Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You would read this post no matter how long it is, if u really care about me n wanna know wats happening in my life

It's d whole truth n nothing but the truth.

it's been happening for the past 3 months almost.... but i didnt play a major port in it. it was all His work. all i did was obey n let Him take control.

i knew i had to move on. i knew i wasnt meant to be here for long. i knew i had to go elsewhere. n i knew that it was going to be very very soon.i knew where i was going to go to. i knew all this in June, even in July. but everything started blurring n fading in August

but come Sept, i didnt know anything anymore. i didnt have control of wat was happening in my life everyday. all i knew was that i had to live for that day. He didnt tell me anything in detail except for the fact that i have to leave again. but where to? n when? for how long? until a few moments ago, i was still asking those questions.

but now, i know where i'm going to. i know when i'll be going. i know y i'm going, n most importantly, i know y He wants me there.


I'm going to Scotland...not for holidays

I'm going to be doing my MSc in Medical Genetics in the University of Glasgow.


it's like a dream come true to me!!!! mum kept saying that i;ve wanted to study in UK, but i dont even remember mentioning that at all..... but the Lord remembered my desires!

i never told anything much to anyone all this while cos i wanted to be sure myself. even two days ago when i was chatting with one of my friends from india, i didnt tell her my plans when she asked. i just told her that i wasnt sure.

cos i really wasnt sure.

no one knew anything in detail except for the Lord Himself. i myself didnt know anything till a few minutes ago.

my mum couldnt stop smilling to herself and thanking God for His grace!i couldnt stop smiling thinking of how faithful He has been to me instead of me to Him!

i know some of u might be upset with me for not telling earlier. the Lord had a purpose, and i knew what it was. but not everyone will look at it the way i do rite? n not everyone will be happy for me as they would be for other ppl. i chose not to tell anyone anything because i wanted to be sure myself.

but the most important thing now is that i want to tell u guys about it. i want to share how much the Lord loves me, how much He cares for me, and how much He has blessed me.

i think it doesnt matter even though i didnt tell earlier, cos i'm telling you now. i'm sharing with u now, about the most important thing in my life at the moment.

i've been changing my status in facebook d whole of last week. the last status was that i couldnt eat, sleep, nor think. and some ppl thought i was in love n was in a dilemma of whether the guy was gonna say yes or no..... hahahhaha...rite now i'm headed for something which i'm more passionate about rather than love and marriage!

everything seems so unimportant to me now... all the hardship i had to go through, all the heartache, the unnecessary delays, d number of calls i made, the family problems i had to go through, (lets not even go there... it's too much for u to handle), the financial strain, the number of sleepless nites and worries.... nothing matters anymore....

many of my concerned friends wanted to know wat was happening, cos they wanted to share my burden. when i did share a tiny tiny bit of it to one of my friend... she couldnt take it ... hahahah... .so, that precisely y i didnt bother telling anyone.

n i'm a closed book. i like to keep my private life private.

besides, my mum n i werent going through it on ur own. the Lord was carrying us through it.

have u read the 'Footprints' story? it's about this man who asks the Lord why He left him during his hard times when he saw only one set of footprints on the seashore. and the Lord replied, saying that He was carrying him n it was His footprints.

that's exactly wat d Lord did for us!!

i'm so happy i could just shout on top of my voice n tell the whole wide world about it!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

this is wat happens when 2 ppl of different race try to communicate with each other in a language which neither r fluent in

The conversation was entirely in Malay(... broken Malay if i may add). But everything has been translated to English to make life easier for you and for me (so that i dont have to type in italic n brackets)

The characters:

Waitress - waitress
Chumi - me
Mum - my mum

waitress: nah, u can choose the dishes that u want from this menu.

chumi flips the menu n tries to make out the order of the dishes while her mum greedily munches on the peanuts which are served.

waitress : there, got fish, got chicken, got vege... wat u wan *flips the menu forward n backward without giving chumi a chance to look at it*

chumi : ok, give me a minute to read through the dishes

within 1 minute

Chumi : u have Japanese taufu ah?

waitress : huh??! wat wat?

Chumi : J-a-p-a-n-e-s-e t-a-u-f-u ... the round round one

waitress : uh.. no la no la.. none la...

