Monday, July 28, 2008

one week....

it's been exactly one whole week since i last blogged..

it's been one whole week since i actually stayed at home for longer than a nite's rest...

last week was a hectic week.... no, i havent started working... no, i havent started studying.... n no, i havent got myself a boyfriend last week...

i've just been busy working for absolutely no pay... i've been my mum's PA/driver/Sec/legal adviser/office girl/comp assistant/Clerk/dish washer/cook/house cleaner/organizer... u name it.. n i'm all that!!

i drove thousands of kilometers in one week alone last week.... until i got sick of driving! with d petrol prices so high rite now.. my car is showing no mercy on me... neither is my mum! i had to go to penang by bus last friday! :(

there's so much i want to blog about... i still havent sorted out my KL pics ( though we didnt take as many pics as we could have ), n so many other pics for that matter....

i'm still switching between my mum's comp n mine... now all my pics are in my comp... but i'm using my mum's comp at d moment.. so cant upload any pics... when i have my comp with me and want to sort out everything n blog, i either dont have d time, or d wifi isnt working, when i'm using my mum's comp... i dont have pics to blog about n upload!

i still havent transferred all my favourites from my old comp to my new comp... talk about procrastinating!

i'm d QUEEN of procrastination!!!! ( not that i'm proud of it though)

i finally mailed all my friends in orkut n told them that i was gonna delete my orkut account. i finally did it after 3 whole months!!!! shheeessh!

i havent been cooking for d past 3 weeks already now i think... got to start cooking again this week... but i'll be out tomorrow n wednesday again! sigh.....

i started painting a velvet cloth with a flower basket design about a month ago ( or i think it was more than a month)... n i havent proceeded more than a tiny part of the flower basket handle! its sitting on one of my study table n collecting dust!

its been 2 whole months since i've been back n i STILL havent gone shopping! can u believe it!! i havent gone shopping in more than half a year already!! n my mum isnt bothered whenever i crib about not having anything appropriate to wear! i paid so much for my cargo to be sent from bangalore to malaysia n yet i dont have d things that i need d most! sigh....

i intend to sort out my studyroom n my comp (for the how many-th time i dont know... ) by today!!

wish me luck!!

Monday, July 21, 2008


have u seen this movie yet??

not yet???!!! wat r u waiting for!! go watch it!!!! it is a must watch movie!!!

its a very brilliant story line.. n kamal has done his homework so well... expect for a little bit of camera tricks n computer graphics that wasnt all that great compared to the others in d movie. i'm not going to tell u about d movie n spoil it for u....

but there's one tiny little information i've got for u... there's gonna be a remake of this movie with a totally new group of casts with similar settings!!!

i cant tell u too much about it rite now... but can share with u a small bit of it

there's this scene in the d movie with asin.....where kamal forces her to jump 0ff d train cos the villain was following them.. but she simply refuses to.. cos she's so worried she'll get hurt....

here's preview pic of d remake version:

ok ok... i'll tell u who d heroin is......

thats our sherline ann andrew for u!!!!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Now wat do i do

Just when i made up my mind to forget him for good and move on,
He stands at the door of my heart and gives me his charming smile, waiting for me to let him in.

Just when i gather enough courage to open up and tell him everything,
all the doors seemed to have slammed shut again.

Not that i expected anything out of wat i was going to tell him,
"better said than never at all" they say.

Not that i was confident of getting a positive answer from him anyways,
he might just claim his feelings as childish crushes and jokes and walk away.

It wasnt easy for me all these years, though i doubt this is wat they call as love, but it has to be something if it has lasted this long.. right?

It wasnt easy for me to muster up the courage to even make up my mind that i'm going to tell him.

It isnt going to be easy for me to face him if/when he says he doesnt feel the same way.

But i knew i had to do it... for my own sake.

But now its all dead and burried 6 feet deep under,
all because of some suspicion which might be true, or might not be true at all.

Now it's all over... but i dont know if it's over for good or not.

I wish it didnt have to end this way.

I wish God didnt plays games with me all this while.

Everytime i decide to walk forward without him, he stands in the way and makes me melt.

