Tuesday, June 30, 2009

i just realized that i never spoke about my darling niece Nivedha

ok, i promise i'm not gonna go on blabbering... its just the pics n ur own imagination. actually.. she doesnt need any explanation or talking , her pics will speak for themselves. but because i'm such a big mouth n because i cannot not talk, u'll see captions of my own here n there

PS/Disclaimer/Information: April pictures are of my own, while all the other pics have been shamelessly and unethically stolen


where's my ride?? i'm gonna be late for my fashion show!

i believe i can fly

i believe i can touch the sky



Tug of war!!

latest method to relieve tension while watching tv

the reader

do not disturb! i'm busy reading!

standard passport photo

looksie looksie

i swear her mum did something to her eye lashes! how can it be longer than mine!!?

healthy daily vitamin supplement

ooppssie... caught in d act!

Random pics/events/places

tights @ 6 months! amazing fashion sense

Santa's little personal elf

a few days old

i tot i saw a tweety bird!

shy ade ;)

Victoria Secret's next top Model

Victoria Beckham *seriously.. she has better class than some wanna-be*

Good morning, my little sunshine

Bagun pagi, gosok gigi, cuci muka, pakai baju

she likes d doll *yays*




the little bookworm

dont mess with me when i'm sleepy! :( *puppy face*

Hepi bday to u, hepi bday to u, hepi bday dear gramma, hepi bday to u

baby steps

she pouts @ 10 months!! beat that! LOL

MY niece!! :D

Friday, June 26, 2009

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


d first ever tag in this blog...

i've never really been a tagging/tagged person before.. but this one sounds like fun (until i start making fun of myself!). n since its sort of a virtual bday present from Maidinmalaysia, i thought i'd just do it. MiM, i'm not letting u get away with just this, u still owe me d payasam when i'm back the next time! LOL (n shame on u to all those who didnt wish me! hhmmpp!! *pprrrbbt*)

I am awesome because i'm a pint sized wonder! my friend's mum nicknamed me that a couple of weeks ago when she 1st saw me cos that's wat i am. i might look tiny n petite (which i am not anymore! boohoo!), but i speak like a bullet train, i'm capable of handling things better than a grown up adult, .. bla bla bla.. in short .. i'm a pint sized wonder ;) it says it all... which leads to my other awesomeness

I am awesome because of my ability to arrange/organize stuff. during my 1st year of undergrad, i was stuck in a nun's hostel (i dont mean to sound ungrateful, i met some good friends there, and learned a lot about life and ppl.. it wasnt d best years i've had-to put it mildly), a friend of mine was hopeless in taking care of herself or her things-i organized her book shelves, clothes cupboard and accessories cupboard within a few minutes (i was itching to do it ever since i saw that pig sty replica!! ). and a couple of months ago, i organized my ex-flatmate's kitchen for her .. again within a few minutes! *ahem..lifts up collar*. there's more, but i wont bore u to death.i'm a freak when it comes to arranging/organizing/sorting things out!

I am awesome because i'm a survivor. i've been through heaven, hell, earth ... literally whatever anyone can throw at me .. and survived it all with grace n make d best out of it. throw me in a village and when i walk out from it i'll be like one of them, throw me in Queen Elizabeth's palace and i'll walk out from it like i was born n i'll displace Queen Elizabeth herself! that's how i've managed all these years of being in different countries every few months. the change of accent in each country wasnt one of my favourites but hey, it has its own advantages at the end of the day

I am awesome because i can understand and speak many languages and not many ppl know about my hidden talents! AHAHAH*evil laugh*! some of my 'friends' thought i dont understand their language, and they were happily bitching about me while i was there minding my own business (in their own language of course), and turned as white as ghosts when i answered them back!! HAHAHH... that was a sight! nope, they never dared to speak about me in front of me ever since! and most of the time i just hang around like i'm deaf to a certain language, but in reality i understand it! but the biggest joke about understanding some languages and not being able to voice it out correctly is when i asked to borrow a scissors saying, "Kya scissors bohoth busy hai?" ("is the scissors busy?".. wat d hell was i thinking!)

