Tuesday, February 24, 2009

sometimes i appear to look as if i'm looking for excuses for my mum to disown me!

1) i still havent gotten another phone. i spend hours n hours looking at phones n trying to find a good one for a reasonable price but cant find any. when i go to phone shops, i get so tempted looking at all d new ones n d high tech ones!! y is it that no one has an extra phone that they r willing to lend it to me.. :( i'm d one who;s always helping others, but when i need help there's no one there for me :( i'm wasting so much time cos of this. i've finally come to my senses n decided that it's a totaly waste for me to get a contract phone now, cos i wont be able to use my bank acc anwyays (not that i have one to begin with. d stupid RBS is still not doing anything!!). so, by next sunday, if i dont get any phone from anyone.. i'm gonna go n get myself a 10 pound phone n hope it works properly!!

2) I went to Lloyds bank today to open a new acc. (i'm fed up with RBS, and i want to have nothing to do with them! ) d manager who helped me out today was an indian i think... n he was extra 'caring n helpful'! i wonder y?! :S anyways, when i was leaving d bank after he took down my necessary details... i sort of embarassed him! i didnt intend to be rude... it's just that he put his hand out to shake hands when i was already turning.. .i already opened the door when i realized that he wanted to shake hands. i cant let go of the door and shake his hand rite.. cos he immediately put his hand down already... i felt bad while i was walking back. now i wonder if he'd keep his promise and process my acc as soon as possible. if i dont get a call from him in 2 day's time as he promised..i'll know that he took it personally. then i'll have to call him n find out wats happening... sigh..

3) tomorrow i'm gonna put up a count down calender. i've got exactly one month to my exams. i've never had a practice exam .. this is gonna be my 1st ever postgrad exam in a foreign country and i already know that i'm screwed!! i havent read a single thing! i was supposed to start studying a few weeks ago. i obviously did not start... ok, that doesnt matter. i told myself i'll start in feb.. nope.. i didnt. then i told myself i'll start in today... no.. i still havent started it. infact, todat i wanted to do a lot of things.. but i havent done any at all!!!! i think i should patent the word 'procrastination'. or better still....wikipedia should revise its website and put my pic for the word procrastitaion!

4) i've got some pics that i wanna upload here. but d bluetooth wouldnt work n i dont know y. i havent transferred pics from my phone in ages! dell here is really expensive... so there's no way i can call up dell and ask them for help. this laptop has given me problems ever since i got it. on d same note.. there r loads of super cool portable notebooks that are available here on contract basis! and i'm dying to get my hands on them! it's d small ones u know.. they super cute!!! my mum would definitely not hesitate to disown me if i even accidentally mention d words 'changing' and 'laptop' in 2 completely irrelevant sentences!! so, i;ve been very careful not to say things like that while talking to her. i'll just have to wait till this bluetooth works.. n then i can transfer those pics n put it up. i have loads of other pics in my comp as well that i want to put up here... but i wanna put those in my phone 1st!!

5) some of my friends have managed to establish the fact that i can cook! so, now i've got to think of some malaysian dish to cook for my Brit friends on the 8th of March. sigh.. i cannot be and will not be domesticated!! but i'll put aside that moto of mine for sometime n think of how to impress my friends..

6) talking about domestic..... i just remembered that i've been working on a post since dec last year... but sort of abandoned it cos i forgot that i was working on it! i'll get back to working on it n post it ASAP ... if i remember about it in d near future... that is a 'must publish' post ... cos i need something to remind me of how i've changed so drastically in such short time!

7) tomorrow i MUST start studying! i wanted to go to d lib everyday to study... cos if i sit at home... all i do it stuff myself with food and rot in front of my comp! but unfortunately.. i chose to punch a hole through my matriculation ID and now i cant get into d lib! i always thought that d bar code in my matriculation ID was d one that was important when i had to go to d lib.. cos i thought d machines only read that... only last week i found out that d whole damned card had a computerized chip inside it and i ruined it by punching a hole in it. that destroyed d whole chip. now i got to pay 10 pounds to get myself another matriculation ID, otherwise i wont be able to go to d lib ever again! i borrowed a friend's ID last week and went to d lib. but guess wat, i couldnt log in to d computers using my own matriculation number! how smart can these ppl get uh?

