Monday, September 8, 2008

almost there....

i'm very very close to finish sorting out my pics!! FINALLY!! YAY! lol

Shannu's wedding n d receptions are finally over too.... i tied saree for d wedding which was in KL, n i took one pics ( by chance...). for the first reception in Sunway Hotel, i did not have d time to take any pics of my 'cagra cholie' at all.... that was d day when we were bombarded by the guests for their tables. n then d 2nd reception was in Bandar Perda Hall the day before. i had to wear 'pavadai thavani' cos me n another girl were part of d flower girls and we had to wear something alike so t hat it doesnt look odd. she refused to tie a saree and i didnt have any grand, shiny punjabi suit with beads. so we had to settles for 'pavadai thavani'(also known as half saree) which both of us had.

d tiny little problem with mine was that d last time i tied a half saree was like 4 years ago, n i was very sure i wouldnt fit into it anymore. when i tried it on d day before d reception, true enough... it didn fit me... :S

had to get it altered... as usual... n i didnt have time to take pics as well... cos it was pouring d whole day that day n i only got back home at 6pm to get dressed and go back to d hall to welcome ppl ( when i had to be there at 6.30pm )

eventhough i didnt manage to take any pics of myself... i managed to take pics of d occupants in my car when we got back home that nite

there were so many balloon that nite, so my uncle told me to take some back n give my friends.... i did take some back... (until d back seats in my car was fully occupied) but i didnt give it to my friends.... i kept it all for myself! ahahha......

Pls do believe me when i say that i took hundreds of pics of the balloons(with flash, without flash, nite mode, macro mode, side angle, front angle, sepia, black n white, negative, polarized... which ever possible modes that was there in my phone la k... ) until my mum got sick of looking at me taking pics of d balloons! hahahha

there were some door gifts n soveniers that was left over,so we all took some back. i took not only one

but six of it :P

n more chocolates!!! :D

to satisfy my ever enlarging waistline n my expanded tummy n appetite :S

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