Tuesday, October 31, 2006


i had Environmental studies exam this morning….it’s not one of my subjects…but every semester we have to write some extra paper…so, this sem i got stuck with this one…

We had classes every week for the past 4 months, but never had any test or assignment for it…so, i obviously didnt bother studying for it. n i had this paper today morning which will be included for the finals. i decently wanted to start studying since yesterday afternoon….but i didnt… then finally at nite, my friend i and forced ourselves to switch off the the idiot box n start studying.

We started off very well…we were looking for the notes and important points, questions and answers for the very 1st time!! but it doesnt matter anyway rite..we still managed to force ourselves to start studying…..n sat for half an hour at one go!!! then we ended tup talking for one hour! :p

and then, that was it for our studying….i ended up talking to my mum after that, then had dinner n went to sleep early, cos i was already having a splitting headache…i wanted to wake up early today morning n study…

n i did wake up early…at about 4.20am….n then my friend n i started studying at 4.45. we were laughing n cracking silly jokes…laughing for no reason at all…..making so much of noise….n studying in between….everytime we laugh about something, both of us will immediately look at the clock n start studying again! we had our finals at 10am, n we were looking at the notes for the 1st time at 5am this morning!!

we managed to study the important ones before 10am….the exam wasnt too bad actually…..its all about environment, conservation n all that crap….its partly common sense u know…u can just write ur own stories…it doesnt matter anyway…well, i finished the paper in slightly more than an hour…but took my own sweet time to get out of the class….

when i finally handed in my paper n walked out of class…i was just thinking of how much effort i put for this test. some of my classmates and friends spent about 2 or 3 days studying for this paper, while i was enjoying life, watching tv, sleeping,talking…n only studied for 3 hours before the exam….n i still managed to do quite ok in it.

i’ve become very lazy nowadays….or more like a master or procrastination. i’ve never been like this before. even if i dont study everyday, i’ll make sure i finish all my assignments and paper works well ahead of time. but off late, i’ve been delaying that too! i only start doing my assignment the nite before the day its due!! i tend to push everything to the very last minute….but i still manage to do it…with a lot of tension piling up, n not to forget the headaches and migrains i end up with!

but i cant be like that anymore…my finals is starting in exactly 1 weeks time….i have to start serious studying from today already! i’ve decided that i wont watch tv for more than half an hour each time n that i wont sit with my comp as often as i always do ( which is every hour! i’m so addicted to the net!) i wonder how far i’m gonna keep up with this…! :s

anyway, am gonna sleep now….i studied very hard today…so i got to rest now ….(yea rite :s!!)

Monday, October 30, 2006

i'm going bananas

yup…u read it rite…..i’m going bananas….not because of my studies…..but because of MOBILE PHONES…!!

EVERYONE around me seems to be changing their phones off late!! and i feel as if i’m being provoked!!

if only it wasnt for that guy who stole my baby phone from me…i wouldnt be whining and grumbling and trying to talk my mum into getting me a another phone now! i really loved that phone…n i finally told myself and my mum that i wasnt gonna change my phone so often…like i usually do….. but since i lost that phone….n had to get another one before coming back to india…..i felt really guilty and upset…so i just got a samsung x650…..

for the past four months, i didnt really think about changing my phone….n i never bothered looking around too cos if i did, i know i’ll wanna change my phone again…..but like i said…off late so many ppl around me are changing their mobile phone…..and that’s really really provoking me to change mine too….

when i say a lot of ppl….i really mean a lot of ppl!! my classmates, my counsins, my friends back at home, my friends here in India, n also my neighbours!! how am i supposed to survive like this!! it feels as if everyone’s planned it together to make me go crazy!

i tried talking to my mum about it. i didnt even tell her that i wanted another phone…i just told her that everyone around me have got new phones….and she knew wat i was getting to…! ;) …..n she gave me a good LONG lecture…about being materialistic….

She wasnt really saying that i’m being materialistic….but she said that i shouldnt be so into this kindda things…my mum for one hates mobile phones….so she absolutely doesnt like it when i tell her that i want another phone….she thinks that it’s not worth it changing phones so often…after all, i only need it for making n receiving calls and smses….

my mum was obviously rite…..but i just cant help it ……. i like mobile phones no matter wat….. its not that i’m being materialistic or watever….its just that, if u like something, u’ll surely wanna have it rite…?! thats the problem with me…

well, this time, i dont think i can get my way done…cos my mum’s bent on not getting me another phone cos the one i have now is only 4 months old…n it’s perfectly alrite….!

