Tuesday, September 2, 2008

On planes....

i just received a mail from mum... it's d one which is all about planes...

wat's so special about planes u ask?? well.... there's nothing so special in d ones which i've been on all these years.... but never in my whole entire quarter of a century have i seen any planes like this!!

wanna know wat i'm taking about?? feel free to scroll down... ( n pls give it like 2 minutes so that all d pics will finish loading )

The Emirates. wat the....!! where got flight that long one!!!!

hahaha... that's so cute..!! it looks like a little black chick... i wonder how it balances itself with jus d front wheels...?!

hehehe..... it looks so weird!

so cute! it looks like d toy MAS plane

this one's like a fighter jet or something like that....

oh wow! i wish i could go on one of these... (if there really is one!) it'll be fun to walk up n down d deck during a long flight

hahahha........ no comments..... hahahhha.... LOL!!

fuh yo..... this one looks macho isnt it!

n this one is striking a pose like d karate kid... really..! look properly la... d two 'wings' are d arms n d tip of d wing is d palm la.... LOL

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