8) i'm really hoping i didnt piss off d Llyod's bank manager today... i really need a bank acc ASAP. i cant stand d torture of going to d bank again n again n not getting my acc opened... :(

9) my life is so very pathetic at the moment. i've made appointment for myself this weekend. friday nite, saturday nite and sunday i'm gonna be dead busy... dont try n make any appointment with me this weekend k.. cos i'm fully booked and i'm up to my neck with those dates who have been haunting me for ages now. I'll be spending my weekend in the lib with the bloody Cystic Fibrosis!

10) anyone know where i can go buy a life...? for free preferably...

Friday, February 20, 2009

u can't live with them, u can't live without them!

If u have a tall, dark, handsome, gorgeous hunk, who'd make a perfect husband/boyfriend material on one side and a fancy, latest, mobile phone on another side and ask me to choose.......

i'd choose d mobile phone!

yea, i'm that materialistic! i've already spoke about how materialistic i am ... so let's not even get there... let's just focus on d mobiles phones for now k... i need another mobile phone.

end of story!

before u throw accusations at me... i'm not dying for another latest model mobile phone.. just any phone would do given my current situation.

d simcard that i have now is very good for international calls but isnt all that great for local calls... its like so expensive to call or msg anyone in UK... n i definitely cant afford to use this number for local calls for any longer than i've managed so far... thats y i need another phone to accommodate another simcard...

i've spent hours n hours trying to find d right plan/simcard and i'm left with these two options now :

1) O2 has a very good offer for only a simcard. you'll have to pay 20 pounds a month for 600 minutes talktime and 1200 texts, and with an additional of either unlimited weekend calls, unlimited landline, unlimited text, unlimited web or unlimited wifi. i'd natually choose unlimited weekend calls. this plan is only for a month.. so if i were to cancel this contract, i only need to give one month's notice, and i wont have to pay too much extra if i were to cancel it halfway through or something like that. but the problem with this simcard is that it's only the sim card. i need another phone to use that number. i cant use my current phone for the new number cos i dont intend to cancel my current number. all of UK has my current number now, n this number is very cheap for international calls, and i had to pay extra just for the sim card... so there;s no way i'm getting rid of this number.

i tried asking so many ppl if they have any extra phone that i could borrow for sometime... but no one had any... so i had to come up with a second option

2) Vodafone has very good offers for pay-monthly-plans. i'll have to pay 25 pounds per month, and i get one of the latestest phones (Touch screen, smart phone, pda phone, even nokia 5800 xpress, u name it... its all there), 600 minutes talktime and unlimited msges. d problem with this plan is that it's a 24 month contract and i'll need a solid bank account and balance in my bank acc. i dont even have a proper bank account to start with, forget about being able to pay about 100 or 200 pounds as deposit! and d biggest drawback is that if i have to cancel my contract in between the 24 months, i'll have to pay up d remaining balance in full!!

i like option 1 cos d benefits r really good, no strings attached, no deposits, no suffocating contracts, and no phone also... so there;s no point getting that...

i like option 2 cos i get to use d coolest phones ever (which would cost like 200-300 pounds if i were to buy d phone on its own) for only 25 pounds a month. but i dont have enough money for deposits and i dont have a proper bank acc... n i feel guilty

if i were to choose option 1, i'll have to buy another mobile phone on my own... that's gonna be costing me at least another 50 pounds(for an ordinary phone). i'll get to keep the phone, i'll get a good call/text plan. but i'll feel even more guilty and i dont think i'll be satisfied cos i'd be dreaming about the other touch screen phones!

sigh.... would u have even imagined that there would be so much of dilemma in buying a phone or even a simcard! if only the irresponsible RBS didnt mess up my account and stole my money... i wouldnt have had to think so much!

n i really dont know wat to do for my serious disorder! i cant control myself when i look at phones! i was perfectly alrite all this while u know. i got a new phone in June, and i told myself i'm gonna keep it for longer than a year this time.. especially cos its a bday present... n look at me now... it's only been 8 months, and i'm already dying for another phone! sometimes i wonder if i'll ever realize the seriousness of spending .. or rather saving ....

anyone has an extra phone that u can spare for me... at least till april of may? i promise to shut myself up n just get d simcard and use any phone that i can get hold of ..regardless of the size and shape...i wont complain even if it is as big as a walkie talkie or landline cordless phone. .....

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I have a date with my Valentine tonite... wat r u guys doing?

Happy Valentine's Day guys!!! have a great one!

