Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Shades, shades n more shades

This post is all about me shades ( d favourites ones n not so favourite ones also included to prove how crazy i am about shades)

I dont know wat it is, but i have this craze only for shades

ok, i lied

i's not only d shades i have craze for... it's almost every thing that's cute n adorable n techie that i have a craze for. ( *takes a deep breath* confession is quite enlightening u know...except when ppl wanna accuse u of finishing ur parents' inheritance)

anyways, let's get back to d story.

my very frst pair of shades were anything but's very unique. it had invisible shades n made me look like a scientist.

this is not my actual 1st pair of glasses but i'm sort of stuck with these things for d rest of my life! :S

i dont remember when exactly i started using shades. n i dont have a pic of my first pair of shades ( probably one of those mickey mouse n minnie mouse colourful ones )

when i was in secondary school, i somehow got hooked on to Rayband glasses. Any kind of shades from that brand will make me buy it ( no matter how bad d design is, or no matter how bad i look in it ). i think i had at least 3 of Rayband shades. this is d only pic i have:

it broke... but i dunno how

my last pair of Rayband wasnt all that bad... infact it looked kindda cool ( n so did I while wearing it), but my face somehow shrunk, n d sight of me wearing those shades was unbearable! so i gave it to mum)

there a few more short lived afairs with some shades... like i said.. they were all short lived.. so were the memories of those who've decided to ditch me ( or rather me ditch them :P)

n then i got this one in Bangalore which mum picked out for me ( see y i always let my mum decide everything for me!).

it was one of my favourites. actually, i liked it a lot. but this one was short lived too n left me... :( *sob sob*. it broke cos of heat while roasting itself in my friend's bike. my mistake my mistake

i bought this one to compensate the loss of my fav one. but see how fate plays its game on me...

i looked like a blind mice in those. ( i didnt realize i'd look like this when i tried it on before buying it, cos i bought it at nite... not much of sunlight to show me d true pic u see)

if u'r not satisfied with something u cant keep it for long rite? especially when ppl turn to give u a second look n try to help u cross d road thinking that u'r blind...rite??! so, naturally i waited till i got back home for holidays n grabbed another pair of shades

looking at the way i 'consume' shades, my mum naturally stopped getting me branded n expensive one...

so this is d imitation of Gucci, (which i wasnt all upset about, cos i liked it n it served its duty very loyally)

i was d one who was unloyal to my faithful shades ... cos i was so tempted by this sporty okley

not original la... i got it in KL for RM10 only

it was (almost) all that i wanted.

it was brown shade, has d thick nose bridge, ... look at d sides .. doesn it spell out sporty to u.

i thought ( so did my mum ) that i was gonna keep this for long ( i had 2 pairs already anyways: my Gucci 'ciplak' one for d classy look n this Okley for d sporty look ).

but little did we know..... that i would end up getting another pair of shades within 2 months

hey, my mum was d culprit alrite.. she provoked me n besides she was d one who first saw it, stopped rite there n asked me to try it on , n she was d one who suggested over n over again that d glasses was classy n cool n that it suited me.

me, being the spoilt brat obedient daughter that i am, agreed to fulfill my mum's desires of seeing her precious daughter in those shades everyday.

yup... i got it....

i got a Porpoise this time

something deep within me says that i'm gonna keep this for long (no, seriously)...

i even keep it in its pouch (that's partly because it's been raining n shady almost!!

Here is wishing u guys a very sunny day today..... or tomorrow !! ( or at least very soon la... )

pardon d grumpy look k, i was trying to make 'the attitude' look *rolls eyes* *as if*

but u guys have a great smiley day k !!! :D

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