Everytime i tell myself " this is meant to be", things doesnt seem that way.

Now wat Lord?

Wat do i do?

Forget him??

I will.....

If You promise not to show him up in front of me right the minute i set my mind to forget him.

I will.....

If You promise to make him behave and not make my knees go weak.

I will.....

If we are not meant to be.

But i cant stop thinking about wats running in his head...

i cant stop thinking y he gives me special attention compared to d other girls...

i cant stop thinking y he's so obviously being so nice to me at times...

i cant stop thiking about how emotional he got when he heard i was leaving that day...

i cant stop thinking about how happy he was when i was back...


i wonder if i've grown immune to You, because of my overwhelming thougts

I'm waiting to listen to Your voice Lord..... not my own

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Remember this post where i told u about about how i love the newspaper and how my reading habits changed over the years.....

well... this post is an extension to that one

currently ( since last week actually ) .. i've got this habit of scanning through the paper, looking at all d education ads... especially one in particular... the UNITAR ad for MBA.

no no.. i'm not thinking of doing MBA... i dont believe in switching lines after 3 whole years i spent in killing myself n completing my degree in biotech!

its for some other completely unrelated reason that i keep looking at that ad..... eerr.. maybe its related. actually i SO want it to be related!

its because of THIS!!! :

if u think he's not hot.. u'r blind!

Yasmin keeps taking about him even today morning! LOL

he's definitely an Indian... looks more like a Bhramin though... how i wish he was a chetty... (how i wish i knew anything more about him than how he looks!)

if i were good at photoshop ( if i at least knew a little bit on how to use photoshop! ) i would have photshopped myself in that pic n make it look as if he's smiling at me!

dont give me that "get alive" thing k... thats wat hundreds of ppl do these days!!!

i dont even know which pic is genuine n which is photoshop-ed nowadays

speaking about photoshop reminds me of a pic which i took in Pacific long back. u know .. there's this guy who is strategically placed between McD n KFC on d ground floor who does this editting stuff n gives u a pic of u with any movie actor, or in many different settings.....

yea.. i tried that about 5 years ago.. n i havent seen that pic ever since. cos its so totally not me! i look like my cousin in that pic... that guy even editted my smile n my nose n my eyes! wat more do u need to change to not look like urself?

i didnt expect it to be such a drastic pic... thats y i gave it a try... now i dont even know where i kept that pic!

anyway... coming back to my latest addiction to that STAR newspaper n UNITAR MBA ad... anyone who knows any news about him....drop me a line k.. or else, u can give my email id n number to him.. better still!


*slaps self out of her dream n tries to get back to work*!

*sigh* reality is so boring these days!

i havent read today's paper yet.... i'm going to go n add on to my collection of..... u know wat! *winks*

Friday, July 11, 2008

back in BM!

reached Bm early this morning..... am still floating around, still sick, n still sleep deprive ( even more infact!)

i have loads n loads of stories to tell n even more pics to share... about me trip.. hehehe

actually... each pic has a funyn story behind it!! LOL

but am in no situation to start sharing all that rite now... so, i'll start putting up posts about my trip soon k....

rite now i've got my hands full with the pending computer work ( cos i was away...), n i got to download n sort out everything in my new comp..... yup... my comp is finall ready n as good as new!!! but d biggest headache is to wait for all d downloading! :(

am gonna go to sleep now... or else i'll really drop dead tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

floating about

last friday was a busy busy day.... n so was d weekend ( as usual )

i've been over-dose-ing myself with tablets since last nite cos i got to get better by today evening...

n now i feel as if i'm floating around cos i'm still drowsy from the 3 doses which i took last nite.. plus this morning's tablets also!

will be away for 2 days...will see u guys on friday or probably this coming weekend!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Am i a pro or wat!

