Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow


1) was a very bad day!

2) i almost crashed into d car in front of me on d bridge

3) i was almost gonna get sandwiched between d car in front of me n d car behind me

4) i did crash into a car a few hours after that

5) i literally drove off after damaging someone else's car n my own car

6) i had to walk so much under d hot hot sun cos i dared not park anywhere where there was limited space for parking


1) started off not so bad, but gonna be a hectic day

2) the weather seems to be a little bit considerate

3) there's so many things to get done again

4) had to take d car again

5) sacrificed my sleep ... again

6) am nervous about driving to d same place today


1) i'm gonna wake up in KL

2) i'll have to rush for d LRT n MRT n watever that's available

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