Anyway, since christmas and New Year is just around the corner….and with all the year end sale and promotions everywhere…..i’ve decided to make things easier for all you guys……

u dont have to spend too much time thinking of wat u wanna get me or wat i would want…..i’ve already put up d pics of the presents (in my album) i want this year….and while doing that…i’ve been very considerate….cos i’ve even given u guys a choice as to which one to get me…..;)

So, which ever one u get me…i’ll be happy….!! :D

i got to go and study for tomorrow’s exam now….

bye bye ppl….and HAPPY SHOPPING….for my present…!!! :D ;)

Friday, October 27, 2006


finally…all my practicals are over!! it feels as if i’ve finished my final exams!! well…that’s a long way to go…*sigh…*

Anyways…today’s zoology pracs was ok….i could identify all the four specimens…n write about it…(i added my own grandmother stories in between though….;p) but couldn’t draw the last diagram…that bone was rather complicated…but it doesnt matter….i’ll only lose 1 or 2 marks there….

So, since my exams were over…( for this week that is…) i went out with my friend instead of coming back home straight after college like i usually do…she had to go to some place to collect some stuff for her mum…so i just followed her….n i had zinger burger today! ( after such a long time!) … then we came back home to leave our bags and books, then went out again…..eerr…..we were not loitering around the whole evening and night….we had to go to do the doctor cos we got wet in the rain while we were out in the evening…thanks to my weak immune system!! i didnt wanna take chances of getting sick….especially during exam time…so i had to go to the doctor for my prevention and precaution dose…:p

the doctor gave me tablets and liquid mixture…i hate tablets!! y couldnt he have given me only the liquid dose, or some injection!! i wouldnt mind having to take injections everyday compared to tablets!! but thank God those tablets were only chewable..ehehehe…homeopathy u see….so, i dont have to swallow them….just chew it…i wonder how it tastes…i was supposed to start tonite…but i’ll do the innauguration thing in the morning…was too lazy..

Anyway, there was something more interesting today…or rather embarrassing …or should i say stupidity….?! watever it is….eerr…i dont think i wanna share it yet..maybe a few years later….when i’m mentally stable to think that i can laugh about it….! i didnt do anything violent, or against the rule or anything wild….my friend n i just did something silly…that’s all….

i have to go to college again tomorrow for some silly internal assessment things…the teacher missplaces my answer sheets and makes me run about for it! how considerate of the teacher!! well, i got to go sleep…havent slept properly in days!!

God nite ppl…sweet dreams….:)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

this is not my day

Today’s practical exam wasnt too good…. :(

i didnt have enough time to finish it…left a few things undone…the thing is, i couldnt finish it, not because i didnt know wat to do…i knew every single thing, i knew everything in detail! infact i was helping my classmates cos they didnt know wat to do. i was d only one who knew everything so well…..but i just didnt have enough time to finish all the experiments and graphs…

none of the 25 girls in my class finished the whole pracs! 1st of all, we were the 1st batch to have Biotech pracs and to make things worse we had it in the morning. my teachers were not very prepared cos they were late. my pracs was supposed to start at 8.30, but it only started at 8.45am. my teacher gave us the questions, and then we started writing the procedure, the tabular column and watever that had to be done, and then we started the experiments.

so far so good….only after almost 2 hours did my teachers realize that they forgot to prepare some solution and enzymes which we had to use for the last experiment that carries 8 marks (that’s the killer part!) so she did it, but we had to wait even longer cos it was hot n we cant use hot solution cos it’ll kill the enzymes.

in the end, i just didnt have the time to do everything! we had to incubate it, heat it in hot water bath, let it cool, add some more solutions, and finally read the absorbance value, take down the values (n manupulate it if necessary), plot the graph, find a particular value from the graph, calculate something else from it, and then combine a few graphs and calculations to get another value! as if all these were not enough, my teacher gave us some other value and made us waste time in calculating it!

the thing is, its not very difficult actually, infact, not difficult at all…its just a long tidious process…that’s all …… n i didnt have the one thing which i need most..TIME!!

my teachers didnt even give us extra time, because the next batch was already waiting! i dont get it! i wasnt our fault that we started the pracs late. we were not the ones who were late, it was the teachers themselves! n then they had to forget to prepare the solutions! n t to top it all off, they complicate things for us! wat joy to they get in torturing us!?!

i woke up at 4am this morning ( i made Vidhya call me at that hour so that i’ll wake up!) to study for this stupid, annonying pracs which is of no use at all for me (except for the marks though!)…i skipped dinner, i skipped breakfast, i had to sacrifice my sleep…. all this for the dissappointment i ended up with at 11.45am!!