3rd day into cooking n i'm already famous n so is my famous rasam n carrot payasam!! *lifts collar proudly* LOL

i never thought i'd ever say this..... but i'm kindda enjoying cooking too! :D

d 1st day there wasnt enough salt in d fried rice, but my mum said it was nice. d 2nd day there was a tad too much salt in d rasam, but everyone said it was nice, n d 3rd day my carrot payasam doesnt taste like its exactly supposed to, but still everyone who has tried it so far(practically those whom i literally forced it down their throat!) said its nice! who wouldnt like to cook if they have great family n friends/fans like mine! ahahaha

anyway, next week i'm gonna start cooking western food... or probably i'll do chinese style first n then move on to western food....

i think i might as well hurry up n learn all sorts of cooking n open my own restaurant instead of looking for a job high n low. then my mum can be d cashier n tauke! hahaha

someone PLEASE give me a job la!!!!!!!!! i dont wanna be stuck doing house work 24/7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I "heart" DELL

d day before i put my status msg in Facebook as "stupid DELL". i take ALL that back today!!!

d DELL Engineer came this morning n spent almost 2 whole hours to get everything fixed.

actually, it was perfectly alrite when i got it in Dec for my mum ( for me la actually.. but i let my mum use it for d time being )... in January there was a problem with the mother board cos d mother board n father board had a fight n d mother board refused to work/function normally n started creating a havoc in d household(in the laptop).

ok, bad joke! d mother board wasnt functioning, so had to get it changed. d engineer who changed it literally forgot to install a few stuff like d media direct, wireless, bluetooth and wrongly installed mouse properties instead of touchpad properties! my mum didnt even know all this wasnt functioning cos she doesnt use those stuff.

i got so pissed when i realized it d other day. ( i finally decided to exchange comp with my mum so, was trying to get used to that one ). so i called up DELL yesterday morning, all ready to fire them n give them a piece of my mind for doing such an irresponsible job, when they so easily said theu'll send d engineer over tomorrow to check everything n fix it. it was so easy

this morning that guy spent such a long time to install everything cos Vista usually takes a long time to upload.

n now everything's perfectly alrite!!!!! :D

so, now i love DELL all over again! this is y i end up buying DELL all d time! i have a DELL PDA, DELL laptop, another DELL laptop, and i would have had a DELL printer if only i were to be in Malaysia when my old printer crashed. nvm... i'll get a DELL printer when my current Canon crashes... hehehh

i'm promoting DELL big time arent i....? they are very efficient and tolerable actually..... i ended up with all this DELL stuff cos they were d only affordable ones and they came along with a reasonable price tag for d quality and quantity offered, unlike d ones that i actually wanted but couldnt get my hands on it cos it was way beyond my budget. and DELL provides very good service as long as u'r still covered by d warranty. i dont know how efficient they are once u run out of warranty.

DELL, will u PLS give me a job when i come over for a walk in interview on Friday?? pls pls pls! i seriously need a job n i'm promoting ur products so much!

on another note... second day of cooking wasnt all that bad... became kindda interesting cos i could remember d necessary items which had to be thrown into d wok without even looking into d book! LOL

i managed to dig out a cook book which i compiled long long ago, when my aunt insisted on me learning cooking... it finally came in handy today! ;)

i did rasam n fried baby kangkung... eer... i think it was kaylan........i havent mastered d names of d veges n spices yet.. so excuse moi.. :P

my mum said it was good, yasmin's mum gave me an A certificate for it, Sherline said it was good, n Yasmin just msged to say that everyone in her house liked it!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! 2 thumbs up for Chumi n her cooking adventures!!! LOL

since yasmin insisted on trying my cooking, i packed up yesterday's fried rice n today's rasam when i was going to her house. i wonder wat happened to d fried rice...i just realized that no one mentioned about it! :S

who cares about d fried rice anyways when my rasam has become such a big hit!!1 hahahha.... from today onwards i'm d rasam queen!!!!! if u want my special recipe, pls mail me n let me know if u intend to make payments as cash, gifts or bank draft, n then i'll forward my recipe to u kay??

i'm having a splitting headache rite now.. so, tomorrow MC for kitchen n cooking! :P

i got to get off d comp rite now cos my mum wants to use it. i'm tumpang-ing my mum's comp at d moment ( which was mine till d day before ) cos i am comp-less. i have to install everything from scratch ... i hate doing all that.... *sigh*

anyway, i'm gonna leave that for tomorrow... my head fells as if it's gonna split open any minute now!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Surprise surprise!!!

