Tuesday, February 10, 2009

never knew snowfights and playing in the snow would be so amazing...

.. and definitely never knew the pain would make its presences greatly felt for days after that!

it's been 3 days already and i'm still hurting and aching all over and the pain seems to increase by the day u know! but when i think of sunday nite, there's always a huge smile on my lips and it was all worth it. the pain will be forgotten instantly... until the next time when i have to walk or even move from my rigid position!

i've been walking around like a zombie since monday cos i sprained my ankle and i hurt myself severely from playing in the snow! but i was having so much of fun, i didnt even know i had hurt myself so badly till late into the nite.

for the 1st time of snow experience... i made solid use of it! i played in the snow for 3 and half hours man!!! woohooo!!

i called some of my friends from near by so that all of us could play together and then build a snowman. but most of them were downright lazy! they were willing to forgo playing in d snow (which could have been their only chance that day) cos they didnt want to be out in the cold! well, it was their loss anyways...

my friend from cooperage place n i were looking out our window for half an hour and couldnt control ourselves while the others were playing. so we grabbed our coats and went out. i knew my friend n my friend knew me. there were about 10 others who were playing outside and we knew none of them. but we all ended up playing together.

we were happily throwing snowballs on anyone and everyone we could target and we were running about trying to save ourselves from being hit. but i got it big time from one of the guys. he was after my life the whole nite... but i got back to him fair and square cos i got him back each time! hahahha

made a lot of friends that nite. even the guys didnt know each other... but they were all forming a team and attacking each other.

initially everyone was running about aimlessly and hitting those who were defenseless. the guys chose to attack ppl who were doing their laundry, and those were walking back to their flats. for a few minutes, they'd choose to attack ppl from the same region. like one guy would aim for a chinese, and everyone else will hit all the chinese ppl whom they can set their eyes on. then they;d call out for the Saudis and hit all the Saudis, then the indians got it and then the Brits got it too. it was really funny. one guy would shout out something and everyone will attack him! hahahha

and then they made 2 teams and started attacking each other. someone in the group even had a catapult. man, that was so cool!! there were about 5 of them making use of the catapult.

2 were holding each end of it, one was holding the snowball at the centre of the catapult and another two were pulling the centra guy to the back so that they get a stronger force. and u should have seen the snowball fly so far away, cos the catapult was that good!

some of ur tried making a snowman... but failed miserably! i wish i have a video of us trying to manipulate the so called secret weapon that some guys made. since we could make our own snowman, we wanted to cover up this weapon and make it all white n nice .. hahha! some other friends came and joined us and we gave up on that and started having our own snowball fight again!

another friend had a brilliant idea of making the snowman on the car and see how long it would stand on the roof. he came up with that idea only because he saw someone else doing it at the end of the street! so we tried doing that.. but got too tired picking up snow n putting it on his car roof. so he said he'd go n steal the snowman from someone else's car. when he got back to Cooperage place..the poor snowman was hanging on to his dear life! hahhaha

n guess wat kind of a 'snowman' some of the guys decided to do!! it was a huge full erected penis! it looked so disgusting! i have a pic of my friend staring at it, and another friend was hugging it! it looked so disgusting that i didnt even want to go anywhere near it! so those pics are definitely not going up in my facebook or even here! it was so sick and yet it was so funny that we bursted out laughing at the sight of it! thank God those fellows were smart enough to build it on the backyard and not in the front compound!

but wat do u know... an hour later... we saw that those guys tranported the whole thing to the front lawn!! it was a sight the next morning i tell u! LOL

since we gave up trying to make our own snowman... i went n took pics with someone else's decent looking snowman... hehehhe...

so much for my dreams of making snowman, snowwomen and snowchildren! :(

i'm hoping that it might snow again though.. cos i really wanna make my own snow man... probably i'll just make a miniature one.. that should be easier... and i wanna try the angel too! i never knew ppl would do that on the snow until i saw my cousin's pics. i'm waiting to do that next! :D

it was so much of fun that nite! never realized the time flying by so fast until someone decided to unceremoniously remind me about the tutorial assignment that was due the next day! :(

i think i stayed out for so long cos it was my 1st experience... i doubt i'd be playing in the snow for hours like this if i were to live in it for years. for one, i would definitely not want to go to d doc after every snowball fight and tell d doc that i've sprained my ankle and have got aching joints and muscles cos i was chasing the guys and being chased by the guys as well! LOL

Beautiful isnt it...! :)


Chronicwriter said...

i have seen ice only inside a fridge

nice snaps men..


Chumi @ Lakshmi @ Lucky said...

well, i've only seen ice and snow in my fridge and in movies... till last week!

thank u! :)