Monday, October 13, 2008

my flat, and the fellow specimens who share the flat with me

Thank God for unexpected small mercies!

When i didnt get any accommodation at all, i thought i might have to settle for a dorm again( i lived in a dorm for a year during my 1st year in college in india). then i thought i might not be so bad compared to nothing at all. so when i was given a place in an accommodation which wasnt in one of my 7 choices, i happily took it anyways.

no, this is not where i live. this was my 1st choice but i ended up here:(below pic)

When i reached here on Tuesday last week, i was sort of ok with this place, even though the bathroom n toilet was common. i had no other go anyways.

my room was pretty confortable, even without shelves n hangers in the closet, or en-suite.

there are 5 rooms in this flat where there's an Indian girl, one from China, one from USA, one from South Africa n one from Malaysia (which is me).

the girl from China, Janet:

she's quite nice. quiet girl, always smiling n helpful.

the one from India, Kalka:

she's ..... eerrr... diplomatically put, she's extra friendly. so she knows almost everyone in this building who r from India.

the one from USA is called Katherine i think. i only met her once 2 days after i came back n then again just now, n i all i've spoken to her is "hello".

d last one is Petra from South Africa. she's sort of ok too. very out going.

on the whole all these girls are ok. but as they days pass... u get to know their real character and how inconsiderate tehy can get.

everyone in this flat except for me, has a boyfriend. it doesnt matter if they have one boyfriend, or many boyfriends. wat i dislike is them bringing their boyfriends back to d flat.

i mean, i particularly asked for an all girls' flat, n these girls bring their bfs back here??! ok, lets say i loosen up a little bit n let things be. so wat if their boyfriends come. its not like they're coming to my room rite, they'll just stay in their own rooms.

but NO!! thats not wat they do!

they're forever walking up n down d hallways, n they're always in the kitchen!

even just now, the American girl brings her bf back, n then take over d kitchen (which is common sharing by the way). i wanted to try n cook something tonite. but when i say them, i didnt feel like doing anything at all. so i turned around n walked away.

there goes my dinner.....

ok, u might say its ok for them to be there in the kitchen. its common anyways.

yea, its ok for them to be in the kitchen, but its not ok for them to behave like they're in their bedroom when they're in a common kitchen!!

the south african girl fought with her boyfriend last nite, n they had to fight in d walkway!

the indian girl brings her bf n guy friends back to d flat n they take over the kitchen.

susah la these ppl! they fight with their bf also i can hear, they make up with their bf also i can hear (n see!!)

yuck! no sense of privacy at all la


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