Monday, September 22, 2008

mind, body n soul coordination

ever heard how important it is to have these three coordinate properly...??

well, i'm telling u... it is VERY important..

if not.. this is wat happens....

sleepy face - check
spectacles on - check
eye liner from d previous nite - check
messy hair - check
lazily sitting on a couch - check
lazily sitting on a couch with legs folded in a cafe - check
crumpled tshirt - check

my work load is increasing steadily ( no, i'm not working )
but my work n pay proportion doesnt seem to match. in fact, my pay isnt increasing at all....

(correction... i forgot that there isnt any pay at all :S)

i'm not doing anything about finishing my work ( or at least try n get to it at d moment ) cos my mind, body n soul arent cooperating.

my minds tells me to get to my work ASAP, my body somehow gives in a little bit, but my soul refused to budge. therefore, nothing gets done.

d next day, my mind takes a break while my body n soul longs for some physical activity. since my mind has decided to go on an undeserved vacation, i end up watching chinese shows about dead ppl who arent really dead n who try to come back to earth n live their life through someone else's body.

pathetic isnt it....


excuses..excuses ( *nods head un-approvingly* )

oh well, time to get back to another korean drama

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