Chumi : *points to the menu while talking* there got so many types of taufu, japanese taufu none ah??

(actually everytime i go out to eat this kindda chinese style food, i never bother listening to how they order n wat d dishes r called. all i say is fish, prawns, japanese taufu, vege. d ppl who take me there know wat i like, so they order la. thats y i didnt know d other name of japanese taufu n was trying to figure it out by asking d waitress... but no use)

waitress : ah ah.. got got.. this one all la.. u wan this one ah? ok ok... *tries to write that down in her bill*

Chumi : no no, not that one. i dun wan that. *points to the menu* this claypot taufu got wat inside?

waitress : ok ok, this one nice, i write. *tries to grab the menu n run*

wat!! i not yet even order anything else n she expects me to eat only taufu ah?!! she literally wanted to run away with d menu !!

Chumi : no!! i didnt order that ! i asked got wat inside?? only taufu or got vege or meat or anything else or not??

waitress : oo... got vege la... got mushroom, got pork, got chicken...

(wat combination! i dislike all 3!!)

Chumi : no, i dont want pork. nvm. this sizzling hot plate taufu for wat else inside?

waitress : same la same la

(if same then y wanna have 2 different names one?? wierd la! she was just waiting to run all along)

Chumi : ok, fine, i'll take d hot plate. but i dun wan chicken n pork. i want only vege

after 10 minutes managed to order 1 dish! finally!!

waitress : u wan fish or not? got fish

she points to d 1st dish on d list n tries to write that down

Chumi : wait! i didnt order that. let me have a look at wat other types of fish u have....... this sweet n sour fish is boneless one or got bone?

waitress : can la can la... 2 ppl can eat d small dish?

wat!!! i ask her about bones n she tells me about d quantity?!!!

mum finally realizes that i'm having a tough time n stops munching on the peanuts... not to help me.. but to laugh at me n my communication skills in Malay!

Mum : Chumi, just order something... dont be so choosy

Chumi : sigh... *shakes head from left to right n gives up trying to find out wat it is* ok la, fine. this sweet n sour fish

waitress : ok, then one more vege n then enough la

she was limiting my order herself! how can she limit my order?! how can she decide for me?! wat if i wanted to eat some more?? wat if i had an appetite of an elephant??! eerr.... elephants dont eat too much. wat if i eat like a king kong?!!

it didnt matter at that time. i just wanted to get some food into my stomach n i wanted to stop trying to explain to the waitress. so i just order another dish of vege... yes, according to her choice n waited for d food.

as soon as the food was on d table, i gobbled everything down my throat... without stopping.


half way through, i realized i was already getting full n there was so much more on d table. only then did i realize that i should eat slowly n not just swallow everything

mum realized that i was eating way too fast n she told me to slow down...

that's when i realized that i was eating fast thinking that d waitress was gonna throw me out without my food if i dont finish it in 5 minutes


i spent d rest of d nite laughing while thinking of d restaurant incident n y i was rushing to eat everything.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Confessions confessions continued (pt 2)

this is wat i got!!!!!!!!

i fell head over heels in love with it the first time i set my eyes on it in d B Legend boutique!!! (until i was dreaming about it that nite!)

but i didnt get it immediately cos i felt guilty. guilty of buying a leather coat which came with d 3 figure price tag.( 3 figure price at the higher end )

but that 3 figure price tag didnt stop me from going back to the boutique 3 days in a row, until my mum got so sick of going back to that place!

on the 3rd day, my mum walked in to d boutique n picked up d one which was my size n went n paid for it without even asking me if i wanted it. (it was really obvious by the way i was gaping at it that i desperately wanted it!!! ) ahahaha.... my mum knows me so well.....

it's so HOT!!! this is d exact kind that i had in mind, n when i saw it, i couldnt get my mind off it u know! im not so good at self photography, so, thats y u might not be able to see how smart n classy this coat is.

its almost knee length n it fit me perfectly well.

come on... u got to admit it was worth the 3 figure price tag...

it even makes my pyjama( my fav one that got printer ink stained ) look hot!! LOL

wat say u??!!! *one eye brow raised* hahahahha........