Initially i didnt want to make a big hu-ha about this year's valentine.. but then i thought y not. since the whole world celebrates it...i am going to celebrate it too with my valentine

we thought of going out for dinner tonite. but thought against it cos every good restaurant was too hiked up and fully booked,plus we didnt want to attract too much attention to ourselves. so we decided to have it in doors.

since i'm an aspiring cook and a very good one at creating things i dont even know it happened... we decided that i'd just cook and we can have a romantic candle light dinner at home. but he cant tolerate candle. he says it makes him melt. so i'm giving up on the candles as well. i mean... candles means nothing at all as long as u have ur loved one with u rite.

he was supposed to help me with the cooking.... but that doesnt look like it might work out cos he's allergic to fire and smoke and heat. so, i'm gonna be doing it on my own... it really doesnt matter... i always cook on my own.. so no biggie in that.

we thought we'd dress up like we were going to a ball or something. i was already planning in my head on wat dress to wear, which heels would match it, how i should do my hair and wat kind of make up to put on.... when he said that he might not fit into his tuxedo or coats... cos he's gained 'a wee bit' of pounds here and there. it's not about the dress .. or tuxedo and coat in this matter... it's about having ur loved one with u isnt it.... so.. no dressing up...

i told him that he could at least make up for all that by getting me flowers when he comes at nite... he said he'd try.. cos it's really difficult for him to move around too much freely cos he doesnt want to spoil other ppl's nite as well.... u know him being so famous n all.... he doesnt like too much attention.... i'll have to learn to get used to it...

no over priced dinner, no candle light romantic dinner at home, no dressing up, and no help in cooking, might not be any flowers too.... we're just going to have dinner in my place... i hope he doesnt tell me that he cant move from his place... i really wouldnt want to have dinner with him in front of the whole Cooperage community!

Meet my Valentine!

Do tell me wat u guys have been up to and how ur valentine was... i promise not to throw tantrums or whine about my 'date' or curse u under my breath for having such a great time with a great (real) partner ... ! *brownie promise*

Friday, February 13, 2009

Just go n read the news on the link below... i've got nothing else to say!


i was gonna talk about something else really funny that i did/and happened today.... but this news takes the cake this time for sure!!!

this is too much for me to digest rite now! will be back after a few days when i've managed to convince myself how disgustingly disgusting the world has become, and i am unfortunately stuck in this century but (very very VERY) fortunately not one of them!

I linked it 3 times within 6 sentences because u HAVE to read it!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

never knew snowfights and playing in the snow would be so amazing...

.. and definitely never knew the pain would make its presences greatly felt for days after that!

it's been 3 days already and i'm still hurting and aching all over and the pain seems to increase by the day u know! but when i think of sunday nite, there's always a huge smile on my lips and it was all worth it. the pain will be forgotten instantly... until the next time when i have to walk or even move from my rigid position!

i've been walking around like a zombie since monday cos i sprained my ankle and i hurt myself severely from playing in the snow! but i was having so much of fun, i didnt even know i had hurt myself so badly till late into the nite.

for the 1st time of snow experience... i made solid use of it! i played in the snow for 3 and half hours man!!! woohooo!!

i called some of my friends from near by so that all of us could play together and then build a snowman. but most of them were downright lazy! they were willing to forgo playing in d snow (which could have been their only chance that day) cos they didnt want to be out in the cold! well, it was their loss anyways...

my friend from cooperage place n i were looking out our window for half an hour and couldnt control ourselves while the others were playing. so we grabbed our coats and went out. i knew my friend n my friend knew me. there were about 10 others who were playing outside and we knew none of them. but we all ended up playing together.

we were happily throwing snowballs on anyone and everyone we could target and we were running about trying to save ourselves from being hit. but i got it big time from one of the guys. he was after my life the whole nite... but i got back to him fair and square cos i got him back each time! hahahha

made a lot of friends that nite. even the guys didnt know each other... but they were all forming a team and attacking each other.

initially everyone was running about aimlessly and hitting those who were defenseless. the guys chose to attack ppl who were doing their laundry, and those were walking back to their flats. for a few minutes, they'd choose to attack ppl from the same region. like one guy would aim for a chinese, and everyone else will hit all the chinese ppl whom they can set their eyes on. then they;d call out for the Saudis and hit all the Saudis, then the indians got it and then the Brits got it too. it was really funny. one guy would shout out something and everyone will attack him! hahahha

and then they made 2 teams and started attacking each other. someone in the group even had a catapult. man, that was so cool!! there were about 5 of them making use of the catapult.

