Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Any takers??

Things that i want n desperately need:

1) a wool coat that can last up to negative temperature (it's not negative yet, but looks like its going to be, judging by d current weather)

2) stylish coats that can keep me warm n stylish

3) winter cap

4) gloves ( not skiing gloves, just wool gloves that would fit my smaller than s size hands)

5) boots (something that doesnt look like a plumber's/gardener's plastic boots. something without very high heels, something which i can wear almost everyday basically n something which'll keep me warm)(preferably Aldo, but i'd adjust to anything lesser... i dont mind)

6) Sport shoes (preferably Reebok, but i'd settled for anything at d moment, but pls make sure it's walking/jogging shoes)

7) wool sweat shirts (not too thick, that i might look like a short fat pumpkin in it)

8) warm scarfs

9) two or three pairs of jeans (Lewis-size 28, Voir-size 27, Lee Cooper-size28)

10) a backpack ( not d kindy or school bagpack sort. something which a normal postgrad student carry)

11) food stuff (i dont eat beef and pork. anything other than these two are greatfully welcomed)

12) monthly allowance (i'd state d amount when we talk personally, n to ur advantage, it's negotiable)

my mailing address is :

Queen Margaret's Residence,
Winton Drive, 26 J 4,
G12 0QA,
Glasgow, Scotland

my phone numbers are:

Mobile: 0044-7531416465
Landline: 0044-1415348620

U'r most welcome to send anything from the above list.

for your information (n to make things easier for u), u can send to me by courier/FedEx/DHL/City Linkers

And PLS do NOT get anything in Orange, yellow, purple, red, green, or pink.

I'd prefer it in black, brown, or grey. Off white shouldnt be a problem (even if it can easily get dirty... but i'd look good in it anyways)

are u still waiting for me to say that i'm joking??

don't wait any longer n waste time...

... u might as well start buying those things in my list n sending it to me

no, i'm not kidding

although i might be........

but, no, i mean it......

i'm not kidding

(PS: pls at least post me a letter or a postcard.... i'm d only one in this whole building who hasnt received anything in her mail till today)

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i will try my best.