Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lessons to be learnt in Scotland

Lesson #1

NEVER EVER leave ur house without an umbrella.

it doesnt matter even if u r wearing a water proof jacket, or if ur shoulders are gonna fall off, or even if u think u'd drop dead on d middle of d road due to tiredness n excess baggage, NEVER LEAVE UR HOUSE WITHOUT AN UMBRELLA

WHY? cos u can never trust the weather in Scotland now the weather forecast, just like how u can never trust a man who says trust me

Lesson #2

if it;s already raining when u have to go back, dont bother waiting under the shade for the rain to slow down.

WHY? cos u can wait until next year at d same stop, but the rain is a merciless, heartless thing. it'll never wait for u to reach ur destination before it starts poring!

Lesson #3

Make sure you wear many layers of clothes even if it looks sunny when u leave the house in the morning.

WHY? cos the weather is bound to change in a matter of seconds. so if u wanna reach home in one whole functioning piece, just wear many layers. u'll never sweat in Scotland anyways.

Lesson #4

If you are wearing boots, no matter how late or busy you are, make sure you wear skin socks or any pair of socks.

WHY? cos u wouldnt want to end up with sore feet at the end of the day

Lesson #5

If ur umbrella is broken, go n get urself another one in a one pound shop. NEVER buy expensive umbrellas which u think might last.

WHY? cos no umbrellas can stand the wrath of the Scottish winds. u'll just be wasting extra cash

Lesson #6

NEVER carry sling bags or fashionable bags.

WHY? cos it'll only kill ur shoulders. just get good water-proof bag packs

Lesson #7

DO NOT leave the house without a pair of gloves.

WHY? u go n see la.. then u'll know why!

to be continued when more lessons are learnt the hard way

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

bright sunny days.....

yea... i'm surprised myself...

it's only on rare occasions where we get sunny days here... otherwise it's always grey n cloudy.

since the weather has been pleasant d past 2 days... i have no hard feelings against it! hahaha... but it's still cold n chilly, cos the temperature is dropping to about less than 5 degrees during d day.

i've been having some fun a past few days.

went out to a football stadium not so near by n ended up coming back way late at nite all alone.

went bowling with my classmates n then dinner at nandos. i got free 1/2 chicken in Nandos! LOL!!! we had loads of fun in d bowling alley. i made a total fool out of myself... but i wasnt d only one.. so that wasnt a big problem! hahhaha.... i'm stil waiting for d pics from my friends as well so that i can upload everything together at one go in my facebook album n picasa.. so, just give me a few more days n it'll all be up in my facebook acc k.

n i've finally decided to sort out d other pics n post it up on facebook very soon. i was supposed to do that this morning since i dont have classes today, but i had to go out n settle some things for my accommodation and there was this Intership Fair in the Uni today, so i thought i'd drop by. turned out to be a total waste of time. sigh.....

back to square one tomorrow where i have loads n loads of paper work to do, and lecturers to attend.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Any takers?? *updated*

Things that i want n desperately need:

1) a wool coat that can last up to negative temperature (it's not negative yet, but looks like its going to be, judging by d current weather)

2) stylish coats that can keep me warm n stylish

3) winter cap

4) gloves ( not skiing gloves, just wool gloves that would fit my smaller than s size hands)
( i bought a pair of gloves... but it's not enough at all... so i still need a proper winter wear gloves)

5) boots (something that doesnt look like a plumber's/gardener's plastic boots. something without very high heels, something which i can wear almost everyday basically n something which'll keep me warm)(preferably Aldo, but i'd adjust to anything lesser... i dont mind)
( i bought boots!! but i still want another one with different material n colour)

6) Sport shoes (preferably Reebok, but i'd settled for anything at d moment, but pls make sure it's walking/jogging shoes)

7) wool sweat shirts (not too thick, that i might look like a short fat pumpkin in it)

8) warm scarfs

9) two or three pairs of jeans (Lewis-size 28, Voir-size 27, Lee Cooper-size28)

10) a backpack ( not d kindy or school bagpack sort. something which a normal postgrad student carry)

11) food stuff (i dont eat beef and pork. anything other than these two are greatfully welcomed)

12) monthly allowance (i'd state d amount when we talk personally, n to ur advantage, it's negotiable)

* Thank you very much for asking, everything that is striked out was bought by me, myself and I and i havent received any packages, letters, or postcards*

Monday, October 20, 2008

and i thought d rain was d worst part of d weather here

little did i know that i was in for more surprises!

