Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I;ve got a job! i've got a job!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, you are currently reading the blog entry of the newly appointed

*drum rolls*

IT director and adviser of Hope English Academia !!!

ahahahha... self appraisal la!! :P

but still, i'm the IT Director dun play play uh!

ok ok, balik to our cerita. Hope English Academia's Director is Yasmin Batman (who has a blog but doesnt update) and the education adviser is Sherline Ann Andrew who is a(n almost) qualified Masters gradute in Eng listerature who doesnt like to read nor write(so she doesnt update her blog at all too)

they are opening their centre in Kulim very very soon. They teach Cambridge English. if u dont know what that it, lemme explain.

Cambridge English is everything that u need to know in English to survive n manage ur life out there in the dog eat dog world which the goverment 'accidentally' failed to include in school syllabus. So Ms Yasmin Batman n Ms Sherline Ann Andrew have gotten themselves into a mission of educating the world.

They're also available for personal consultation ( be it counselling for interviews or advise on thesis preparation for masters and degree. no, they wont DO your thesis, but they'll advise you and give you ideas. YOU got to do it on your own ). and they welcome students as young as 5 year old till the maximum age you can think of (cos there's no barriers for education rite.)

Mission possible or impossible? u decide

And I am the IT directer who's gonna create a blog and a facebook account for Home English Academia so that you guys can get easy peasy access to it anytime, anyday! :)

So, if you're living in Kulim, or BM, or anywhere near by and you

1) are working and want to or need to brush up your English speaking skills

2) want to provide a better future for ur school going children or college going teens

3) are worried and nervous about ur interview or thesis

4) want to learn the right English and more than the limited English that is taught in schools

these are the ppl whom you need to contact.

I'll update their links once the website is ready, and if it is urgent, u can drop me a line for their direct contact numbers.

PS: this is not a paid advertorial. i think i should charge them do this.


Yasmin said... could have spelled my name correctly. i think i might have to strip you off the title seeing that you gave it to yourself.

oh, by the way, thanks for the promo. ;) HOPE everything goes well for you that next Dec we can come see you.

Chumi Lakshmi said...

u wish!! hahaha!!

since i made a free promo for u...i'm keeping d title! :P

yup, i'm praying that everything goes well today