Saturday, October 11, 2008

My classmates

I've got the most interesting kind of classmates this time.

cos they're from all over the world.(Saudi Arabia, Afganistan, Pakistan, Greece, India, UK, USA, Syria, Nigeria... i dont remember where else from). there are about 25 students in my class rite now, out of which :

-10 of them are doctors and a few out of the 10 are child specialists,
-1/3 of the whole population are married
-about 5 of them have children (there's one student who has 20 year old triplets and a very
supporting husband and family)
-d others who arent doctors and specialized in something very 'high-tech'
-another 1/3 have working experience
-1 silly girl is fresh out of undergrad school.... me

my classmates are such smart alexes! i'm not fool myself, but i just chose to stay undercover by not showing how smart i am and end up making a fool out of myself in the end! sigh...

when d lecturer talks about some disease, and asks about wat diagnosis they have to give, wat kind of test can be done n things of that sort... these doctors and child specialists are d ones who answer with such high termed names n things that i havent heard of.

i'll be like so blur when they talk about things like this. initially i thought it was part of wat i've missed during the 1st two weeks. n then i got to know that they knew d answers cos they've done it in their MBBS n specialization.

how r normal ppl like us supposed to keep up with them like this la....?

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