Saturday, January 31, 2009

Why would i mind seeing my flatmate's gf so often..

..... if i get this every time she's around??

and the results of my survey, is that all grapes available in Glasgow are seedless!!


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This is not an advert for Colgate... quite the contrary i suppose

when i was in primary school... probably about 7 or 8 years of age, i had some cousins in London. ( i had and still have cousins all over the world.. but this post is only relevant to those who were in London at that time.

This was in 1991/1992... at that time Malaysia was still sort of backward rite... and compared to London.... there's no need for comparison at all... the answer is so obvious! LOL

when my cousins used to come back to Malaysia for their summer break... they always have something really high tech and cute and the really canggih canggih stuff la... which cannot be found in Malaysia at that time... (actually.. till now also none la... ). it's a known fact that i'm a tech junkie (it doesnt matter even if i dont know how to fully make use of it) and i adore anything cute and unique and different from the ordinary (it means the same as unique... i just wanna stress the fact that it was unique n i was fascinated with it! :P)

The one thing that caught my eye n attention was their toothpaste. it was Colgate.. .nothing special in that.. but it was the container and dispenser that i was fascinated with. d kind of toothpaste dispenser we get in Malaysia is d boring tube thing... but d kind that they had was d bottle thing! it was so cool! n it had coloured toothpaste in it too!!! i remember d ones my cousins brought was blue and red in colour.. there was one which was blue n white striped also, n another one was plain blue n plain red... n it was d gel kinds u know... if u take a drop on ur finger n look through it u can see d other side (so wat its all smudged up n blury.. u can still see d other side!)!!

i was 7 or 8 at that time... so naturally i was fascinated la!

n then i eventually forgot about it as the years passed by. last week, i had to buy toothpaste cos the one which i brought from home was finishing already. and i had to get shampoo as well... so i went to Somerfield after class. n guess wat! i saw d toothpaste just like d one my cousins used to have n show off with!!! i was so excited when i saw that n started smiling to myself thinking of d nonsense i used to do to use that toothpaste (like brush my teeth in the morning, afternoon n at night, before and after meals, and even after i wake up from my nap in the afternoon! it wasnt even a nap... i just used to pretend that i was sleeping so that i could 'wake up' n brush my teeth again! ssshh... dont tell anyone k! hahahhahha)

one guy passed me at that time n gave me a weird look when he saw me smilling at toothpastes! :P

no prizes for guessing wat happened next... i bought the colgate toothpaste which was the bottle dispenser kind and happily walked back to my room smilling all the way! when i reached my room, i immediately wanted to brush my teeth, it was 3pm! hahhahha ( d kindda petty things that fascinates me... sigh... hahahha)

everything after that wasnt all that pleasant! i dont know if i dont know how to use that thing or if that thing is spoiled! every morning when i wake up... brushing my teeth is a battle! cos d stupid bottle wouldnt work properly!!! i've got to fight with it every morning so that d tooth paste would come out!

so much for technology! i'm sticking to d old, classic, trustworthy tube toothpaste from now on onwards! (or at least after i finish getting out all the toothpaste from this bottle.. i spent 2.15pounds~RM11.82~RS172 on that!!)

I'm gonna punish it by letting it stand upside down tonite n see if it behaves itself tomorrow morning!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

This is a boring post.. u can hit the 'pass' button if u want...... or maybe not...

Yesterday was Friday, and i was happy cos it was already the weekend.

Today is Saturay, and i'm not all that happy even though its d weekend!

all my plans for bungee jumping and go-karting this weekend just went down the drain... sigh.. but i'm definitely gonna do it by hook or by crook!!

