Wednesday, March 21, 2007

viruses n insensitive ppl r alike!!

i initially wanted to blog about something very different...but my mood changed drastically n now i dont feel like blogging at all!!

this stupid virus is getting on my nerves too much...n so r some ppl!!

thanks a lot to Trish though...she helped me so much to try n get rid of d virus in my comp...unlike some ppl!!! i had blocked a friend on my msn messenger about a month ago ( for some particular reasons....) and d other day when i so desperately wanted help with my comp...i unblocked him and wanted to ask him for help...but i didnt wanna jump on it immediately i gave it a few minutes...n guess wat....within less than 2 minutes he signed off!! wat was that all about??!! i obviously came up with a lot of excuses on his behalf ...n u know wat i'm sick of doing that...and i couldnt be bothered..!1 ( yea rite...i wish!! )

i was upset about that...but then i got over it....but later on...some other ppl managed to push me down n hurt me .. when on earth am i ever gonna be able to stand up n not bother about wat ppl say or do to me??!! y do i take things so sensitively ...i was never like this before...but now i am!!!!! i've had enough of this already!!!

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