anyways, i got my sports shoes too!!!

yup long awaited sport shoes...

but unfortunately not d reebok that i wanted. :(

it wasnt worth it to get a reebok for the purpose that i'm gonna use the sport shoes, so i decided to be a little bit understanding n settled for this

i like it especially because of d soles

n then another one of my best buys this season is this!!!!!!!!! :

this one was really unexpected and unnecessary. but since my mum wanted to get it, y disappoint her rite ? :P

last June mum got me a Britannia Polo Club for my birthday. n now i got this, so i've got a pair of POLOs... i wonder how many more there like this which i can get my hands on and grow my collection .. hehehhe

now, stop trying to tell me that i dont deserve it n i shouldnt have bought it. its not gonna stop me anyday... so u might as well look at my new watch ! LOL

SEE!!! :D:D:D

its d exact type that i wanted after d BPC which i got last year. Since that one has d metal strap n white backdrop with romanized words, i wanted something completely different compared to that.

n this one is!!!

n its even d paper thin one!!!

ok, i exaggerated.... its not paper thin... it's super slim for a watch k... u got to admit that!

sometimes i even forget that i'm wearing this watch if not for d tight leather strap

aaahhh......wat bliss... !! :D :D :D

i'm looking forward to one more session of shopping in d near future! ;)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I;ve got a job! i've got a job!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, you are currently reading the blog entry of the newly appointed

*drum rolls*

IT director and adviser of Hope English Academia !!!

ahahahha... self appraisal la!! :P

but still, i'm the IT Director k...so dun play play uh!

ok ok, balik to our cerita. Hope English Academia's Director is Yasmin Batman (who has a blog but doesnt update) and the education adviser is Sherline Ann Andrew who is a(n almost) qualified Masters gradute in Eng listerature who doesnt like to read nor write(so she doesnt update her blog at all too)

they are opening their centre in Kulim very very soon. They teach Cambridge English. if u dont know what that it, lemme explain.

Cambridge English is everything that u need to know in English to survive n manage ur life out there in the dog eat dog world which the goverment 'accidentally' failed to include in school syllabus. So Ms Yasmin Batman n Ms Sherline Ann Andrew have gotten themselves into a mission of educating the world.

They're also available for personal consultation ( be it counselling for interviews or advise on thesis preparation for masters and degree. no, they wont DO your thesis, but they'll advise you and give you ideas. YOU got to do it on your own ). and they welcome students as young as 5 year old till the maximum age you can think of (cos there's no barriers for education rite.)

Mission possible or impossible? u decide

And I am the IT directer who's gonna create a blog and a facebook account for Home English Academia so that you guys can get easy peasy access to it anytime, anyday! :)

So, if you're living in Kulim, or BM, or anywhere near by and you

1) are working and want to or need to brush up your English speaking skills

2) want to provide a better future for ur school going children or college going teens

3) are worried and nervous about ur interview or thesis

4) want to learn the right English and more than the limited English that is taught in schools

these are the ppl whom you need to contact.

I'll update their links once the website is ready, and if it is urgent, u can drop me a line for their direct contact numbers.

PS: this is not a paid advertorial. i think i should charge them do this.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Confessions confessions

I'm a shopaholic... not a new one at it... but one who's being suppressed by her mum/financial minister/world bank.

*sniff sniff*

but that doesnt stop me from shopping!!! HAHAHAHHA!!!!!

my mum finally took me shopping after depriving me of it for such a LONG TIME!!

i've been dying to tell the world about my bestest bestest buy ever in all these years!!! it's my most fav one!!

no, no.. that would be very unfair.. almost all that i buy are my fav ones.. or not why else would i wanna buy it if i didnt like it rite...

so, this is one of my most fav things i've bought in all these years!!! :D:D:D:D:D

Have u heard of this brand before?

i havent.. till i saw it in Jusco n when back there 3 days in a row!! hahahahaha

wanna know wat it is...???

hehehehe.... come back tomorrow... i gtg n feed my hungry stomach now

Monday, September 22, 2008

mind, body n soul coordination

ever heard how important it is to have these three coordinate properly...??

well, i'm telling u... it is VERY important..

if not.. this is wat happens....

sleepy face - check
spectacles on - check
eye liner from d previous nite - check
messy hair - check
lazily sitting on a couch - check
lazily sitting on a couch with legs folded in a cafe - check
crumpled tshirt - check

my work load is increasing steadily ( no, i'm not working )
but my work n pay proportion doesnt seem to match. in fact, my pay isnt increasing at all....