Chumi tells self, "it's ok Chumi.. it's just once in a lifetime thing. you'll never be able to go bungee jumping ever again if u dont do it this time. so wat if it's a 170 feet jump? there's no point regeting missing the 50feet jump in Bangalore last year. u didnt want to jump off a crane in d middle of a dead, ugly looking field, filled with so-called rock stars and rockers wannabes speaking in screwed up slangs and smelling like they had just their bath in a bucket of beer. this is ur opportunity babe... just think about it.. beutiful scenenary, awesome weather (eer... 170feet above groud level... u'd better wear thick clothes or else u'd falls off d crane even before u hear '3, 2, 1, bungee' cos of excessive shivering!)... oh, come on... u remember how d video looked like rite...? go have a look at d video again if u want.... eermm.. no i think thats a bad idea...ok forget about d video. just thinking about how much u've been dying to bungee all this years n u finally get d permission, nvm if its because ur mum doesnt know that its 170 feet in Glasgow n not 50 feet like every other sane places would have! it's high time u just do it n get over with it alrite. u'll be happy u did it in d end!"

so, i'm still waiting for the bungee jumping thing.. which obviously isnt happening this weekend (eer.. thank God for that?? )


i wasnt particularly busy busy throughout the week.. but i was expected to be cos i had a hectic i had to make myself busy. had to forgo proper sleep and proper meals... (which reminds me that i forgot to have lunch today.. like i did a few times in d last week). so when it was finally friday, i thought i could sleep till anytime i wanted to like it was nobody's business... but my biological clock wouldnt let me have it that way! of all the nights...last nite was d most restless one! sigh...


It's my mum's bday today... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!!!

this is d fourth year i'm away from home for her bday. i got her something for her bday, but i dont know how i'm gonna send it over cos i send her some stuff in oct by post/parcel, but she never got it! i'm not willing to send these stuff through post/parcel again this time! anyone from UK/Scotland going back to Malaysia anytime in d near future??


its such nice weather today after such a long time... but thats because i'm staying indoors... if i were to get dresses and go out, i bet u it'll start raining! its as if d weather has something against me u know! thats was happened last week for 3 days in a row! i had planned to go to d lib on friday evening last week cos i had an essay due on tues and i hadnt even started it. when i looked out d window at 4.30pm, it was already dark but it wasnt raining. so i bundled myself up in layers n layers of clothes cos i didnt want me fever n cold to get even worse than it already was. n then i grabbed my laptop n books and when i reached downstairs at 4.40pm... guess wat...? it was raining cats n dogs!! i couldnt go to d lib that day... ! d exact same thing happened again on saturday, sunday and monday!! it was as if everything was against me in finishing my essay!

if i were to get dressed n go out now.. i bet u d clouds will turn gloomy all of a sudden n start raining!


It;s Chinese New Year this week.. Happy Chinese New Year guys! i dont even feel like its CNY here... oh speaking of CNY... one of my flatmate has already come! he moved in on monday, i saw him on tuesday evening for 2 minutes, then saw him again on wednesday evening for another 2 minutes, and saw him and his gf for another 2 minutes on friday, and saw his gf on friday nite at 20 seconds cos she knocked on my door to give me some grapes! hahhaha.. so sweet of her!

My flatmate is Javen, from China. i was hoping that he'd be cute, and speaks proper English.. but he's neither. he has this nerdy look and his nerdy glasses arent helping much, and he doesnt speak good English (though he was in liverpool for quite some time doing language). i wasnt particularly hoping that he'd be single.. but he obviously isnt. hahaha! his gf is a cute, pleasant. When i first saw her, i was like 'oh no... its gonna be weird having couples around me all d time... ' but if Joyce continues giving me grapes and foodstuff, then i'm happy having her around! LOL ahahahahha!!

anyways, on a serious note... did u know that all graped in Glasgow are seedless??!! i was so overjoyed when i figured it out a few days ago! when i was in a friend's house some time back, there were grapes on d table, but i didnt take it cos i thought it would have seeds. (i like grapes, but i hate it when it has seeds. even at home, if my mum accidentally buys d seeded grapes, i will not even have one of it). n then there were a few occasions where ppl served grapes. i usually wait until someone else takes it first, if i see them happily munching on it without having to spit out d seeds, i'll help myself to d grapes too. i was so paranoid with seeds in grapes that one time, i was even thinking if ppl here actually eat grapes with the seed as well cos i've never seen seeded grape before! hhahahahha. when Joyce gave me some grapes last nite, i slowly bit into on thinking that there might be seeds in it.. but there werent! so i've come to a conclusion that grapes in Glasgow doesnt have seed n now i have no restrictions! yays!!! :D

but because its expensive... i'm only gonna have grapes when someone offers me! :P hahhahah


i am yet to see my 3rd flatmate... i wonder how she's gonna be like... i hope she doesnt have a bf who walks about the place in his shorts n makes a lot of noise!