GUESS WAT!!!!!!!!

2 surprises today so far!! :D

as soon as i got up this morning, i walked straight to my study room and switched on my comp n pulled d phone nearer to me n started making calls. i was stuck with d comp n phone till about 10 am when i finally decided it was high time i got something to eat, cos my stomach was grumbling so badly.

d 1st thing i saw when i walked over 2 d door was THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! :

i LOVE The STAR!!!!!!!!!!

i'm not promoting that newspaper k! i said i love The STAR cos thats my fav newspaper ever since i started reading newspaper.. ( for watever purpose la )

my mum stopped buying newspapers at home ever since i left to india to study cos no one reads d paper at home... (they all got newspapers in their office wat... so no need to buy at home also la). but poor poor me got no newspaper at home!! :(

everyday i have to remind my mum to buy newspaper for me, but by d time she comes back home in d evening she completely forgets about it, or else she doesnt have d time during lunch hour. even if she goes ind evening there's no more STAR paper on d stands :(

d newspaper vendor who sends paper to my house everyday in d morning changed his number already!! so couldnt find anyone la! n i dont wake up early enough to catch them zooming around d taman in d mornings... my mum even made me sit on d swing in our house porch n wait for d newspaper vendor so that i can talk to him directly. i still missed him... cos i fell asleep on d swing! dont ask me how i managed to sleep on d swing... i was just too sleepy.... :P

yesterday i finally maneged to catch hold of one newspaper vendor who was stuck with his motorbike... i think it broke down on him.. but all i cared was the STAR paper! i literally begged to remember to bring the paper to my house everyday!

when i 1st started reading newspapers during primary school... i only read 3 pages from that entire paper..... one page of tv guide n 2 pages of cartoon n comics

i absolutely adore Garfield

even Kee's world is fun reading...

so is Zits..

Hi and Lois is funny at times....

oh.. n how can i forget Calvin n hobbes!!!

so.. those were d only things i read while in school.... yea... literally d only things i read throughout my primary school....

n then i started reading d whole newspaper... right from d 1st page till d very last page! (i'm so proud of myself!!! :D)

but these days (meaning for d past 2 weeks) d 1st page that i hunt for (as soon as i get hold of d paper) is this :

yup.. i'm unemployed n jobless ( actually, i'm not jobless... i'm drowning till my head.. but i'm not getting paid for watever i'm doing! hhmppfff )... but i proudly fill up forms n still call myself a student! ( shame on me )

anyway, grabbed my breakfast n started reading d paper...

yea.. that was my breakfast for d day... my poor stomach... ( but it doesnt seem to be shrinking even when i dont feed it! )

yesterday i found a cute guy's pic in an add for MBA n msged sherline n yasmin about it... while considering doing MBA in that same college... :P. unfortunately no luck today


anyways, i almost forgot that i had a very very important assignment which i promised my mum i'd start from today! that's surprise number 2!


chumi is officially gonna start cooking from today onwards n try not to burn d house down while at it!

i did keep my word k.... on both issues... i did start cooking today n i did not burn d house down! hahahha

i made my mum buy so many things not knowing wat is for wat n i told her i'll take care of d cooking for this whole week... i even forced her out of d kitchen last nite n made her leave all d vegetables n meat for me to cook. i even refused to tell her wat i was gonna cook today cos i didnt know wat to do myself :P

i had planned a proper menu last nite before going to bed... but didnt feel like it this morning... so, i decided to start off with something simple... thank God for that! or else i would have spoiled everything

i made fried rice... forget about d recipe n working procedures.. i mean.. cooking methods.... i had imagined it to turn out in one way n it turned out d opposite way!!

pity my mum la....had to eat wat i did... i had to eat it myself also la...

it wasnt all that bad my mum said... but it had that something missing feeling/taste

mum said there wasnt enough salt n probably a little more chilli powder would have made it better

she didnt complain :)

tomorrow i'm gonna make sure i spend more time n make sure i actually do it better than today....

1st time ok la kan??