this morning i was in the kitchen at about 9am, trying to make a decent breakfast ( yea.. tryin...), and all of a sudden i heard some sort of scary sound from out d wide. it was 9 in the morning, n yet it was scary!! d wind was that scary!

there's this huge tree just across my flat building. this tree was shaking so vigorously and for a moment i thought it was gonna get uprooted! at 1st i thought there were ppl trying to uproot the tree..(but it didnt look like it, and ppl in Scotland dont uproot trees at all, unlike Malaysians and indians).... n then i realized it was because of d wind!!

that's how strong the wind was this morning! i was too stunned by the strong wind against the even stronger tree, that i completely forgot my breakfast that was getting burnt on d stove and it didnt even strike to me that i could have taken a video of it! i was just too dumbstruck... i was already thinking of how i was gonna get to d hospital if this continues

that's not the worst yet!

i left my room at about 10am to go to d hospital, n there was this tornado of dried yellow and orange leaves forming around me and above me just as i stepped out on the open main road!

i really thought that Glasgow was prone to tornado and twisters and natural disasters of that sort, n i started saying my prayers!

now when i think of it, it was funny... but at that time it was really scary k!

imagine coming all the way from Malaysia where 29 degrees and occasional heavy rains n floods are the only natural disasters!!

i have only seen tornado n twisters in movies n i have absolutely no clue wat i'll do if i were to see one in real life!

there's more of today's 'natural disaster'!

i reached d hospital extra late today cos i had to battle my way though the winds all throughout my 45 minutes of journey (which became 1 hour). the wind was so strong that i was literally being forced off my feet and backwards or forwards! i had to stop and literally grab hold of some lamp posts and pillars along my way! some of the ppl who were passing me gave weird looks...

i'm serious k! d wind was that strong today!! i've never come across anything like this before la.. how am i supposed to react. i thought i was really gonna fly off! (once when i was about 10 years old i almost flew off the Ferris wheel in India! my uncle caught hold of me in time! phhewww)

and then it started raining heavily all of a sudden and stopped as suddenly as it started!

now i think i dont mind d rains... it's d wind that i'm scared of now! :S

n guess wat.... i heard that this is just d begining..... there's more to come and more violent ones...


i think i'll just tie some dumbells or weights to myself from tomorrow onwards.. that way, i wouldnt have to worry about flying off

PS: Charu: everything ok la.. the Lord is leading me, n i'm blindly following. actually i'm surprised at myself for taking things so coolly... i'm just not worried for wat's gonna happen tomorrow. n No... i have gotten any sponsor or parcels or letters.. n it had better start with u! u owe me a lot already k eversince u started working.. it keeps increasing with interest... hahahha

Kalai: i'm ok la... memang cold here... i'm trying my best not to get wet in d rain.. but almost everyday i get drenched. i'm surprised at how i've not fallen sick with my current diet of almost nothing and exposed to this kind of extreme weather conditions. Praise the Lord for that!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

the weather in Scotland

Everyone's been asking me how i've been getting along here, how's d place, d ppl, d weather... n d conversation ends up all d time about d weather.

it's pretty cold here. d 1st week when i was in Glasgow,the temperature was about 14-15 degrees. that was bearable. i just had to wear a sweat shirt or a coat everytime i go out n i'll be warm n fine.

but last week, d temperature dropped to about 10 degrees. it's usually about 8-10 degrees during d day n 4-5 degrees during d nite n early morning. as if it isnt cold enough, it's usually very very windy!

last wednesday i had to attend a talk about gene therapy n cystic fibrosis in one of d university buildings. initially i thought it was only for about half an hour, so i agreed to attend it. and then i realized it was gonna start at 6.30pm, n it'll surely take more than an hour.

true enough, when d talk finally ended, it was past 7.30pm. it was dark, cold n freezing outside. my friends offered to walk me back cos my accommodation is way too far from civilization n it's too lonely to walk back alone when it's dark.

so, these two bodyguards of mine started dressing up there n then, wearing their cap, n gloves n extra sweaters (that they carry along in their bags all d time), n i was wearing a shoe that was killing my feet(which wasnt even keeping me warm), n my black coat, without gloves, cap or even an extra sweater!

obviously i was freezing myself all d way back to my place as if i was being frosted like a piece of meat in a freezer compartment in a fridge! when i reached Winton Drive, i couldnt possible say thank u n goodbye to my friends cos my lips were frozen. n when i reached my room, i couldnt hold d key properly n unlock my door.

