Thursday, July 3, 2008

Am i a pro or wat!

3rd day into cooking n i'm already famous n so is my famous rasam n carrot payasam!! *lifts collar proudly* LOL

i never thought i'd ever say this..... but i'm kindda enjoying cooking too! :D

d 1st day there wasnt enough salt in d fried rice, but my mum said it was nice. d 2nd day there was a tad too much salt in d rasam, but everyone said it was nice, n d 3rd day my carrot payasam doesnt taste like its exactly supposed to, but still everyone who has tried it so far(practically those whom i literally forced it down their throat!) said its nice! who wouldnt like to cook if they have great family n friends/fans like mine! ahahaha

anyway, next week i'm gonna start cooking western food... or probably i'll do chinese style first n then move on to western food....

i think i might as well hurry up n learn all sorts of cooking n open my own restaurant instead of looking for a job high n low. then my mum can be d cashier n tauke! hahaha

someone PLEASE give me a job la!!!!!!!!! i dont wanna be stuck doing house work 24/7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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