(correction... i forgot that there isnt any pay at all :S)

i'm not doing anything about finishing my work ( or at least try n get to it at d moment ) cos my mind, body n soul arent cooperating.

my minds tells me to get to my work ASAP, my body somehow gives in a little bit, but my soul refused to budge. therefore, nothing gets done.

d next day, my mind takes a break while my body n soul longs for some physical activity. since my mind has decided to go on an undeserved vacation, i end up watching chinese shows about dead ppl who arent really dead n who try to come back to earth n live their life through someone else's body.

pathetic isnt it....


excuses..excuses ( *nods head un-approvingly* )

oh well, time to get back to another korean drama

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow


1) was a very bad day!

2) i almost crashed into d car in front of me on d bridge

3) i was almost gonna get sandwiched between d car in front of me n d car behind me

4) i did crash into a car a few hours after that

5) i literally drove off after damaging someone else's car n my own car

6) i had to walk so much under d hot hot sun cos i dared not park anywhere where there was limited space for parking


1) started off not so bad, but gonna be a hectic day

2) the weather seems to be a little bit considerate

3) there's so many things to get done again

4) had to take d car again

5) sacrificed my sleep ... again

6) am nervous about driving to d same place today


1) i'm gonna wake up in KL

2) i'll have to rush for d LRT n MRT n watever that's available

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Chumi is sinking

yup... sinking in a pile of lists...

I've never had this many lists in my life before la.... there's a lit of thing's to do on tuesday, another list of things to do on wednesday, n another one for thursday, n also firday. n then there's a list of things to buy, a list of things to prepare, a list of phone calls to make, another list of things to do in the house, n there r a few more lists which i dunno how to name it also...

all in all, i've got loads of things to do, n finish within this friday!!

Oh Lord have mercy on me!!

it's at times like this when i rejoice thinking of my listless days... which is usually almost everyday...

i gtg now... i just remembered that i forget to make another list for tomorrow

Sigh....hopefully i'll be able to update a little more tomorrow

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Shades, shades n more shades

This post is all about me shades ( d favourites ones n not so favourite ones also included to prove how crazy i am about shades)

I dont know wat it is, but i have this craze only for shades

ok, i lied

i admit.....it's not only d shades i have craze for... it's almost every thing that's cute n adorable n techie that i have a craze for. ( *takes a deep breath* confession is quite enlightening u know...except when ppl wanna accuse u of finishing ur parents' inheritance)

anyways, let's get back to d story.

my very frst pair of shades were anything but shady.it's very unique. it had invisible shades n made me look like a scientist.

this is not my actual 1st pair of glasses but i'm sort of stuck with these things for d rest of my life! :S

i dont remember when exactly i started using shades. n i dont have a pic of my first pair of shades ( probably one of those mickey mouse n minnie mouse colourful ones )

when i was in secondary school, i somehow got hooked on to Rayband glasses. Any kind of shades from that brand will make me buy it ( no matter how bad d design is, or no matter how bad i look in it ). i think i had at least 3 of Rayband shades. this is d only pic i have:

it broke... but i dunno how

my last pair of Rayband wasnt all that bad... infact it looked kindda cool ( n so did I while wearing it), but my face somehow shrunk, n d sight of me wearing those shades was unbearable! so i gave it to mum)

there a few more short lived afairs with some shades... like i said.. they were all short lived.. so were the memories of those who've decided to ditch me ( or rather me ditch them :P)

n then i got this one in Bangalore which mum picked out for me ( see y i always let my mum decide everything for me!).

it was one of my favourites. actually, i liked it a lot. but this one was short lived too n left me... :( *sob sob*. it broke cos of heat while roasting itself in my friend's bike. my mistake my mistake

i bought this one to compensate the loss of my fav one. but see how fate plays its game on me...