I am awesome because i've moved 3 houses in 8 months. (going to move to the 3rd flat this weekend and am packing up now) i literally have to stuff an elephant into a box half as big as me n multiply that by 10 boxes. that's how much i managed to accumulate. but i've managed to do it as good as almost perfect each time. n have done it before a few years back-from my hostel to a friends house n from my friends house back to Malaysia (if i've managed to accumulate 10 boxes of elephants in 8 months, u can imagine how much i owned at the end of 3 years). i think i'll make a good housewife... but i dont want to be a housewife

I am awesome because i'm 26 years old today, and to date i've managed to keep my dignity, my pride, my virginity, and myself intact and safe... of course it isnt all by myself but because of God and my parents.

I am awesome because i am who i am. i cannot and will not change myself just because someone else is not satisfied with me. i have no needs to change at all, cos i am a perfect combination of everything-the good, the bad, the meek, the fierce, the bold, the coward, the daring soul, the heartless, the compassionate, the procrastinator, the alert(dont laugh! i am at times.. when absolutely necessary..), . some ppl might say this is arrogance, but i think i'm highly blessed, and i am fearfully and wonderfully made my God himself. I'm one of a kind, and proud of it!

i tag whoever who stumbles upon this blog, those who comment, n those who dont.. i know there are loads of u silent readers out there. if u dont have a blog of ur own, leave it in the comment box... dont worry, this isnt a 1000 word essay.. even short point forms will do. i'm an exceptional case who cant make a point short n sweet.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm trying to be optimistict here

i celebrate my bday for 31 hours this year.

scratch that...

my bday would last for 31 hours this year.

n i dont even wanna remember how old i'm turning!

okay.. that did turn out very optimistic.... sigh

Friday, June 19, 2009

twinkle twinkle little star

i have absolutely no clue wat i'm doing with my life, and i so dont care.

i mean, which idiot sleeps at 6am and wakes up at 3pm while in UK, and sleeps from 8am till 4pm while she's in Malaysia? its not even jet lag or the right time difference. it doesnt make sense at all!

the fact that 10pm is as bright as 10am doesnt help and 4am as bright as 4pm is of no help as well!

i'm stuck in a class filled with doctors and specialists and working adults who are all above average and who work hard for all their assignments and exams and manage to get an average mark, while i dont work for it at all n i still get an average mark. y is that so?? cos i'm smart, but i dont make use of it! even a preschooler recognized that!! i do not know of anyone else who's a bigger idiot than i am!

oh.. n these classmates of mine have already started writting their dissertation, while i'm not even trying to figure out wat i'm gonna write on for 6ooo words excluding the references and damned figures and tables and figure legends!

so, wat do i do instead of looking for a job/working on my dissertation/packing? i watch every season of Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives and Hannah Montana and every possible movie! so wat if its such an idiotic movie like Love Guru! as long as i dont have to get off this uncomfortable chairs, i'll stay put n watch anything 24/7. btw, i dont think Meredith Grey is pretty at all.. i think she looks like she's had plastic surgery and its melting off, especially around her upper lip

i'll see if i can get hold of another chair like this in my new house next end of the month. n then we'll see how many movies i watch!

oh btw... yup.. i'm moving out again.. 3rd time in 8 months! n i've got stuff i cannot imagine i've managed to accumulated so soon. i'm gonna have to hire ppl to carry it downstairs from my current 3rd floor apartment and upstairs to my new 3rd floor flat, and pay for 5 cabs at least... oh n did i mention there's no lift?! how cool is my life!

my joggin was supposed to have started on the 8th of June. today is the 18th of June. nope, hasnt started.. hey i'm too busy watching stuff off the internet okay!

i bought four rich chocolate muffins at 3.30pm today and finished it by 4pm today. no wonder i felt sick after that. i thought peanut butter would help... half d bottle of crunchy peanut butter didnt help at all

i'm at the phase again where i dont wanna look at my face in the mirror cos this time i think my skin is allergic to something but i dont know wat and i havent changed anything that i put on my face so i really dont know wat, but this new face of mine looks like its gonna stay for some time. as if feeling like a 30 year old isnt enough, my face has to start showing like its 40 year old! can i wear a mask around everyday and pretend i'm in some drama??

u know ..i dont get it... how is it that when i'm watching a movie, i'm wide awake.. but d minute i start reading some journlas or articles i fall asleep flat on my face?!

i've got hundreds of pics in my folder waitint to be sorted out. for that matter..i've got hundreds of things in my comp that needs to be sorted out.

i'm sick of staring at the same four walls. i wanna go somewhere on a holiday.

life is perfect! wat more can i ask for!