this is so pathetic... i have d weekend off n i dont know wat to do!!

i'm gonna grab some lunch n watch a movie... i hope i find a good movie. i'll hit myself with watever i can get hold of if i watch a pathetic movie!

have a great weekend u guys.. ( half ur weekend would have been over by now for some of u though)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Grab a few pieces of papers, pens and at least 3 or 4 other friends n try out this super funny game!

I just learnt a new game.. it's supper funny and you should, must and definitely have to try it out!

I'm officially making this my favourite game from today onwards! haahhaha

ok, this is how it goes:

You'll need at least 3 ppl... but the more the merrier! and each one of you should have a sheet of paper and a pen/pencil/colour pencil (just get watever u can write with k). You'll have to write one word on the paper, fold it over, and pass it on to the next person. and then the second word you write will be on someone else's paper which they passed on to you, and following will be someone else's again. in the end, you have to read wats on the paper that you have with u at the moment. so it's like a story, which everyone has contributed, not knowing wat the person before them has written. and u cant tell out loud wat u have written as well! d fun is when u read it at the end.

U'll have to write a name of a guy on d first line, and fold it over so that d name is not visible and pass the paper to whoever's on ur right or left (if u pass it to ur left, make sure u continue to pass it on to the left, if u choose right, then carry on passing it to ur right)

the second thing should be a name of a women.. fold it over again n pass it on

the thrid line should be the name of some place ( there's no limit to wat place... if u think of Amazon jungle, write Amazon jungle. if u think of Chicken Valley, write chicken Valley by all means!)

the fourth line should be something that the guy says to the girl. fold it over and pass it on to the next person.

the fifth line is wat the girl says to the guy. fold it over and pass it on.

the last line will be wat happens in the end.

the purpose of folding it over and passing it on to the next person is so that each person has a contribution in the story, and they'll not know wats already written in it.. this is wat gives d funny touch to it in d end!

ok, so.. when u'r done with writting all 6 things that you should... u can go in any random order to read out wats written in the paper that u have. I'll just give u an example of the whole thing so that i'll be easier for u to understand.

(the following is wat i would have written with no particular story in mind or no particular person in mind... it's doesnt have any connection with each other.. and also remember that i'm writting each line on different papers each time.

Bill Clinton



Hie how are you doing?? it's been ages since i last saw you.

U know, just yesterday i met someone who looked a lot like you and i thought it was you and gave him a life to ur house.

and they lived happily every after

this is wat i wrote ... but it was all on different pieces of papers each time.

there were five of us doing this... so in the end.. this is one of the story :

Story 1:
Hugh Grant met Sue owen in the Amazon Jungle, and he said to her "Hie, how are you doing? it's been ages since i last saw you!" and the girl replied saying "yea.. u'd say.. U'r French anyways!" and they were abducted by aliens and had to sweep streets on Mars.

Story 2:
George Bush met Jennifer in Christine's house and he said to her, " have you tried my new perfume? it's called 'FISHSKUNK'" and she replied, "yea.. i'm working on my tan". and they were flying nearer to the sun that they crashed into it.

there were a few more really hillarious ones.. but i cant remember wat it was....

It was so funny when we read it out loud..! LOL...

since this is the first time i played this game.. i didnt really know wat to expect and how it was supposed to be.. so i only came up with lame stuff... but the others had played this all along.. so they came up with really creative stuff. d hint is to use famous ppl's name and think of the wackiest things ever...

go ahead n try it.. go go go.. n tell me about it alrite!

hope u guys have loads of fun while at it!! hahahhha

Saturday, January 17, 2009

happened to read one of my old posts

... and am lost for words.

more than a year ago, i complained about feeling cold when d temperature was about 12 degrees, and just last week, i was complaining that it was getting hot at 7 degrees! hahhahha

Friday, January 16, 2009

How do you like my new template and header??

