Friday, February 6, 2009

Yays... i can finally eat my fish n roasted potatos...

it's wasnt even not repaired to begin with actually! i just didnt know how to switch it on !! :P hahahha

but come on la..i tried k... i tried in every possible way i could think of. how was it supposed to know that i should press 2 buttons together at one go!? n it wasnt even labelled... n there were no instructions guide (not that i use manuals anyways... ).

i went to the office to make a complain last week saying that the oven wasnt working. d guy came and had a look at it when i wasnt around, and left a note saying that he didnt find anything wrong with it. that nite i tried to make it work again but it wouldnt!

so, yesterday on my way back from class i stopped at the office n told her that it still wasnt working. she called that guy who checked it the other and asked him to follow me.

when we reached my flat kitchen, he asked me wats wrong with it. i also very boldly went n switched on d main switch n then rotated the temp and option dial and then turned to him and said it wasnt working at all. he moved forward and pressed 2 buttons on the timer thing n it started working!! i was like "how did u do that?? i was fidgeting with those timers and dial buttons for ages n i couldnt make it work!!! "

he said he himself didnt know wat he did and how its exactly supposed to be. he just saw someone do that, and so he's doing it too!

so, i also follow la.. i dont really care how and y it works that way.... as long as it works!! i can eat my fish and chips now!! yay! :D

oh oh... my 3rd flatmate has already come... i saw him once a few days ago when i was gonna open the door for my friend. he's cute!! :D he's from China as well...n it seems he has been in Scotland for some 6 years now. i am yet to talk to him but i heard all this from Joyce (my other flatmate Javen's gf). it feels as if Joyce stays here in this flat too cos i see her almost all the time.. . n it feels as if we're like gossiping friends! hahahha

i think my 3rd flatmate already has a gf... cos i always hear voices from his room.. cos his room is rite next to mine...and i hate the fact that he lets the doors slam. all the doors in my flat will shut really hard with this banging noise if u dont hold it and close it slowly. i always make sure i dont let the doors bang.. but this guy does the exact opposite of that! the main door, the kitchen door, his room door! every door will bang!

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