and to top it all off,, my aunty calls me up at 11.50 am on the dot and asks me how my exams was! she was the 1st person i was talking to after the exam so i told her that i didnt have time to finish it…n wat does she do?? she gives me a piece of her mind!!!! she thought i couldnt finish because i didnt know!! then followed by a LONG lecture…which i dont wanna recall!

anyway, i ended up coming home without lunch also…i so wasnt in the mood to eat! i came back home n spoke to mum about the stupid pracs again….n then slept off for like 3 hours! i guess i didnt wake up earlier cos i didnt wanna study for my next exam yet! todays pracs was so so dissappointing!!!

the only thing i can do now is pray that my teachers will be flexible with their markings….if they r strict, i’ll only get 20 on 25….but if they have a little bit of mercy…i’ll get 23…. Oh Lord pls have mercy on me!!!!!!

i only woke up at 7 pm…that too because my friend ekpt msging n calling me SO MANY TIMES!! there were like 20 missed calls and 30 msges in my inbox! i just had to wake up, or not that girl would have broken open my room door! then went and had my bath in cold water! thanks to my friend cos she finished all the hot water in the tank!!! as it is i was already feeling cold, n then had my bath in cold water, n it started raining just then!! today is so not my day!

i sat in front of the tv from 8pm and refused to budge! cos i didnt wanna do anything else! but it was worth it though….i watched National Tressure…it was goord…but i missed the fist half hour i think….watever….i stil got to see the better part of the movie!

now…..i have to go back to studying….cos i have Zoology pracs on fri…n i have no hope at all for that one! i just dont understand y everyone are so into making my life misserable…(eeerr…not only mine)..y on earth do i have to study about some animals which dont even exist anymore?! i wonder which jobless fool came up with all the names for the parts of these animals and its bones!y couldnt he have settled with just one name??!! y does the same body part or bone need more than one name?!!! i only have one name…(ok i have 2..or more….but my name is easy to remember!!!)

ok, if i start talking about how unfair and jobless the scientists and geologists, archeologists…(watever u call all those ppl) are…i’ll go crazy!

so, i better stop now …cos i do not wanna end up in Tanjung Rambutan! there’s definitely more than this to my life!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Happy Diwali n Selamat Hari Raya

A very very HAPPY belated DIWALI to all the Hindus and SEMALAT HARI RAYA to the malays…..i wanted to msg everyone yesterday…the lazy bum in me took the better of me…

i was glued to the tv the whole of yesterday…there were so many movies n programs on tv….Charu, Shalini and myself watched 4 movies non stop since 10am yesterday! we saw :

1) Coffee with Anu (interview with Vijay and Trisha)

2) Surya and Jothika’s wedding preparation

3) Vasool Raja MBBS

4) Kalvanin Kathali ( i think thats d name…m not too sure, cos didnt watch the whole thing)

5) Kaaka Kaaka

6) Sami

7) Coffee with Anu (again! cos we thought the Surya Jothika’s wedding preparation will be repeated….:p)

i had to leave half way while watching Kaaka Kaaka cos mum called….i spoke to mum for more than 2 hours yesterday…was talking about loads and loads of things….n i think i spent almost an hour to tell her about my friend whom i am staying with…..n spoke about EXAMS!! n then HOLIDAYS :D!!

i never studied anything at all d whole of yesterday! but i had my book with me all the time while watching tv…so that i dont fell guilty consious…hehehe…but i forgot about it after a few hours of tv….:p

i spent like 2 or 3 hours standing outside on the balcony watching everyone here playing with firecrackers and fireworks nearby…it was SO BEAUTIFUL!! i so wished i had my previous phone with me….i had a lot of video recordings and pics of Diwali celebration last year….n i started to think of my phone even more yesterday cos AJ got a new phone n she came over to show it to us…she got the Motorola V3i…it was sexy man!! so slim, n huge screen!! but i couldnt say i fell in love with that phone (like how i fell in love with my previous phone) ….it was wide….i’m not a fan of big phone, (i’ve always prefered small, compact phones which fits nicely on my palm)…but the pics were very clear…i think it was 1.3 megapixel…n the sound quality was good too…..she paid some RS 10k for it, its about RM1k…for that price i would have gotten some other phone..

i was kindda going on low profile about phone, controlling myself…but now i’m going crazy for phone all over again! i have my eye on a particular Sony Ericsson rite now….but i dared not open my mouth about it to mum….

i was finally satisfied with my Nokia 6230i ( i called it my baby n i even had the baby laughing tone for my sms tone!), n i even told mum that i didnt wanna change my phone till this one was working or at least for another year and 1/2.mum was very happy obviously cos i’ve finally stopped going handphone hunting or changing my phone so often! just 10 days after i told mum this… someone flicked it from my handbag!!! its been 4 months n 4 days already now since my phone was flicked….:(

anyways…what has happened has happened…no use cribbing about it now rite…i’ll just let God deal with the person who took it…n carry on with my life

Happy Diwali and Selamat Hari Raya to u guys….