When i came to my page today to see if there's any comments or msges left for me... i was taken aback by the huge header and the different template... i thought someone had hacked my blog and changed everything! hahahha... i completely forgot that i was fooling around with it last nite..

so how do u like the change??

I like the pic in my header.. took it when i went to Glasgow Green for the Fireworks in Nov. It was one of my fav pics of the nite. i like the new template too ... looks kindda bright and cheerful. I made changes to the clocks also. The new one has the time, day and date as well.. so that it'll be easier to know the time difference.

D only thing i dont like is the spacing and arrangements...

I've left it as it is, cos i dont know how to make d header stay in d centre. :P

oh.. n i've learnt to put my name on my pics as well!!!


:D :D :D

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

how can i survive with limited internet usage!!??

i'm limited to only some 10 GB download/upload per calender month!! i dont know how many hours that will last me.. but it sounds as if its not enough! i'm so used to having my comp switched on whenever i'm in my room, and all my msn, yahoo, skype and google talk is always logged in... now i cant do that... :( i need to find out how many hour 10GB can last me

anyways, moving on to the hot topic of the week... I've moved in to my new place!!!!!!!!!!! YAYSSS!!!! i'm so happy!!

i should write down a comparison of how it was in Winton Drive and how it is in Cooperage Place now in a table form! but i couldnt be bothered with tables now... hahahha....

d past 2 days i've been walking to class with a big smile plastered on my face cos it's only 5 minutes to my dept!! exactly 5 minutes u know!! i wake up at 8.30am and get ready, ahve breakfast, prepare lunch and yet i'm still very early to class at least by about 10 minutes! last month i used to wake up at 8.15am, and bruch my teeth, change clothes, wear my running shoes, grab my jacket, gloves, and scarf and run out of of my room at 8.30am, and by the time i reach my class at 9.30am on the dot.. i'll be huffing and puffing and panting!! forget about breakfast and lunch.. there simply wasnt anytime at all! even if i did miraculously wake up a wee bit earlier just in time to grab something to eat.. i'll be starving by the time i reach class. but this morning i had cereals and milk for breakfast, and i wasnt hungry till past 2pm!!!

i've got my own freaking bathroom in my room!!! now i dont need to carry all my shower cream, shampoo and oil bottles to the bathroom every morning or evening when i want to have my bath. and i dont have to think twice before running out of the bathroom in my towel (like i used to while in Winton Drive cos my current room in en-suite! sweet isnt it!!! :D

i've got this huge study table and a book shelf that can carry all my notes and books and paper works!! i'm hoping this table doesnt become as messy as d one in Winton Drive.. cos there i sued to dump everything on the table cos there just wasnt any space to keep everything neatly.

oh oh.. n d best part of the room is that it's got this huge 4 door ceiling to floor cupboards!!! and there are so many shelves in it as well!! i've dedicated on side of it entirely for all my jackets and scarfs and shoes.

and the shelved side of the cupboard is for all my clothes. i've sorted my clothes out in separate order.. like one pile for sweat shirts, another pile for cardigans, another one for lighter jackets, my jeans in one stack, formal shirts in one, t-shirts in one row, casual clothes in another row, undergarments and socks in another, and u know i could even keep all my bags in one row and still have another row left for extra stuff!!! isnt this just amazing! LOL. and my stuicases and luggage bags have been neatly packed away in the upper compartment of d cupboard! i'm still very amazed by d fact that this cupboard could store everything inside it.. unlike d pathetic two door cupboard that i had in Winton Drive.. it didnt even have any hangers, or shelved in it! i had to keep all my clothes in my suitcase for 3 whole months!!

and the kitchen is so loveable! it has this breakfast table sort of thing.. just like d one i have at home in Malaysia.. and it's so clean! could be because there's no one in this flat at the moment or its just that ppl here are naturally clean and tidy. i'd prefer it to be the latter!

