Friday, September 26, 2008

this is wat happens when 2 ppl of different race try to communicate with each other in a language which neither r fluent in

The conversation was entirely in Malay(... broken Malay if i may add). But everything has been translated to English to make life easier for you and for me (so that i dont have to type in italic n brackets)

The characters:

Waitress - waitress
Chumi - me
Mum - my mum

waitress: nah, u can choose the dishes that u want from this menu.

chumi flips the menu n tries to make out the order of the dishes while her mum greedily munches on the peanuts which are served.

waitress : there, got fish, got chicken, got vege... wat u wan *flips the menu forward n backward without giving chumi a chance to look at it*

chumi : ok, give me a minute to read through the dishes

within 1 minute

Chumi : u have Japanese taufu ah?

waitress : huh??! wat wat?

Chumi : J-a-p-a-n-e-s-e t-a-u-f-u ... the round round one

waitress : uh.. no la no la.. none la...

Chumi : *points to the menu while talking* there got so many types of taufu, japanese taufu none ah??

(actually everytime i go out to eat this kindda chinese style food, i never bother listening to how they order n wat d dishes r called. all i say is fish, prawns, japanese taufu, vege. d ppl who take me there know wat i like, so they order la. thats y i didnt know d other name of japanese taufu n was trying to figure it out by asking d waitress... but no use)

waitress : ah ah.. got got.. this one all la.. u wan this one ah? ok ok... *tries to write that down in her bill*

Chumi : no no, not that one. i dun wan that. *points to the menu* this claypot taufu got wat inside?

waitress : ok ok, this one nice, i write. *tries to grab the menu n run*

wat!! i not yet even order anything else n she expects me to eat only taufu ah?!! she literally wanted to run away with d menu !!

Chumi : no!! i didnt order that ! i asked got wat inside?? only taufu or got vege or meat or anything else or not??

waitress : oo... got vege la... got mushroom, got pork, got chicken...

(wat combination! i dislike all 3!!)

Chumi : no, i dont want pork. nvm. this sizzling hot plate taufu for wat else inside?

waitress : same la same la

(if same then y wanna have 2 different names one?? wierd la! she was just waiting to run all along)

Chumi : ok, fine, i'll take d hot plate. but i dun wan chicken n pork. i want only vege

after 10 minutes managed to order 1 dish! finally!!

waitress : u wan fish or not? got fish

she points to d 1st dish on d list n tries to write that down

Chumi : wait! i didnt order that. let me have a look at wat other types of fish u have....... this sweet n sour fish is boneless one or got bone?

waitress : can la can la... 2 ppl can eat d small dish?

wat!!! i ask her about bones n she tells me about d quantity?!!!

mum finally realizes that i'm having a tough time n stops munching on the peanuts... not to help me.. but to laugh at me n my communication skills in Malay!

Mum : Chumi, just order something... dont be so choosy

Chumi : sigh... *shakes head from left to right n gives up trying to find out wat it is* ok la, fine. this sweet n sour fish

waitress : ok, then one more vege n then enough la

she was limiting my order herself! how can she limit my order?! how can she decide for me?! wat if i wanted to eat some more?? wat if i had an appetite of an elephant??! eerr.... elephants dont eat too much. wat if i eat like a king kong?!!

it didnt matter at that time. i just wanted to get some food into my stomach n i wanted to stop trying to explain to the waitress. so i just order another dish of vege... yes, according to her choice n waited for d food.

as soon as the food was on d table, i gobbled everything down my throat... without stopping.


half way through, i realized i was already getting full n there was so much more on d table. only then did i realize that i should eat slowly n not just swallow everything

mum realized that i was eating way too fast n she told me to slow down...

that's when i realized that i was eating fast thinking that d waitress was gonna throw me out without my food if i dont finish it in 5 minutes


i spent d rest of d nite laughing while thinking of d restaurant incident n y i was rushing to eat everything.


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