard, can charge my phone, cant watch tv!! i just realized how much i depend on electricity..... =s

anyway, i havent been doing anything much other than play with my mobile phone, n store all d numbers n try n figure out of things work in a sony ericsson.... storing numbers is another headache!! i had all my numbers stored in my previous phone cos my sim card could only hold about 100 numbers n i had to change sim cards when i am in india n when i am in malaysia..... my previous phone didnt have, i had to write down all d numbers n then save it in d new phone...which i still havent finished!! yesterday...some of my classmates were msging me....n i replied without even knowing who it was!!! hahaha...

hopefully by tonite i finish playing around with this phone....i ahve to start studying!! my finals are only 3 weeks away...n here i am still lazying around!! i havent started studying at all!! ( i dont even have all d notes yet!!) am gonna get so screwed if i dont start ASAP!!!

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