Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Remember this post where i told u about about how i love the newspaper and how my reading habits changed over the years.....

well... this post is an extension to that one

currently ( since last week actually ) .. i've got this habit of scanning through the paper, looking at all d education ads... especially one in particular... the UNITAR ad for MBA.

no no.. i'm not thinking of doing MBA... i dont believe in switching lines after 3 whole years i spent in killing myself n completing my degree in biotech!

its for some other completely unrelated reason that i keep looking at that ad..... eerr.. maybe its related. actually i SO want it to be related!

its because of THIS!!! :

if u think he's not hot.. u'r blind!

Yasmin keeps taking about him even today morning! LOL

he's definitely an Indian... looks more like a Bhramin though... how i wish he was a chetty... (how i wish i knew anything more about him than how he looks!)

if i were good at photoshop ( if i at least knew a little bit on how to use photoshop! ) i would have photshopped myself in that pic n make it look as if he's smiling at me!

dont give me that "get alive" thing k... thats wat hundreds of ppl do these days!!!

i dont even know which pic is genuine n which is photoshop-ed nowadays

speaking about photoshop reminds me of a pic which i took in Pacific long back. u know .. there's this guy who is strategically placed between McD n KFC on d ground floor who does this editting stuff n gives u a pic of u with any movie actor, or in many different settings.....

yea.. i tried that about 5 years ago.. n i havent seen that pic ever since. cos its so totally not me! i look like my cousin in that pic... that guy even editted my smile n my nose n my eyes! wat more do u need to change to not look like urself?

i didnt expect it to be such a drastic pic... thats y i gave it a try... now i dont even know where i kept that pic!

anyway... coming back to my latest addiction to that STAR newspaper n UNITAR MBA ad... anyone who knows any news about him....drop me a line k.. or else, u can give my email id n number to him.. better still!


*slaps self out of her dream n tries to get back to work*!

*sigh* reality is so boring these days!

i havent read today's paper yet.... i'm going to go n add on to my collection of..... u know wat! *winks*

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