Monday, June 15, 2009

absolutely heavenly

n i cant stop smiling!!!!

its so heavenly.... i have no idea wat i'd do without it.... i have no idea how anyone could ever survive without this!


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Snooze mode

exams got over yesterday, n then i realized that i dont have a life besides studies.

seriously.. how much more pathetic can my life get??!

spent the rest of the evening yesterday watching movies n staring out the window, trying to figure out if there's anything besides studies that i could do for the day. i had to clear up my study table and my room... there were notes n papers n books on the table that i didnt have place to out anything else on it, n lets not even bother talking about how my room was

i slept for 12 hours last nite.. without having to set my alarm at 5am (infact i did not switch my alarm on at all) for the 1st time in a week, without having to worry about oversleeping

its a beautiful day today (in Glasgow, that's a rare miracle) but i'm gonna stay in and laze around n not make use of the beautiful day

i'm still trying to smuggle myself back to malaysia this summer... but doesnt look like its working out. come to think of it... i told myself i'm not gonna put myself through the torture of travelling for 14-17 hours ever again for another 6 months at least. it's only been less than 2 months and i seem to have forgotten how miserable d whole thing was.

i'm bored... though i should be starting with my dissertations already... sigh. i pray that no one else gets stuck with a life like mine!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

14 days to go

I just realized that in exactly 2 weeks' time, i'm gonna be older than a quarter of a century!!!!

my quarter life crisis started 11 months and 16 days ago... but it was all forgotten within a few days because i was with my family n friends, n i was at home, with a 101 things to do. now i have a 1001 things to do that it didnt strike me till today that we're already in the month of June. i usually count the days and i know wat day my bday falls that year, d year after that n d following year as well!

the number of candles on the cake keeps increasing every year.... actually.. i havent had a birthday cake in ages! i dont know where that came from :S

it's gonna be so miserable this year!! :(

Sunday, June 7, 2009

why am i more spontaneous while writing rather than while talking

i've been thinking about it for quite some time now actually. i was reading some of my old posts, n i was baffled myself.. for a moment i thought someone else had hacked my password n wrote it... i dont even remember writing things like that.

i usually write wat i think, n i'm one to speak my mind... so naturally, i should be as versatile even in person rite...? but i'm not... thats y i'm complicated and i dont know it myself.

if i were to read this post a few weeks or months later.. i could be surprised that i wrote this myself... well, i guess its true that some ppl write better than they talk. i think i should start publishing my so-called short stories... (n see if i do make some money out of it). even a lot of ppl have asked me about this... (no, not about publishing my stupid stories, but about my talking vs writing habit)

i was trying to figure out y is it that i can express myself better in writing rather than talking n i realized that its because no one distracts me while i'm typing. but if i were to be talking.. there would be a hundred and one cuts and breaks and pauses and distractions, that i end up forgetting wat i was gonna say in d first place!

imagine how it would be if we all could voice ourselves without being disrupted rudely..? wouldnt it be nice that u can finally say wat u want to, and to think that ur opinion would have made a world of a difference? but i dont that'll ever happen rite... no one's ever going to let you to talk without interrupting u. its as if they get some evil joy out of it. but the only solution to that is to make everyone type things out instead of saying it out! AHAHHAHA!!

imagine everyone carry their notebooks, laptops, PDAs, and smart phones around n typing things out rather than voicing it out. it would be a much much quieter world! oh oh... n wat if someone driving very rashly n u wanna scold him good..! u whip put ur PDA and type abusive words in abusive language, and then chase after him n stop him, and make him read wat u just typed. n he in return will type something else n throw it at u.

okay, that's a stupid thought. nevermind. this is wat i end up doing if i'm allowed to type without any interference. maybe that's y i dont talk as spontaneously as i write.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Culzean castle Pt 3

the thing that i enjoyed d most during the whole Away day trip was the beach, games, fun, kids having fun, candid moments, and funny poses.