Thursday, October 19, 2006


i’m on study break now…eerr…actually…since d 13th …:p

i finally started studying today…. havent started on full force….slowly picking up my pace….very slowly actually….!! i studied for 1 hour this morning…n couldnt take it anymore…!! ended up taking a break for 3 hours ( was watching a movie while having lunch)!!

i wonder how i’ll do in my exams if i continue at this pace.. i have LOADS N LOADS to study…but by the rate i’m going…it looks as if i dont have any exams to look forward to!

I gtg now….going out for another round of break before i continue studying from where i stopped this morning…hehehe…:p

Sleeping beauty.?!?

I woke up at 7 this morning!! thats actually very early for me!! but considering that i slept at 10pm last nite…doesnt really help me rejoice in the fact that i woke up at 7am (rather than 9 or almost 10am, which is my usual waking up time) for once since my study break started last week

I’m becoming so so lazy cos i’m sleeping too much…my friends have started calling me sleeping beauty!! i can sleep at any time of the day, for as many hours as i want, and still manage to sleep very well at nite till late in d morning!! i dont know y i’ve become like this all of a sudden….

this morning when i read the Bible….Proverbs 20:13…Do not love sleep or you will grow poor; stay awake and you will have food to spare….i felt as if someone was trying to knock some sense into my head!! i mean, its not like i didnt know that too much of sleep isnt good and all that..but i just cant help it….and its not like i love to sleep…i do like to sleep (who doesnt!!?) but not LOVE!! n i dont fall asleep intentionally….i fall asleep just like that…! wat do i do??!! how do i make myself stay awake more than i am off late..?

SOS!! Someone PLS HELP!!!!!!!!! pls dont tell me to drink tea or coffee….those who know me well know that i do not drink tea or coffee…

i HAVE to stay awake now more than any other time…cos, exams are just around d corner!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Chem pracs

hello all beautiful ppl of the world….:)

Its been a good day today…a very good day!! ..not just because i did well in my chem pracs…but becauce God loves me so much! :)

right from the time i woke up…i felt God’s presence with me today…i havent been a very good girl for some time now…but God always understands…The Lord was with me through out my Chem pracs today. before i reached college…was i having doubts of how i’d do the exam today, cos God helps those who help themselves…n i havent been doing that off late as well…so, i was actually mentally preparing myself to accept the punishment from God for not setting my priorities rite….but as i was writing d exam….i realized that i was so wrong!!! I wrote d paper non stop cos everything i read was just coming to my memory word after word!! Thank God for all that!!

well…one pracs is over…2 more to go..n then theory papers will be starting from d 7th of Nov

God’s love is the only love that is guaranteed to last…Jer 31:3

have a great day ppl!! :)

PS…i found this pic a few days ago…since i’ve successfully finished my chem pracs….i’m putting up this pic…:)


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Welcome to myself... :)

Well, i’ve finally decided to blog…not because i want to…but because so many of my friends have been asking (or rather forcing, and threatening !!) me to do so! so, at least for their satisfaction i’m gonna do it…

i’m not a big fan of blogging…but i do agree that it’s a convenient way of sharing our daily activities with our friends and family whom we cannot meet often due to circumstances…n since i’m so far away from home and my friends….i guess this will help fill them up about wats happening on my side of the world….

but i cannot promise that i’ll be a good girl and blog everyday….there’s no way i can do that!! i do write diaries….but i obviously cant post all of that here cos it’ll be a nitemare for me and also for u guys…..so..i’ll just keep it short and sweet here! :-)

Anyways, i gotta get going for today….i have Chem pracs tomorrow (10 hours from now actually) which carries 25 marks for my finals…n here i am inaugurating my blog!! wat a time to start this!

alrite then…so long for now….cheers to all bloggers here…:-) ..gud nite ppl…
Before a call it day….

Trish has gotten me addicted to COLOURS!!!!!! :D me so so on love with colours……So, i’m gonna post some piccies that has caught my attention….(eerr…some of it might be d same as Trishs’…:p )