i looked like a blind mice in those. ( i didnt realize i'd look like this when i tried it on before buying it, cos i bought it at nite... not much of sunlight to show me d true pic u see)

if u'r not satisfied with something u cant keep it for long rite? especially when ppl turn to give u a second look n try to help u cross d road thinking that u'r blind...rite??! so, naturally i waited till i got back home for holidays n grabbed another pair of shades

looking at the way i 'consume' shades, my mum naturally stopped getting me branded n expensive one...

so this is d imitation of Gucci, (which i wasnt all upset about, cos i liked it n it served its duty very loyally)

i was d one who was unloyal to my faithful shades ... cos i was so tempted by this sporty okley

not original la... i got it in KL for RM10 only

it was (almost) all that i wanted.

it was brown shade, has d thick nose bridge, ... look at d sides .. doesn it spell out sporty to u.

i thought ( so did my mum ) that i was gonna keep this for long ( i had 2 pairs already anyways: my Gucci 'ciplak' one for d classy look n this Okley for d sporty look ).

but little did we know..... that i would end up getting another pair of shades within 2 months

hey, my mum was d culprit alrite.. she provoked me n besides she was d one who first saw it, stopped rite there n asked me to try it on , n she was d one who suggested over n over again that d glasses was classy n cool n that it suited me.

me, being the spoilt brat obedient daughter that i am, agreed to fulfill my mum's desires of seeing her precious daughter in those shades everyday.

yup... i got it....

i got a Porpoise this time

something deep within me says that i'm gonna keep this for long (no, seriously)...

i even keep it in its pouch every.single.day (that's partly because it's been raining n shady almost every.sinlge.day!!

Here is wishing u guys a very sunny day today..... or tomorrow !! ( or at least very soon la... )

pardon d grumpy look k, i was trying to make 'the attitude' look *rolls eyes* *as if*

but u guys have a great smiley day k !!! :D

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Copy cats....

sorry, this post was not planned to happen... but it just did..

i noticed this pic in someone's blog just now.

apparently, it's called 'The Red Cat" but it's not red on d outside.

now, look at this pic which i took in a Rapid Penang bus last week


y dont we have our own originality? everything is a resemblance of something else from some other country, be it cars, houses, clothes, accessories, equipements...n now buses also

oh wow..!! looks like i'm keeping up to my own challenges

well well well.... guess who kept her word the whole of last week!! ME!!!!!!!!!!

thank you thank you thank you.......*does a curtsey politely*

anyways... it wasnt much of a problem... though i personally only liked .. eerrr.... d one about my niece Nilaofer and d wedding reception....

......i just realized it wasnt even included in d past 7 posts :S

alrite alrite... lets forget about which was my personal favourite and concentrate on how determined i was to take up d challenge n prove that i'm capable of it shall we.....

so, since we're clear about how ambitious and determined little Miss Chumi Lakshmi can be, there's no more needs to make any more vows k. Agreed? Agreed!

Good! then let's move on with the next post.... which shall be tomorrow.

i'm gonna post about one of my fav things... errr... accessories.. eerr... not girlie accessories but cool ones

i got to go look for all those pics from the past years to explain how crazy i am about those stuff.

oh oh... before i go.....

today .. there's this lady in d CIMB bank who talks a lot n talks loud.. very loud! i dont quite like her cos d way she talks la... from today onwards i like her already....

cos today she asked me y i didnt go to school today. she said i look like a school girl!!

ahahahahha.... compliments compliments... they just know how to find their way to the riteful person dont they...... *gloats proudly*

Monday, September 8, 2008

almost there....

i'm very very close to finish sorting out my pics!! FINALLY!! YAY! lol

Shannu's wedding n d receptions are finally over too.... i tied saree for d wedding which was in KL, n i took one pics ( by chance...). for the first reception in Sunway Hotel, i did not have d time to take any pics of my 'cagra cholie' at all.... that was d day when we were bombarded by the guests for their tables. n then d 2nd reception was in Bandar Perda Hall the day before. i had to wear 'pavadai thavani' cos me n another girl were part of d flower girls and we had to wear something alike so t hat it doesnt look odd. she refused to tie a saree and i didnt have any grand, shiny punjabi suit with beads. so we had to settles for 'pavadai thavani'(also known as half saree) which both of us had.