I went food shopping yesterday and happily blew all the cash that i had and couldnt carry those things back, ended up calling a cab to come back. and then i had to make 3 trips up and down the stairs to carry everything to my flat ( i live on the 3rd floor now). and then i happily arranged my stuff in a few cupboards which were convenient for me and am yet to cook actually... (which i have to do if i dont wanna waste my vegetables ). and i told myself that i wont go to Morrisons again for another month, cos what i bought last nite could feed a small part of the third world country!!

Oh, i forgot to compare my current kitchen and d one i had to share previously. well, there's nothing great about the previous kitchen, except for the fact that i had some very nice flatmates who kindly let me use their vessels and gave me food when i was starving. the kitchen itself was horrible. it was never clean. i didnt bother cleaning it like i would in my own kitchen (not that i have before.. ), but one of my other flatmate did... and it never lasted for more than 3 hours. someone else would walk in and dirty it! when i got back from Manchester last week, the kitchen in Winton Drive looked like it was hit by a hurricane or earth quake!!

i'm sure by now u can make out that i'm very very happy with my current place!

there's a few teeny weeny things that i'd prefer were otherwise like d internet and a landline ( i dont have a landline in my room.. and i know that d calls that i receive are gonna reduce cos i dont have a landline anymore to receive cals... )sigh... but i dont mind it at all as long as its near my dept!

and i'm gonna be missing a few of my ex-flatmates... the one who is tone deaf and that one who is a snob are obviously not in the list! ahhaha...

when i had to pack all my stuff and shift from Winton Drive to Cooperage Place, it was my friends there who helped me carry everything from my 2nd floor flat downstairs to the taxi, and upstairs to my current room in the 3rd floor.. i didnt even lay a finger of my big luggages cos i knew i wont be able to carry it at all. poor thing, my friend had to go up and down the stairs some 5 or 6 times to bring everything upstairs for me, and he was so tired and grasping for breath by d time he was done... if it wasnt for me.. i dont think i'd have managed to get all my stuff in my room even till today! hahahhah

so, all is well and good now... almost perfect i'd say... except that now i dont have any excuse not to study! hahahhah

this term has just started two days ago and its looking really hectic already... i'm gonna have to start working my ass off to pay off for all the rubbish that i had to go through before coming here... and i've got to save up my internet time, otherwise i'll have to be walking up to the hospital to use d net there in the middle of d nite, and i hate to use other comps other than mine... sigh.. got to learn to cut down my internet time now...

before i log off... here's my change in address ( i dont think it matters... but i'd like to think that ppl wanna know my add cos they think of me and send me some things of letters and greetings at least.. )

(my name),
19 Cooperage Place,
Flat 3.2, Room 2,
G3 8QP

Saturday, January 10, 2009

too many things running on my mind now

I've been trying to pack all my things since last nite, and i ahvent even managed to get at least half of it packed! i have absolutely no clue how i managed to get so many things within 3 months! trust me to manage with wat i can n i end up buying every.single.thing i need!! sigh..

I hate packing! :( unpacking isnt so bad actually...) i seriously dont know how to stuff everything in the suitcases and bags that i have. tomorrow i'll have to go n buy a bag as big as me, or even bigger!


I've got a test on monday, and i ahvent even bothered to flip through my notes yet! i'm so screwed..i keep thinking of skipping this test, cos the marks are not included's just a practice test... but i'm feeling guilty... i should have been studying properly while i was in Manchester, but all i did was eat, sleep, watch tv n read novels for goodness sake!


I cant wait to move in to my new place on monday!! :D though my other 2 flatmates are gonna be China men... it doesnt matter! i'm hardly gonna be out my room... so, i dont think i'll see them very often....


i found quite a lot of mess and rubbish and unwanted stuff while packing and unpacking.. i dont even know how those papers got here...