2 were holding each end of it, one was holding the snowball at the centre of the catapult and another two were pulling the centra guy to the back so that they get a stronger force. and u should have seen the snowball fly so far away, cos the catapult was that good!

some of ur tried making a snowman... but failed miserably! i wish i have a video of us trying to manipulate the so called secret weapon that some guys made. since we could make our own snowman, we wanted to cover up this weapon and make it all white n nice .. hahha! some other friends came and joined us and we gave up on that and started having our own snowball fight again!

another friend had a brilliant idea of making the snowman on the car and see how long it would stand on the roof. he came up with that idea only because he saw someone else doing it at the end of the street! so we tried doing that.. but got too tired picking up snow n putting it on his car roof. so he said he'd go n steal the snowman from someone else's car. when he got back to Cooperage place..the poor snowman was hanging on to his dear life! hahhaha

n guess wat kind of a 'snowman' some of the guys decided to do!! it was a huge full erected penis! it looked so disgusting! i have a pic of my friend staring at it, and another friend was hugging it! it looked so disgusting that i didnt even want to go anywhere near it! so those pics are definitely not going up in my facebook or even here! it was so sick and yet it was so funny that we bursted out laughing at the sight of it! thank God those fellows were smart enough to build it on the backyard and not in the front compound!

but wat do u know... an hour later... we saw that those guys tranported the whole thing to the front lawn!! it was a sight the next morning i tell u! LOL

since we gave up trying to make our own snowman... i went n took pics with someone else's decent looking snowman... hehehhe...

so much for my dreams of making snowman, snowwomen and snowchildren! :(

i'm hoping that it might snow again though.. cos i really wanna make my own snow man... probably i'll just make a miniature one.. that should be easier... and i wanna try the angel too! i never knew ppl would do that on the snow until i saw my cousin's pics. i'm waiting to do that next! :D

it was so much of fun that nite! never realized the time flying by so fast until someone decided to unceremoniously remind me about the tutorial assignment that was due the next day! :(

i think i stayed out for so long cos it was my 1st experience... i doubt i'd be playing in the snow for hours like this if i were to live in it for years. for one, i would definitely not want to go to d doc after every snowball fight and tell d doc that i've sprained my ankle and have got aching joints and muscles cos i was chasing the guys and being chased by the guys as well! LOL

Beautiful isnt it...! :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

i can only last 4 months away from home no matter where i am

It's been 4 months already since i've come here. and i'm already reaching my limits capacity.

when i was in India, i'm always flying back and forth between Malaysia and India every few months...after every 4 months in India, i'll be in Malaysia for 2 months. but this damned expensive flight charges between UK and Malaysia is forcing me to stay put here.

usually during my 4th month away from home, i'd have already started making plans to go back home and booking tickets and shopping and packing (packing only starts the day before flying actually.... ) it's d same now even while i'm here.

my biological clock is telling me that its time to go back home ... but i cant! :(

y cant air asia have flights directly to Glasgow?? it's so troublesome to get Pg-KL-Pg flight and Glasgow-London-Glasgow flights!!

i just heard that Air Asia was talking about air fares in pounds and not in RM. what's the point then!! there's Emirates, BA, Jetairways... so many other airlines who offer cheaper rates to UK... sigh

what is becoming of the world... i feel like i'm losing my friends, i feel like i'm becoming an island now..i've got no contact with so many ppl and even when i do see them online.. our conversations r awkward these days.. it's as if they've got nothing to tell me, and they dont have the time to listen to me. no one's sitting around shaking their legs n doing nothing. everyone has their own problem and pressures.. but wat r friends for? i've had such a crazy, maddening 3 weeks, i've been bottling everything up, trying not to weigh anybody else down with it. but no one bothers asking me if i'm doing alrite, and how i'm managing it. i wonder if they'll realize if one day i'm just missing from the face of earth... who am i kidding.. they must be too busy with their own lives... i'm not that important anyways

Friday, February 6, 2009

Yays... i can finally eat my fish n roasted potatos...

it's wasnt even not repaired to begin with actually! i just didnt know how to switch it on !! :P hahahha

but come on la..i tried k... i tried in every possible way i could think of. how was it supposed to know that i should press 2 buttons together at one go!? n it wasnt even labelled... n there were no instructions guide (not that i use manuals anyways... ).

i went to the office to make a complain last week saying that the oven wasnt working. d guy came and had a look at it when i wasnt around, and left a note saying that he didnt find anything wrong with it. that nite i tried to make it work again but it wouldnt!

so, yesterday on my way back from class i stopped at the office n told her that it still wasnt working. she called that guy who checked it the other and asked him to follow me.

