Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jungle all the way....

When i first came here last year... i was excited that i was gonna have a white Christmas for the 1st time ever....

but on Christmas eve, i was so depressed because i was away from home for the very first time during Christmas and New Year. And the facts that it didnt look like it was going to snow, christmas trees decorated in almost everyone's houses and rooms, families going christmas shopping together, turkeys n christmas puddings in supermarkets didnt make things any easier for me.

On christmas eve, i spent d whole day sitting in my dark room. but the day didnt end as badly as it started.... i agreed (offerred rather...) to help a friend make carrot milk shake with a twist ( sounds so glamorous! ahahahh) for the christmas party he was hosting. apart from the fact that i'm becoming very domesticated these days (not that i'm liking it though), i had fun while making it, cos some of my flatmates and friends were helping around too. we know how it would be if a bunch of ppl from different countries, backgrounds and characteristics get together. we had a blast n my carrot milk shake turned out extremely nice!! ( i heard from my friend d next day that it was in major major demand! ). and ended the night with a glass of wine.

i'm not a drunkard, not a boozie, not an expert, and definitely not fond of alcohol. but i like to try new things. so i tried beer last year, i tried Irish creme liquor, and also Cherry wine. my verdict?? hated beer, disliked Irish liquor but would accept it if i'm left if no other choice, n i liked Cherry wine cos it tasted fruity!! hehehhe... so wat if i dont quite like cherry... Cherry wine was quite nice actually...just like Zapple or Mountain Dew n it only had about 5% alcohol... n i think i've already got the green signal from mum to drink fruit wine. (i said i think cos she didnt really say anything when i was telling about it... probably she wasnt really listening to me that day :P)

Christmas was quite fun... because of the food and the ppl i had company for. it didnt snow at all... but still.... d food compensated for that... plus i was too busy stuffing myself with turkey n yummy trifle and christmas pudding to notice the weather. LOL (i sound like the cookie monsters these days dont i.... hahhaha... i have no clue y i've ended up like this! :P)

Just the starter for the day

there arent many pics of the food... cos i didnt take more than 5 pics out of the 50 something pics that i have (one of d little kid who had come took over my camera).

Dave's fav corner... looks like some ancient pic doesnt it... al it lacks is an old grandfather sitting there with his cup of coffee, entertaining his grandchildren with a story about his childhood

Super cute decorations on the Christmas tree #1

Super cute decorations on the Christmas tree #2

Super cute decorations on the Christmas tree #3 (tiny tiny gloves!! are they super duper cute or wat!!)

My fav pic of the night... which i didnt take

This is the kid who took over my cam that day... with his sis. kids r natural posers these days

Oh, btw... i completely forgot about the biggest joke of the day(that day)!!

when my friend invited me to his house for Christmas, he wanted me to join his family for dinner on that day. i agreed. and when another friend invited me over for the lunch party he was having for his friends at the halls, i agreed too.... cos i thought i'd have plenty of time between lunch n dinner.

but when my friend called me on Christmas eve to let ask me what time i'd be ready for him to come and pick me up...he said they were planning to start dinner at 2pm, so he asked me if i would be ready by 1.30pm. i was dumbstruck....! i didnt say anything for a few seconds n my friend thought he lost the line

i had to apologize to d other friend and told him i couldnt make it for lunch in his place. but in my head, the fact about having dinner at 2pm kept running about. if they have dinner at 2pm... wat time would they have lunch... wat time would they have breakfast!!?

on the 25th i realized y he said dinner at 2pm. we started eating at 2.30pm... till 9.30pm that day... without more than half an hour's break in between each course!

but on a serious note... even my cousin in Stafford call everyone for dinner during lunch time... i am yet to figure out y these Brits do that....

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