I'm starving now.. i havent eaten anything else other than cereals this morning. i cant cook cos i didnt buy anything to cook... cos i dont want to have to pack all that foodstuff as well... i could have bought sandwich though while i was out rite... y didnt i even thinking of that..? sheesh!

oh... come to think of it.. i actually had noodles for lunch in my friend's place.. which i forgot cos my stomach's growling as if i havent eaten in 3 days!


I could have gone back to Malaysia for Christmas and New Year break. mum wouldnt have said no, if i asked her.. now i'm tempted to go back next month... but i dont have any break next month... sigh..

so many ppl from here going back to Malaysia.. i also wanna go!!!!!!!!! :(


i should have started studying at least one lecture about 2 hour ago, but i fell asleep in front of d comp!

all i know for now is that i'm so screwed on monday


i cant wait for monday cos i'm moving out! when i got drenched big time today, i pacified myself by saying that this is gonna be d second last time i'll ever have to walk like this... come tuesday, i can wake up and 9am and run to class by 9.25am, n i still wont be late! hehehh!


i think i should feed my stomach something... otherwise my next door neighbour will hear the protest that my tummy has decided to take up...


Gonna epilate myself in a short while..... i can already feel the pain!!!! 0 _ 0

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 - the year that started off very eventfully!

11.20pm, 31st Dec 2008 -
-Went to church for the Hogmonay Praise Fest and countdown... which was awesome!! no complains there...

1am, 1st Jan 2009 -
-had Nigerian food in Afro Caribbean after countdown.. wasnt awesome, but it was good... still no complains

2am -2.40am, 1st Jan 2009 -
-walked for more than half an hour in a -3 degrees temperature ... complains/no complains?

2.40am -3.40am, 1st Jan 2009 -
-waited at the bus stop for 1 hour, amongst drunk men and women,
-watched a bitch fight ( yea.. like d ones in WWE-World Wrestling Entertainment, the pulling hair, slapping, kicking, trashing each other on the road and falling all over the place.. d one who got trashed actually stopped to smile for a photo and then started crying like 5 minutes later! ),
-crossed paths with ugly-bunny-looking-drunkards,
-terrified to the bits when came face to face with a determined drunk who wished Happy New Year and asked for a smoke,
-tried my very best to not laugh out loud and get a tight slap across my face or get dragged by hair when a hooker in a micromini skirt (come to think of it, i dont think she even wore a skirt.. :S) complained to her guy that she was freezing (she said the other 'f' word actually) cold,
-saw a lady in a bikini underwear and tube top that was obviously 6 sizes smaller than she actually is (and embarrassed myself cos i said out loud that i would have frozen if i were to wear like that, n d guy friend who was next to me bursted out laughing.. he must have imaginatively visualized wat i said.. sigh.. leave it to a guy to visualize and u'd regret it for the rest of ur life!)
-tried to break into a closed McD for ice cream, and then queued up at the drive through section behinds the cars.. (it was till open.. but ... no i still didnt get my ice cream)
-walked in to a 24/7 shop to buy something to eat and walked out with a snicker bar and loads dirty looks from the owner of d shop cos he thought i was drunk as well ( blame it on the pub that was just 2 doors away and the lack of public transport on New Year's morning!),
-almost ran to a cop to ask for a lift and rescue but stopped by my friends who wanted to see more bitch fights,
-saw many other ppl trip and fall out of the blues,
-saw many gays and lesbians,
-saw many straight couples glued to each other on the lips (not that they need to get drunk to lip lock in public anyways)
-finally got a cab that charged almost double and realized that we could have just walked back cos it was near to our halls

Great start to a new year .. wouldnt u say! hahhaha...

I'll never forget 1st of Jan 2009 not only as the 1st time away from home, but for these reasons as well! LOL

anyways, am leaving to Manchester tomorrow! Excitedness!! :D kindda nervous too cos meeting my aunt and uncle after so many years... at least my handsome cousin wont be there.. so, there'll be quite a lot of freedom there n i can gobble up as much as i want to!! yay... home cooked food... here i come!!!!! :D