Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I "heart" DELL

d day before i put my status msg in Facebook as "stupid DELL". i take ALL that back today!!!

d DELL Engineer came this morning n spent almost 2 whole hours to get everything fixed.

actually, it was perfectly alrite when i got it in Dec for my mum ( for me la actually.. but i let my mum use it for d time being )... in January there was a problem with the mother board cos d mother board n father board had a fight n d mother board refused to work/function normally n started creating a havoc in d household(in the laptop).

ok, bad joke! d mother board wasnt functioning, so had to get it changed. d engineer who changed it literally forgot to install a few stuff like d media direct, wireless, bluetooth and wrongly installed mouse properties instead of touchpad properties! my mum didnt even know all this wasnt functioning cos she doesnt use those stuff.

i got so pissed when i realized it d other day. ( i finally decided to exchange comp with my mum so, was trying to get used to that one ). so i called up DELL yesterday morning, all ready to fire them n give them a piece of my mind for doing such an irresponsible job, when they so easily said theu'll send d engineer over tomorrow to check everything n fix it. it was so easy

this morning that guy spent such a long time to install everything cos Vista usually takes a long time to upload.

n now everything's perfectly alrite!!!!! :D

so, now i love DELL all over again! this is y i end up buying DELL all d time! i have a DELL PDA, DELL laptop, another DELL laptop, and i would have had a DELL printer if only i were to be in Malaysia when my old printer crashed. nvm... i'll get a DELL printer when my current Canon crashes... hehehh

i'm promoting DELL big time arent i....? they are very efficient and tolerable actually..... i ended up with all this DELL stuff cos they were d only affordable ones and they came along with a reasonable price tag for d quality and quantity offered, unlike d ones that i actually wanted but couldnt get my hands on it cos it was way beyond my budget. and DELL provides very good service as long as u'r still covered by d warranty. i dont know how efficient they are once u run out of warranty.

DELL, will u PLS give me a job when i come over for a walk in interview on Friday?? pls pls pls! i seriously need a job n i'm promoting ur products so much!

on another note... second day of cooking wasnt all that bad... became kindda interesting cos i could remember d necessary items which had to be thrown into d wok without even looking into d book! LOL

i managed to dig out a cook book which i compiled long long ago, when my aunt insisted on me learning cooking... it finally came in handy today! ;)

i did rasam n fried baby kangkung... eer... i think it was kaylan........i havent mastered d names of d veges n spices yet.. so excuse moi.. :P

my mum said it was good, yasmin's mum gave me an A certificate for it, Sherline said it was good, n Yasmin just msged to say that everyone in her house liked it!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! 2 thumbs up for Chumi n her cooking adventures!!! LOL

since yasmin insisted on trying my cooking, i packed up yesterday's fried rice n today's rasam when i was going to her house. i wonder wat happened to d fried rice...i just realized that no one mentioned about it! :S

who cares about d fried rice anyways when my rasam has become such a big hit!!1 hahahha.... from today onwards i'm d rasam queen!!!!! if u want my special recipe, pls mail me n let me know if u intend to make payments as cash, gifts or bank draft, n then i'll forward my recipe to u kay??

i'm having a splitting headache rite now.. so, tomorrow MC for kitchen n cooking! :P

i got to get off d comp rite now cos my mum wants to use it. i'm tumpang-ing my mum's comp at d moment ( which was mine till d day before ) cos i am comp-less. i have to install everything from scratch ... i hate doing all that.... *sigh*

anyway, i'm gonna leave that for tomorrow... my head fells as if it's gonna split open any minute now!

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