d tiny little problem with mine was that d last time i tied a half saree was like 4 years ago, n i was very sure i wouldnt fit into it anymore. when i tried it on d day before d reception, true enough... it didn fit me... :S

had to get it altered... as usual... n i didnt have time to take pics as well... cos it was pouring d whole day that day n i only got back home at 6pm to get dressed and go back to d hall to welcome ppl ( when i had to be there at 6.30pm )

eventhough i didnt manage to take any pics of myself... i managed to take pics of d occupants in my car when we got back home that nite

there were so many balloon that nite, so my uncle told me to take some back n give my friends.... i did take some back... (until d back seats in my car was fully occupied) but i didnt give it to my friends.... i kept it all for myself! ahahha......

Pls do believe me when i say that i took hundreds of pics of the balloons(with flash, without flash, nite mode, macro mode, side angle, front angle, sepia, black n white, negative, polarized... which ever possible modes that was there in my phone la k... ) until my mum got sick of looking at me taking pics of d balloons! hahahha

there were some door gifts n soveniers that was left over,so we all took some back. i took not only one

but six of it :P

n more chocolates!!! :D

to satisfy my ever enlarging waistline n my expanded tummy n appetite :S

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Chumi has expanded beyond repair

"Chumi has expanded beyond repair" is wat my facebook status says rite now.... y is that so u ask??


i didnt even realize i've put on SO much weight until a few minutes ago!!!

i was trying to find something suitable to wear for later this evening when i go for a family gathering when i realized i couldnt even fit into a top which i havent worn since i sewed it a few years ago! i had to alter that top a few times so that i dont look like i've been hit by some cronic dIsease which has eaten me up. but now i cant freaking pull it down my shoulder for cryin out loud!!

n then i tried to wear another blue top which is one of my favourites and which fitted me so well and in which i used to look so good in.... guess wat happened...? yes! i looked disgusting in it that i couldnt even bare to look at myself any longer in the mirror!!

this is so not fair!!!!!!!!!!!

n yet ppl keep complaining that i'm still skinny and i'm not putting on weight !!!

this is so... AAARRRRGGGRRRRRHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rain rain go away

i hate it when it starts raining the day i have to go out. rainy days r meant to be enjoyed staying indoors... to be exact... rainy days r supposed to be enjoyed staying in bed! ahhahaha

d weather was just rite this morning, n then all of a sudden started raining already... wat la.....

i can't even see d hill from my balcony

in case u'r wondering wat hill i'm taking about.....

it's this hill

Friday, September 5, 2008

Chumi's evolutions in d past 3 months

there's been loads n loads of changes in this past 3 months....

some of d obvious ones are

1) putting on weight

2) becoming a lazy ass ( not like i wasnt one before... i've just become even worse now)

3) improved my typing skills n speed ( who wouldnt after all d hours n pages that i typed )

4) lost most of my communication skills

5) i've put on more weight ( no.. i'm not repeating... i'm merely trying to explain just how much i've increased in size )

6) eer.... (i cant think of any more so i'll just end with this ) n this :

from this:

to this:

i need a haircut... but mum doesnt want me to... so, looks like i've got to settle with this messy look from now onwards

Thursday, September 4, 2008


well, i made a challenge to myself a few days ago...

that it'd update my blog every day. since i'm so unemployed and spend so much on time in front of d comp, i thought i might as well make full use of it and update my blog everyday la....

i know, i know, it's not a challenging task at all... but to a certain extend it is to me....

u know, sometimes i switch on my comp n decided that i wanna blog about something that i've been thinking about for quite some time, or something funny or something nice.... but i end up not blogging that day cos i'd end up reading other ppl's blog until my time's up or i'll just become lazy to blog!

so a few days ago i made up my mind that i'd blog everday at least for one week at a stretch.

i already have a few posts lines up, but i dont wanna publish them today yet..... so i thought i'd just drop in to say 'hi' before i get ready to go out


there u go..... i'm done blogging for today, n i'm pretty pleased that this post turned out to be more then one word long which i had anticipated....


