Monday, October 20, 2008

and i thought d rain was d worst part of d weather here

little did i know that i was in for more surprises!

this morning i was in the kitchen at about 9am, trying to make a decent breakfast ( yea.. tryin...), and all of a sudden i heard some sort of scary sound from out d wide. it was 9 in the morning, n yet it was scary!! d wind was that scary!

there's this huge tree just across my flat building. this tree was shaking so vigorously and for a moment i thought it was gonna get uprooted! at 1st i thought there were ppl trying to uproot the tree..(but it didnt look like it, and ppl in Scotland dont uproot trees at all, unlike Malaysians and indians).... n then i realized it was because of d wind!!

that's how strong the wind was this morning! i was too stunned by the strong wind against the even stronger tree, that i completely forgot my breakfast that was getting burnt on d stove and it didnt even strike to me that i could have taken a video of it! i was just too dumbstruck... i was already thinking of how i was gonna get to d hospital if this continues

that's not the worst yet!

i left my room at about 10am to go to d hospital, n there was this tornado of dried yellow and orange leaves forming around me and above me just as i stepped out on the open main road!

i really thought that Glasgow was prone to tornado and twisters and natural disasters of that sort, n i started saying my prayers!

now when i think of it, it was funny... but at that time it was really scary k!

imagine coming all the way from Malaysia where 29 degrees and occasional heavy rains n floods are the only natural disasters!!

i have only seen tornado n twisters in movies n i have absolutely no clue wat i'll do if i were to see one in real life!

there's more of today's 'natural disaster'!

i reached d hospital extra late today cos i had to battle my way though the winds all throughout my 45 minutes of journey (which became 1 hour). the wind was so strong that i was literally being forced off my feet and backwards or forwards! i had to stop and literally grab hold of some lamp posts and pillars along my way! some of the ppl who were passing me gave weird looks...

i'm serious k! d wind was that strong today!! i've never come across anything like this before la.. how am i supposed to react. i thought i was really gonna fly off! (once when i was about 10 years old i almost flew off the Ferris wheel in India! my uncle caught hold of me in time! phhewww)

and then it started raining heavily all of a sudden and stopped as suddenly as it started!

now i think i dont mind d rains... it's d wind that i'm scared of now! :S

n guess wat.... i heard that this is just d begining..... there's more to come and more violent ones...


i think i'll just tie some dumbells or weights to myself from tomorrow onwards.. that way, i wouldnt have to worry about flying off

PS: Charu: everything ok la.. the Lord is leading me, n i'm blindly following. actually i'm surprised at myself for taking things so coolly... i'm just not worried for wat's gonna happen tomorrow. n No... i have gotten any sponsor or parcels or letters.. n it had better start with u! u owe me a lot already k eversince u started working.. it keeps increasing with interest... hahahha

Kalai: i'm ok la... memang cold here... i'm trying my best not to get wet in d rain.. but almost everyday i get drenched. i'm surprised at how i've not fallen sick with my current diet of almost nothing and exposed to this kind of extreme weather conditions. Praise the Lord for that!

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