Thursday, September 4, 2008


well, i made a challenge to myself a few days ago...

that it'd update my blog every day. since i'm so unemployed and spend so much on time in front of d comp, i thought i might as well make full use of it and update my blog everyday la....

i know, i know, it's not a challenging task at all... but to a certain extend it is to me....

u know, sometimes i switch on my comp n decided that i wanna blog about something that i've been thinking about for quite some time, or something funny or something nice.... but i end up not blogging that day cos i'd end up reading other ppl's blog until my time's up or i'll just become lazy to blog!

so a few days ago i made up my mind that i'd blog everday at least for one week at a stretch.

i already have a few posts lines up, but i dont wanna publish them today yet..... so i thought i'd just drop in to say 'hi' before i get ready to go out


there u go..... i'm done blogging for today, n i'm pretty pleased that this post turned out to be more then one word long which i had anticipated....


i know, i know... i'm losing a screw somewhere in my head! :P

uh-oh.... it's already 3pm!!! i got to get ready before my aunt comes to fetch me.... which will be like rite now!!!!!!

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