i know, i know... i'm losing a screw somewhere in my head! :P

uh-oh.... it's already 3pm!!! i got to get ready before my aunt comes to fetch me.... which will be like rite now!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

its so easy to say "walk it off".....

but it's not really easy to actually walk it off...

i'm one of those ppl who push myself to walk an extra mile ( not literally ), or climb stairs by telling myself that it's good exercise.... (n also telling/encouraging other ppl :P)

really it is....

only if it is a few meters ( or a few kilometers also no problem la... depending on d situation like excessive baggage, climatic conditions, physical conditions, and most importantly surrounding/environmental/living being conditions! ), or a few flights of stairs..

but will u be able to do it if u were to walk a thousand seven hundred and eighty six steps to burn off the calories which u consumed from 2 bites of a chocolate bar??

if don't quite understand what i'm talking about... hang in there... it'll be my honour to explain :)

have u ever seen one of those health charts that tells u how many sit ups n push ups u have to do in order to stay fit n slim n healthy?? well, i saw one of those a few weeks ago in a health magazine. but this chart is not about push ups n sit ups.... it's about walking the calories off....

for ppl like me who dread push ups n sit ups (n any sort of exercise which requires physical strength n mental stability for that matter ), this walking tips is a huge welcome......

i'll show u d chart but don't be too happy yet

how will i EVER be able to walk off all d calories i gained from d whole zip cadbury bar which i 'shared' from mum yesterday afternoon?

actually, on a happier note... i think d chocolate bar wasnt too bad... but how will i EVER EVER walk off all d calories that i gained from ALL d food n chocolates n doughnuts n potato chips n milkshakes that i've been draining down my throat for the past 3 months??!!! ( 1 day i'll post up d pics of all d food that i've gobbled down ... n then u'll believe that i do eat a l ot )

given my current lifestyle ( which is eat, sleep, watch tv, n sit in front of d comp n walk only less than hundred steps a day ), i think i'll have to walk all d way to penang n back... a FEW TIME!!

PS: no wonder those extra pounds have authoritatively taken up residence in various parts of my body n ruining most of my shopping chances!! ggrrr.......

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

On planes....

i just received a mail from mum... it's d one which is all about planes...

wat's so special about planes u ask?? well.... there's nothing so special in d ones which i've been on all these years.... but never in my whole entire quarter of a century have i seen any planes like this!!

wanna know wat i'm taking about?? feel free to scroll down... ( n pls give it like 2 minutes so that all d pics will finish loading )

The Emirates. wat the....!! where got flight that long one!!!!

hahaha... that's so cute..!! it looks like a little black chick... i wonder how it balances itself with jus d front wheels...?!

hehehe..... it looks so weird!

so cute! it looks like d toy MAS plane

this one's like a fighter jet or something like that....

oh wow! i wish i could go on one of these... (if there really is one!) it'll be fun to walk up n down d deck during a long flight

hahahha........ no comments..... hahahhha.... LOL!!

fuh yo..... this one looks macho isnt it!

n this one is striking a pose like d karate kid... really..! look properly la... d two 'wings' are d arms n d tip of d wing is d palm la.... LOL

Monday, September 1, 2008

guy's/girl's name

u know... naming a child when he or she is born is very very important u know! otherwise, it's d child who has to bear the consequences......

like for instance... if a girl is given a guy's name... it doesnt really matter la... it doesnt sound so bad.. like Joie, Jackie, or Indian names like Vasu (short form for Vasuki).... not too bad rite... it feels as if there's attitude in that name...

but when a baby boy is named like that of a girl... imagine the torture he has to go through while he's growing up... especially when he's in college or working....

like Lakshmi Mittal... since he's one of d top ten richest man in the world, i dont think anyone would dare tease him for his girlish first name... but i'm sure he must have had his share of embarrassments during his childhood days....

my friend once today me about one of her college mates who had a very very funny name. n he refused to mention his full name to anyone... but he was forced to during orientation in college. his name was Kunju Mani.... yes.. very unfortunate... :p

i always wondered y parents would want to name their baby boys with girls' names ... then i came to a conclusion that probably they would have wanted a baby girl very badly

i've never had d opportunity / come across any guy with girlish names... until a few months ago.....