Sunday, June 7, 2009

why am i more spontaneous while writing rather than while talking

i've been thinking about it for quite some time now actually. i was reading some of my old posts, n i was baffled myself.. for a moment i thought someone else had hacked my password n wrote it... i dont even remember writing things like that.

i usually write wat i think, n i'm one to speak my mind... so naturally, i should be as versatile even in person rite...? but i'm not... thats y i'm complicated and i dont know it myself.

if i were to read this post a few weeks or months later.. i could be surprised that i wrote this myself... well, i guess its true that some ppl write better than they talk. i think i should start publishing my so-called short stories... (n see if i do make some money out of it). even a lot of ppl have asked me about this... (no, not about publishing my stupid stories, but about my talking vs writing habit)

i was trying to figure out y is it that i can express myself better in writing rather than talking n i realized that its because no one distracts me while i'm typing. but if i were to be talking.. there would be a hundred and one cuts and breaks and pauses and distractions, that i end up forgetting wat i was gonna say in d first place!

imagine how it would be if we all could voice ourselves without being disrupted rudely..? wouldnt it be nice that u can finally say wat u want to, and to think that ur opinion would have made a world of a difference? but i dont that'll ever happen rite... no one's ever going to let you to talk without interrupting u. its as if they get some evil joy out of it. but the only solution to that is to make everyone type things out instead of saying it out! AHAHHAHA!!

imagine everyone carry their notebooks, laptops, PDAs, and smart phones around n typing things out rather than voicing it out. it would be a much much quieter world! oh oh... n wat if someone driving very rashly n u wanna scold him good..! u whip put ur PDA and type abusive words in abusive language, and then chase after him n stop him, and make him read wat u just typed. n he in return will type something else n throw it at u.

okay, that's a stupid thought. nevermind. this is wat i end up doing if i'm allowed to type without any interference. maybe that's y i dont talk as spontaneously as i write.


Chriz said...

and i talk more than i write.. i am often asked to shut my mouth...

Chumi @ Lakshmi @ Lucky said...

ahahaha.. i can imagine!