when we reached my flat kitchen, he asked me wats wrong with it. i also very boldly went n switched on d main switch n then rotated the temp and option dial and then turned to him and said it wasnt working at all. he moved forward and pressed 2 buttons on the timer thing n it started working!! i was like "how did u do that?? i was fidgeting with those timers and dial buttons for ages n i couldnt make it work!!! "

he said he himself didnt know wat he did and how its exactly supposed to be. he just saw someone do that, and so he's doing it too!

so, i also follow la.. i dont really care how and y it works that way.... as long as it works!! i can eat my fish and chips now!! yay! :D

oh oh... my 3rd flatmate has already come... i saw him once a few days ago when i was gonna open the door for my friend. he's cute!! :D he's from China as well...n it seems he has been in Scotland for some 6 years now. i am yet to talk to him but i heard all this from Joyce (my other flatmate Javen's gf). it feels as if Joyce stays here in this flat too cos i see her almost all the time.. . n it feels as if we're like gossiping friends! hahahha

i think my 3rd flatmate already has a gf... cos i always hear voices from his room.. cos his room is rite next to mine...and i hate the fact that he lets the doors slam. all the doors in my flat will shut really hard with this banging noise if u dont hold it and close it slowly. i always make sure i dont let the doors bang.. but this guy does the exact opposite of that! the main door, the kitchen door, his room door! every door will bang!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jungle all the way....

When i first came here last year... i was excited that i was gonna have a white Christmas for the 1st time ever....

but on Christmas eve, i was so depressed because i was away from home for the very first time during Christmas and New Year. And the facts that it didnt look like it was going to snow, christmas trees decorated in almost everyone's houses and rooms, families going christmas shopping together, turkeys n christmas puddings in supermarkets didnt make things any easier for me.

On christmas eve, i spent d whole day sitting in my dark room. but the day didnt end as badly as it started.... i agreed (offerred rather...) to help a friend make carrot milk shake with a twist ( sounds so glamorous! ahahahh) for the christmas party he was hosting. apart from the fact that i'm becoming very domesticated these days (not that i'm liking it though), i had fun while making it, cos some of my flatmates and friends were helping around too. we know how it would be if a bunch of ppl from different countries, backgrounds and characteristics get together. we had a blast n my carrot milk shake turned out extremely nice!! ( i heard from my friend d next day that it was in major major demand! ). and ended the night with a glass of wine.

i'm not a drunkard, not a boozie, not an expert, and definitely not fond of alcohol. but i like to try new things. so i tried beer last year, i tried Irish creme liquor, and also Cherry wine. my verdict?? hated beer, disliked Irish liquor but would accept it if i'm left if no other choice, n i liked Cherry wine cos it tasted fruity!! hehehhe... so wat if i dont quite like cherry... Cherry wine was quite nice actually...just like Zapple or Mountain Dew n it only had about 5% alcohol... n i think i've already got the green signal from mum to drink fruit wine. (i said i think cos she didnt really say anything when i was telling about it... probably she wasnt really listening to me that day :P)

Christmas was quite fun... because of the food and the ppl i had company for. it didnt snow at all... but still.... d food compensated for that... plus i was too busy stuffing myself with turkey n yummy trifle and christmas pudding to notice the weather. LOL (i sound like the cookie monsters these days dont i.... hahhaha... i have no clue y i've ended up like this! :P)

Just the starter for the day

there arent many pics of the food... cos i didnt take more than 5 pics out of the 50 something pics that i have (one of d little kid who had come took over my camera).

Dave's fav corner... looks like some ancient pic doesnt it... al it lacks is an old grandfather sitting there with his cup of coffee, entertaining his grandchildren with a story about his childhood

Super cute decorations on the Christmas tree #1

Super cute decorations on the Christmas tree #2

Super cute decorations on the Christmas tree #3 (tiny tiny gloves!! are they super duper cute or wat!!)

My fav pic of the night... which i didnt take

This is the kid who took over my cam that day... with his sis. kids r natural posers these days

Oh, btw... i completely forgot about the biggest joke of the day(that day)!!

when my friend invited me to his house for Christmas, he wanted me to join his family for dinner on that day. i agreed. and when another friend invited me over for the lunch party he was having for his friends at the halls, i agreed too.... cos i thought i'd have plenty of time between lunch n dinner.

but when my friend called me on Christmas eve to let ask me what time i'd be ready for him to come and pick me up...he said they were planning to start dinner at 2pm, so he asked me if i would be ready by 1.30pm. i was dumbstruck....! i didnt say anything for a few seconds n my friend thought he lost the line

i had to apologize to d other friend and told him i couldnt make it for lunch in his place. but in my head, the fact about having dinner at 2pm kept running about. if they have dinner at 2pm... wat time would they have lunch... wat time would they have breakfast!!?

on the 25th i realized y he said dinner at 2pm. we started eating at 2.30pm... till 9.30pm that day... without more than half an hour's break in between each course!

but on a serious note... even my cousin in Stafford call everyone for dinner during lunch time... i am yet to figure out y these Brits do that....

