Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 - the year that started off very eventfully!

11.20pm, 31st Dec 2008 -
-Went to church for the Hogmonay Praise Fest and countdown... which was awesome!! no complains there...

1am, 1st Jan 2009 -
-had Nigerian food in Afro Caribbean after countdown.. wasnt awesome, but it was good... still no complains

2am -2.40am, 1st Jan 2009 -
-walked for more than half an hour in a -3 degrees temperature ... complains/no complains?

2.40am -3.40am, 1st Jan 2009 -
-waited at the bus stop for 1 hour, amongst drunk men and women,
-watched a bitch fight ( yea.. like d ones in WWE-World Wrestling Entertainment, the pulling hair, slapping, kicking, trashing each other on the road and falling all over the place.. d one who got trashed actually stopped to smile for a photo and then started crying like 5 minutes later! ),
-crossed paths with ugly-bunny-looking-drunkards,
-terrified to the bits when came face to face with a determined drunk who wished Happy New Year and asked for a smoke,
-tried my very best to not laugh out loud and get a tight slap across my face or get dragged by hair when a hooker in a micromini skirt (come to think of it, i dont think she even wore a skirt.. :S) complained to her guy that she was freezing (she said the other 'f' word actually) cold,
-saw a lady in a bikini underwear and tube top that was obviously 6 sizes smaller than she actually is (and embarrassed myself cos i said out loud that i would have frozen if i were to wear like that, n d guy friend who was next to me bursted out laughing.. he must have imaginatively visualized wat i said.. sigh.. leave it to a guy to visualize and u'd regret it for the rest of ur life!)
-tried to break into a closed McD for ice cream, and then queued up at the drive through section behinds the cars.. (it was till open.. but ... no i still didnt get my ice cream)
-walked in to a 24/7 shop to buy something to eat and walked out with a snicker bar and loads dirty looks from the owner of d shop cos he thought i was drunk as well ( blame it on the pub that was just 2 doors away and the lack of public transport on New Year's morning!),
-almost ran to a cop to ask for a lift and rescue but stopped by my friends who wanted to see more bitch fights,
-saw many other ppl trip and fall out of the blues,
-saw many gays and lesbians,
-saw many straight couples glued to each other on the lips (not that they need to get drunk to lip lock in public anyways)
-finally got a cab that charged almost double and realized that we could have just walked back cos it was near to our halls

Great start to a new year .. wouldnt u say! hahhaha...

I'll never forget 1st of Jan 2009 not only as the 1st time away from home, but for these reasons as well! LOL

anyways, am leaving to Manchester tomorrow! Excitedness!! :D kindda nervous too cos meeting my aunt and uncle after so many years... at least my handsome cousin wont be there.. so, there'll be quite a lot of freedom there n i can gobble up as much as i want to!! yay... home cooked food... here i come!!!!! :D


**HOPE** said...

Oh, how I wish your mother would read this post! I wonder if she would be as amused as I am if she were to read it. ;)

Does this mean we could go out and roam the streets when Sherline and I come to visit? Go to pubs and not have to drag our sorry arses out before 10pm just because you have a curfew? Please say "yes".

Chumi Lakshmi said...

hahha.. my mum doesnt really know about my blog.. she does.. but not really..

N i told her about my New Year.. she didnt react too much... cos i decided to omit a few minute details :P


we can go out at nite when u guys come over... but i'm not sure about pubs.. not my cup of tea, u know. we'll go to church n then we'll walk back, n we'll sit in that same bus stop at 3am n ppl watch! LOL

**HOPE** said...


So, it's a deal then. We go crazy-drunk-people-watching!