Thursday, September 25, 2008

Confessions confessions continued (pt 2)

this is wat i got!!!!!!!!

i fell head over heels in love with it the first time i set my eyes on it in d B Legend boutique!!! (until i was dreaming about it that nite!)

but i didnt get it immediately cos i felt guilty. guilty of buying a leather coat which came with d 3 figure price tag.( 3 figure price at the higher end )

but that 3 figure price tag didnt stop me from going back to the boutique 3 days in a row, until my mum got so sick of going back to that place!

on the 3rd day, my mum walked in to d boutique n picked up d one which was my size n went n paid for it without even asking me if i wanted it. (it was really obvious by the way i was gaping at it that i desperately wanted it!!! ) ahahaha.... my mum knows me so well.....

it's so HOT!!! this is d exact kind that i had in mind, n when i saw it, i couldnt get my mind off it u know! im not so good at self photography, so, thats y u might not be able to see how smart n classy this coat is.

its almost knee length n it fit me perfectly well.

come on... u got to admit it was worth the 3 figure price tag...

it even makes my pyjama( my fav one that got printer ink stained ) look hot!! LOL

wat say u??!!! *one eye brow raised* hahahahha........

anyways, i got my sports shoes too!!!

yup long awaited sport shoes...

but unfortunately not d reebok that i wanted. :(

it wasnt worth it to get a reebok for the purpose that i'm gonna use the sport shoes, so i decided to be a little bit understanding n settled for this

i like it especially because of d soles

n then another one of my best buys this season is this!!!!!!!!! :

this one was really unexpected and unnecessary. but since my mum wanted to get it, y disappoint her rite ? :P

last June mum got me a Britannia Polo Club for my birthday. n now i got this, so i've got a pair of POLOs... i wonder how many more there like this which i can get my hands on and grow my collection .. hehehhe

now, stop trying to tell me that i dont deserve it n i shouldnt have bought it. its not gonna stop me anyday... so u might as well look at my new watch ! LOL

SEE!!! :D:D:D

its d exact type that i wanted after d BPC which i got last year. Since that one has d metal strap n white backdrop with romanized words, i wanted something completely different compared to that.

n this one is!!!

n its even d paper thin one!!!

ok, i exaggerated.... its not paper thin... it's super slim for a watch k... u got to admit that!

sometimes i even forget that i'm wearing this watch if not for d tight leather strap

aaahhh......wat bliss... !! :D :D :D

i'm looking forward to one more session of shopping in d near future! ;)


Mussita said...

wow.. u've really done some major shopping. the coat looks real good on you! there's tons of those types here in NZ. absolutely gorgeous.. haha.. oh no.. me feeling like going shopping too!! haha (;

Chumi Lakshmi said...

haha... this is just a tiny part of wat i got.. d most most fav ones...

thank u! :D i'm lovin it...

ask sumit to take u shopping there la... hahahaha