Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Grab a few pieces of papers, pens and at least 3 or 4 other friends n try out this super funny game!

I just learnt a new game.. it's supper funny and you should, must and definitely have to try it out!

I'm officially making this my favourite game from today onwards! haahhaha

ok, this is how it goes:

You'll need at least 3 ppl... but the more the merrier! and each one of you should have a sheet of paper and a pen/pencil/colour pencil (just get watever u can write with k). You'll have to write one word on the paper, fold it over, and pass it on to the next person. and then the second word you write will be on someone else's paper which they passed on to you, and following will be someone else's again. in the end, you have to read wats on the paper that you have with u at the moment. so it's like a story, which everyone has contributed, not knowing wat the person before them has written. and u cant tell out loud wat u have written as well! d fun is when u read it at the end.

U'll have to write a name of a guy on d first line, and fold it over so that d name is not visible and pass the paper to whoever's on ur right or left (if u pass it to ur left, make sure u continue to pass it on to the left, if u choose right, then carry on passing it to ur right)

the second thing should be a name of a women.. fold it over again n pass it on

the thrid line should be the name of some place ( there's no limit to wat place... if u think of Amazon jungle, write Amazon jungle. if u think of Chicken Valley, write chicken Valley by all means!)

the fourth line should be something that the guy says to the girl. fold it over and pass it on to the next person.

the fifth line is wat the girl says to the guy. fold it over and pass it on.

the last line will be wat happens in the end.

the purpose of folding it over and passing it on to the next person is so that each person has a contribution in the story, and they'll not know wats already written in it.. this is wat gives d funny touch to it in d end!

ok, so.. when u'r done with writting all 6 things that you should... u can go in any random order to read out wats written in the paper that u have. I'll just give u an example of the whole thing so that i'll be easier for u to understand.

(the following is wat i would have written with no particular story in mind or no particular person in mind... it's doesnt have any connection with each other.. and also remember that i'm writting each line on different papers each time.

Bill Clinton



Hie how are you doing?? it's been ages since i last saw you.

U know, just yesterday i met someone who looked a lot like you and i thought it was you and gave him a life to ur house.

and they lived happily every after

this is wat i wrote ... but it was all on different pieces of papers each time.

there were five of us doing this... so in the end.. this is one of the story :

Story 1:
Hugh Grant met Sue owen in the Amazon Jungle, and he said to her "Hie, how are you doing? it's been ages since i last saw you!" and the girl replied saying "yea.. u'd say.. U'r French anyways!" and they were abducted by aliens and had to sweep streets on Mars.

Story 2:
George Bush met Jennifer in Christine's house and he said to her, " have you tried my new perfume? it's called 'FISHSKUNK'" and she replied, "yea.. i'm working on my tan". and they were flying nearer to the sun that they crashed into it.

there were a few more really hillarious ones.. but i cant remember wat it was....

It was so funny when we read it out loud..! LOL...

since this is the first time i played this game.. i didnt really know wat to expect and how it was supposed to be.. so i only came up with lame stuff... but the others had played this all along.. so they came up with really creative stuff. d hint is to use famous ppl's name and think of the wackiest things ever...

go ahead n try it.. go go go.. n tell me about it alrite!

hope u guys have loads of fun while at it!! hahahhha

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