BUT...... that was still ok.

d thing that i HATE d most is when it rains.

i love d rain... i really do... only when i'm indoor or when i dont have to get dressed n go out for a meeting, or to class. who would like to get drenched n look like a drain monster in front of a class full of doctors n pediatrics rite??

d problem here is that it rains just when u'r about to leave for classes in d morning, n it gets heavier when u'r praying for a drier weather, n then u totally give up when u'r nearing ur lecture theater cos u cannot be more soaked than u already are.

that's wat happened to me a week ago. i got soaked big time on my way back from class. thank God i was on my way back n not on my way to d hospital! i was dreanched inside out (eerrr.... outside in). my phone, my papers, my pen drive, my notes.. everything i had was soaking in a pool of water!

i was lazy to carry my umbrella so i just wore my water proof coat, n i was painfully informed that even if something is meant to be waterproof, it can only last up to a certain limit. n d limit is definitely not 45 minutes under heavy heavy rain!

anyways, so after that day, i faithfully carried my umbrella with me everywhere i went to n everyday. my umbrella was literally my lamb n i was little miss Mary who had a little lamb that followed her everywhere she went to.

but today, my little lamb died!! :(

it broke.... because of d winds!!!!!!!!!!


now i got to go n buy another umbrella that can last this strong winds here...

imma gonna have to buy d huge big umbrella n carry around like a walking stick (cos it obviously wont fit into my bag!) even when its not raining!

great! just perfect!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

after 10 whole days... (part 2)


i finally had rice!

d last time i had a proper meal was on Emirates on the 7th of October.

it wasnt all that great though

d chocolate brownie was out of this world!! ( i dunno y d pic wouldnt behave itself n stand straight!)

n d dessert was yummy!

Friday, October 17, 2008

after 10 whole days....


I finally heard a car honk!

that's how nice the ppl here are!

u know if u wanna cross the road, u can just run across a busy street without even looking right or left. that's because the drivers here are really considerate! they stop for u n let u go, n NOT honk at u.

just imagine wat will happen if this were to happen in Malaysia or India. it'll either end up to be a hit-n-run case, or u would have turned deaf because of all the honking n cursing!

the ppl here are so patient n helpful. they always have a smile plastered on their face. at first i thought they were being fake.. n then i realized that this is how ppl here r.

i'm so used to d malaysians n indians now, n when i see someone who's smiling all d time, i tend to think they're just forcing themselves.

the Scottish ppl dont have any tension, no worries, no bad thoughts, therefore no bad deeds come from them. even if there's something reallt bothering them, they dont show it on others.

y cant everyone in the world be like that? it'll make this world a better place. it'll reduce blood pressure, it'll bring joy to everyone. then everyone else can have a smile on their face too.

wont that be a happy place to live in?


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Any takers??

Things that i want n desperately need:

1) a wool coat that can last up to negative temperature (it's not negative yet, but looks like its going to be, judging by d current weather)

2) stylish coats that can keep me warm n stylish

3) winter cap

4) gloves ( not skiing gloves, just wool gloves that would fit my smaller than s size hands)

5) boots (something that doesnt look like a plumber's/gardener's plastic boots. something without very high heels, something which i can wear almost everyday basically n something which'll keep me warm)(preferably Aldo, but i'd adjust to anything lesser... i dont mind)

6) Sport shoes (preferably Reebok, but i'd settled for anything at d moment, but pls make sure it's walking/jogging shoes)

7) wool sweat shirts (not too thick, that i might look like a short fat pumpkin in it)

8) warm scarfs

9) two or three pairs of jeans (Lewis-size 28, Voir-size 27, Lee Cooper-size28)

10) a backpack ( not d kindy or school bagpack sort. something which a normal postgrad student carry)

11) food stuff (i dont eat beef and pork. anything other than these two are greatfully welcomed)

12) monthly allowance (i'd state d amount when we talk personally, n to ur advantage, it's negotiable)

my mailing address is :

Queen Margaret's Residence,
Winton Drive, 26 J 4,
G12 0QA,
Glasgow, Scotland

my phone numbers are:

Mobile: 0044-7531416465
Landline: 0044-1415348620

U'r most welcome to send anything from the above list.

for your information (n to make things easier for u), u can send to me by courier/FedEx/DHL/City Linkers

And PLS do NOT get anything in Orange, yellow, purple, red, green, or pink.