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Have you ever heard/experienced a bank fraud?

I have heard of it.... but only in bits and pieces and only from the newpapers and televisions, never from someone whom i knew personally.

Recently, i heard about a bank fraud from a person who's very close to me.

Her dilemma started on the 19th of Jan when she was checking her bank acc online to see if she has already received the extra money from her parents for accommodation fee. all that stared back at her from her comp screen was 1 GBP in her bank account. there was supposed to be a large amount of money even before she received anything from her parents. it was already 4.30pm. there was no point going to the bank cos they would be closed by the time she reaches the bank, and there was no point calling them cos it wouldnt help at all.

so, she had to force herself to go to the library to start her essay which was due the next morning. she said she was in the library till 3am, and then got back home n continued editting and finalizing her essay before she finally submitted it at 4.30am. i thought doing the essay could have helped her divert her mind a little bit. but i was wrong. she said she had the bank acc in her mind all the time, that most of d time she was staring at the comp screen without doing anything.

On the 20th morning, she rushed to the bank as soon as she woke up to ask them wat's happening. the senior manager offered to help her and tried to trace down who had removed the balace that she had. my friend was quite relieved when she was told that they had found out that it was one of the banker who had done it. she thought that her money would be recovered soon cos they already found out who did it.

but no, she was wrong. when the senior manager called the guy who did it, he wanted to speak to this girl. he told her that there has been some fraud business happening. there was a certain amount of money that was transferred to her account n then removed to someone else's acc. in the process her own money had gone missing too.

the guy from the fraud department said that they would have to investigate what was happening, and he said that would take 7-10 working days.. could be longer, or could be lesser than that.

my friend had a terrorizing day for the rest of the day. she went on and on thinking about it the whole day. when she told her parents, they were worried and upset that so much money had gone. but later on, they were more worried for her own safety cos they thought the bank might suspect her of being involved. so many things were running back and forth in their minds. but there was nothing they could do. by the end of the day, finally didnt care about the money at all.... though it wasnt a small sum... it didnt matter when they thought of all possible problems that could arise after that.

my friend had to go to the bank almost every alternate days to find out what's happening cos she didnt hear from them at all. she was in the bank so often that the ppl there already knew how to spell her surname by heart. it isnt easy spelling her surname. but there was no point at all. the bank themselves didnt hear anything after that day, and it was next to impossible to get hold of the fraud dept on the phone and opening a new acc was taking longer than the promised 1 day, because the bank had to clarify all her details and personal identification cos of the problematic first account.

when she finally decided to make a police report on the 30th of Jan, she walked to the police station. but they told her to come with the bank statement n a letter from the bank explaining the situation. she had to walk back to the bank again. but the bank refused to give her a letter cos they said they have no rights to do that, and only the fraud department can do it. all she got from the bank was a bank statement. she had to wait another half hour to be able to talk to the ppl from the fraud department to see if they've managed to find out anything about the frauds.

when she finally got the line to speak to the guy whom she thought was handling her case, he told her that he didnt necessarily have to handle her case. his job was to take down details from her n then d actual investigation was passed on to someone else. but he was kind enough to at least trace down her case in the computer and update her.

the update wasnt up to date i would say. he told her that the case has been closed and they didnt find it necessary to get in touch with her or question her further, so they didnt inform her. that kind of a bullshit was that! he told my friend that she was let off the hook and they didnt suspect her of anything, but they couldnt give the money back to her!!

now that the case is closed, he said that she could continue using her account. like hell she will! she wanted to close the first acc immediately, but that wasnt possible cos they had a lot of formalities to complete. even her second acc is taking ages to be opened.

wat kind of a bank is this anyways!!! they're service is so bad, their so-called good fraud team didnt find it necessary to inform the owner of the acc that her momney cannot be returned to her and that the case has been closed, neither the bank nor the fraud team had the courtesy to ask how a foreign student is surviving with no money at all.

ppl say its not save to keep too much cash at home, but now it looks like its not save to keep money even in the bank! then wat on earth r we supposed to do??!!

so, that my dear friends... is the story of an unfortunate girl called Chumi Lakshmi.