Tuesday, September 9, 2008

oh wow..!! looks like i'm keeping up to my own challenges

well well well.... guess who kept her word the whole of last week!! ME!!!!!!!!!!

thank you thank you thank you.......*does a curtsey politely*

anyways... it wasnt much of a problem... though i personally only liked .. eerrr.... d one about my niece Nilaofer and d wedding reception....

......i just realized it wasnt even included in d past 7 posts :S

alrite alrite... lets forget about which was my personal favourite and concentrate on how determined i was to take up d challenge n prove that i'm capable of it shall we.....

so, since we're clear about how ambitious and determined little Miss Chumi Lakshmi can be, there's no more needs to make any more vows k. Agreed? Agreed!

Good! then let's move on with the next post.... which shall be tomorrow.

i'm gonna post about one of my fav things... errr... accessories.. eerr... not girlie accessories but cool ones

i got to go look for all those pics from the past years to explain how crazy i am about those stuff.

oh oh... before i go.....

today .. there's this lady in d CIMB bank who talks a lot n talks loud.. very loud! i dont quite like her cos d way she talks la... from today onwards i like her already....

cos today she asked me y i didnt go to school today. she said i look like a school girl!!

ahahahahha.... compliments compliments... they just know how to find their way to the riteful person dont they...... *gloats proudly*

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