Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You would read this post no matter how long it is, if u really care about me n wanna know wats happening in my life

It's d whole truth n nothing but the truth.

it's been happening for the past 3 months almost.... but i didnt play a major port in it. it was all His work. all i did was obey n let Him take control.

i knew i had to move on. i knew i wasnt meant to be here for long. i knew i had to go elsewhere. n i knew that it was going to be very very soon.i knew where i was going to go to. i knew all this in June, even in July. but everything started blurring n fading in August

but come Sept, i didnt know anything anymore. i didnt have control of wat was happening in my life everyday. all i knew was that i had to live for that day. He didnt tell me anything in detail except for the fact that i have to leave again. but where to? n when? for how long? until a few moments ago, i was still asking those questions.

but now, i know where i'm going to. i know when i'll be going. i know y i'm going, n most importantly, i know y He wants me there.


I'm going to Scotland...not for holidays

I'm going to be doing my MSc in Medical Genetics in the University of Glasgow.


it's like a dream come true to me!!!! mum kept saying that i;ve wanted to study in UK, but i dont even remember mentioning that at all..... but the Lord remembered my desires!

i never told anything much to anyone all this while cos i wanted to be sure myself. even two days ago when i was chatting with one of my friends from india, i didnt tell her my plans when she asked. i just told her that i wasnt sure.

cos i really wasnt sure.

no one knew anything in detail except for the Lord Himself. i myself didnt know anything till a few minutes ago.

my mum couldnt stop smilling to herself and thanking God for His grace!i couldnt stop smiling thinking of how faithful He has been to me instead of me to Him!

i know some of u might be upset with me for not telling earlier. the Lord had a purpose, and i knew what it was. but not everyone will look at it the way i do rite? n not everyone will be happy for me as they would be for other ppl. i chose not to tell anyone anything because i wanted to be sure myself.

but the most important thing now is that i want to tell u guys about it. i want to share how much the Lord loves me, how much He cares for me, and how much He has blessed me.

i think it doesnt matter even though i didnt tell earlier, cos i'm telling you now. i'm sharing with u now, about the most important thing in my life at the moment.

i've been changing my status in facebook d whole of last week. the last status was that i couldnt eat, sleep, nor think. and some ppl thought i was in love n was in a dilemma of whether the guy was gonna say yes or no..... hahahhaha...rite now i'm headed for something which i'm more passionate about rather than love and marriage!

everything seems so unimportant to me now... all the hardship i had to go through, all the heartache, the unnecessary delays, d number of calls i made, the family problems i had to go through, (lets not even go there... it's too much for u to handle), the financial strain, the number of sleepless nites and worries.... nothing matters anymore....

many of my concerned friends wanted to know wat was happening, cos they wanted to share my burden. when i did share a tiny tiny bit of it to one of my friend... she couldnt take it ... hahahah... .so, that precisely y i didnt bother telling anyone.

n i'm a closed book. i like to keep my private life private.

besides, my mum n i werent going through it on ur own. the Lord was carrying us through it.

have u read the 'Footprints' story? it's about this man who asks the Lord why He left him during his hard times when he saw only one set of footprints on the seashore. and the Lord replied, saying that He was carrying him n it was His footprints.

that's exactly wat d Lord did for us!!

i'm so happy i could just shout on top of my voice n tell the whole wide world about it!!!!!!!!!


Vikram Christopher said...

congratulations. Wish you the best and all the luck.

Vikram and his Mommy

Chumi Lakshmi said...

Thank u!!!!!! I'm so happy, so nervous, so excited, so worried... i'm such a wreck now! but i'm stil very happy..! hahahha