I'd prefer it in black, brown, or grey. Off white shouldnt be a problem (even if it can easily get dirty... but i'd look good in it anyways)

are u still waiting for me to say that i'm joking??

don't wait any longer n waste time...

... u might as well start buying those things in my list n sending it to me

no, i'm not kidding

although i might be........

but, no, i mean it......

i'm not kidding

(PS: pls at least post me a letter or a postcard.... i'm d only one in this whole building who hasnt received anything in her mail till today)

Monday, October 13, 2008

my flat, and the fellow specimens who share the flat with me

Thank God for unexpected small mercies!

When i didnt get any accommodation at all, i thought i might have to settle for a dorm again( i lived in a dorm for a year during my 1st year in college in india). then i thought i might not be so bad compared to nothing at all. so when i was given a place in an accommodation which wasnt in one of my 7 choices, i happily took it anyways.

no, this is not where i live. this was my 1st choice but i ended up here:(below pic)

When i reached here on Tuesday last week, i was sort of ok with this place, even though the bathroom n toilet was common. i had no other go anyways.

my room was pretty confortable, even without shelves n hangers in the closet, or en-suite.

there are 5 rooms in this flat where there's an Indian girl, one from China, one from USA, one from South Africa n one from Malaysia (which is me).

the girl from China, Janet:

she's quite nice. quiet girl, always smiling n helpful.

the one from India, Kalka:

she's ..... eerrr... diplomatically put, she's extra friendly. so she knows almost everyone in this building who r from India.

the one from USA is called Katherine i think. i only met her once 2 days after i came back n then again just now, n i all i've spoken to her is "hello".

d last one is Petra from South Africa. she's sort of ok too. very out going.

on the whole all these girls are ok. but as they days pass... u get to know their real character and how inconsiderate tehy can get.

everyone in this flat except for me, has a boyfriend. it doesnt matter if they have one boyfriend, or many boyfriends. wat i dislike is them bringing their boyfriends back to d flat.

i mean, i particularly asked for an all girls' flat, n these girls bring their bfs back here??! ok, lets say i loosen up a little bit n let things be. so wat if their boyfriends come. its not like they're coming to my room rite, they'll just stay in their own rooms.

but NO!! thats not wat they do!

they're forever walking up n down d hallways, n they're always in the kitchen!

even just now, the American girl brings her bf back, n then take over d kitchen (which is common sharing by the way). i wanted to try n cook something tonite. but when i say them, i didnt feel like doing anything at all. so i turned around n walked away.

there goes my dinner.....

ok, u might say its ok for them to be there in the kitchen. its common anyways.

yea, its ok for them to be in the kitchen, but its not ok for them to behave like they're in their bedroom when they're in a common kitchen!!

the south african girl fought with her boyfriend last nite, n they had to fight in d walkway!

the indian girl brings her bf n guy friends back to d flat n they take over the kitchen.

susah la these ppl! they fight with their bf also i can hear, they make up with their bf also i can hear (n see!!)

yuck! no sense of privacy at all la


Saturday, October 11, 2008

My classmates

I've got the most interesting kind of classmates this time.

cos they're from all over the world.(Saudi Arabia, Afganistan, Pakistan, Greece, India, UK, USA, Syria, Nigeria... i dont remember where else from). there are about 25 students in my class rite now, out of which :

-10 of them are doctors and a few out of the 10 are child specialists,
-1/3 of the whole population are married
-about 5 of them have children (there's one student who has 20 year old triplets and a very
supporting husband and family)
-d others who arent doctors and specialized in something very 'high-tech'
-another 1/3 have working experience
-1 silly girl is fresh out of undergrad school.... me

my classmates are such smart alexes! i'm not fool myself, but i just chose to stay undercover by not showing how smart i am and end up making a fool out of myself in the end! sigh...

when d lecturer talks about some disease, and asks about wat diagnosis they have to give, wat kind of test can be done n things of that sort... these doctors and child specialists are d ones who answer with such high termed names n things that i havent heard of.

i'll be like so blur when they talk about things like this. initially i thought it was part of wat i've missed during the 1st two weeks. n then i got to know that they knew d answers cos they've done it in their MBBS n specialization.

how r normal ppl like us supposed to keep up with them like this la....?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Greetings from Scotland!! (its kindda long, but just read it, cos u havent had much to read for a long time anyways rite)

it's been 3 days since i came here.

It was raining when i touched down and while i was on my way to my accommodation, but that didnt stop me from gapping out the window with my mouth wide open!

this place is like WOW!

just like in the movies! since it's autumn now, the trees are all yellow, red n orange... they look so pretty. the houses here are so so english looking. n the ppl are an interesting bunch. everyone looks so different and they have very different sense of dressing. and the children are absolutely gorgeous! there's a school on my way to university from my accommodation, so i see them every morning while on my way to uni. they're so smart, n their conversations never fail to amuse me. n small babies are even more gorgeous! they look like dolls in shops!! so adorable!

every morning i walk for some 45 minutes to get to the hospital (where my classes take place) and another 45 minutes to get back. d 1st day i was literally in tears because i had to run behind my frien who walked so fast. this guy was tall n he's been here for more than half a year already now, so he's used to it la... i've been a couch potato for the past 4 months. how on earth am i supposed to keep up with him?

n then i kind of got used to it. but i still do pant a little bit though... i should be alrite by next week.

it's not all that cold here. but u cant walk out of the house without a coat or a jacket. again... it's just like in d movies! they always wear a jacket when they;re leaving the house and then when they come back home or reach their destination building, they remove their coats n hang it on a stand near d door. we do just the same, minus the stand near d door. we dump out coats n jackets on d seat next to us, or in our extra small lockers.

the temperature is usually about 12 or 13 degrees, but because of the wind, it's colder than u can expect. n d only thing i hate about this weather is that it rains out of the blues without any warning, n it happens so often and abrupt, that u can never predict when it might rain n when it might not.

at nite its like 2 degrees n u cannot leave d windows open. i went to a friend's flats last nite, n was shivering till i couldnt speak at all cos they left their kitchen window open while cooking. i had to excuse myself n run to my room cos i was shaking from head to toe!

anyways, everything here is nice,,, except for d pounds.... how on earth can so many students from India n China n Nigeria n South Africa survive here with the exchange rates??

i've met so many ppl from Pakistan n Iran n India. n their currency exchange rate is so much higher than that compared to Malaysia. everytime i walk in to a shop, i look at the things, n then d price tag n then calculate it to malaysia currency, leave d things back on its shelf n walk out of d shop empty handed!

like yesterday, i joined some classmates for lunch in the hospital canteen ( my classes happen in the hospital, so i'm always there ). i looked at d menu, n then d price n decided on carrots n cauliflower which tasted like plastic n rubber(unfortunately i only knew it after d 1st bite) n that cost me 1.40 pounds! i could have just starved myself than to pay RM9/RS110 for that kind of rubbish!

so, on the way back i stopped by in marks n spencers n another shop called somerfield to check out wat they have n to hunt for something that i can take as lunch to uni. boy was i in for a shock. i tend to convert eveything to malaysian currency n then leave it n run to d next thing. i cant help it cos my money is coming from there at d moment. if i get a part time job here i wouldnt be so calculative like i am now.

i did buy somethings like bread n fresh milk n fruit n nut cereal. the bread cost me 1.40pounds ( in malaysia it would have been RM1.40), fresh milk cost me 45p (in malaysia it would have been 45 cents), n cereal cost me almost 2 pounds(again in malaysia would have been about RM4). n then i tried looking around for other basic cooking stuff like sausages n fries n baked beans n things of that sort.. d exchange rate is making me insane! i either need to make money in pounds on my own, or i need to stop eating! there's so other options!!

for ppl here its cheap, cos they earn in pounds. thats wat makes all the difference. d other day i was talking with oneof my flatmate from india. she said her parents had sent her RS50,000 for this month n it was only 550 pounds, cos the exchange rate was RS87. madness! n yet this girl spends money as if its growing in her room. sigh..... some ppl just dont know d value of money

i'll have to talk about my flat n flatmates in another post... that's a totally different story...

so, tomorrow (hopefully) i'll update u guys about my accomodation n flatmates with some pics k

since i havent had anything proper to eat, n havent had d heart to spend money n buy decent food, i kept complaining to mum about it again n again. n i've already written a list of things for my mum to buy n send to me.

d initial plan was for mum to send me my clothes ( cos i could only bring very very minimum things due to d 30kg limit). but since yesterday, i changed my mind. there was no point in asking mum to send me clothes which i'd only receive one month later n which i'd wear under my coat n jacket n no one will know wat i'm wearing. i could even wear only my coat n jeans n shoes for all i care n no one will realize!

so i wrote a long list of food stuff for mum to buy n seed to me, including rice cooker n rice n cooking spices n things of that sort. n this time i really have to learn to cook basic stuff if i dont wanna starve or go broke very soon