Sunday, October 22, 2006

Happy Diwali n Selamat Hari Raya

A very very HAPPY belated DIWALI to all the Hindus and SEMALAT HARI RAYA to the malays…..i wanted to msg everyone yesterday…the lazy bum in me took the better of me…

i was glued to the tv the whole of yesterday…there were so many movies n programs on tv….Charu, Shalini and myself watched 4 movies non stop since 10am yesterday! we saw :

1) Coffee with Anu (interview with Vijay and Trisha)

2) Surya and Jothika’s wedding preparation

3) Vasool Raja MBBS

4) Kalvanin Kathali ( i think thats d name…m not too sure, cos didnt watch the whole thing)

5) Kaaka Kaaka

6) Sami

7) Coffee with Anu (again! cos we thought the Surya Jothika’s wedding preparation will be repeated….:p)

i had to leave half way while watching Kaaka Kaaka cos mum called….i spoke to mum for more than 2 hours yesterday…was talking about loads and loads of things….n i think i spent almost an hour to tell her about my friend whom i am staying with…..n spoke about EXAMS!! n then HOLIDAYS :D!!

i never studied anything at all d whole of yesterday! but i had my book with me all the time while watching tv…so that i dont fell guilty consious…hehehe…but i forgot about it after a few hours of tv….:p

i spent like 2 or 3 hours standing outside on the balcony watching everyone here playing with firecrackers and fireworks nearby…it was SO BEAUTIFUL!! i so wished i had my previous phone with me….i had a lot of video recordings and pics of Diwali celebration last year….n i started to think of my phone even more yesterday cos AJ got a new phone n she came over to show it to us…she got the Motorola V3i…it was sexy man!! so slim, n huge screen!! but i couldnt say i fell in love with that phone (like how i fell in love with my previous phone) ….it was wide….i’m not a fan of big phone, (i’ve always prefered small, compact phones which fits nicely on my palm)…but the pics were very clear…i think it was 1.3 megapixel…n the sound quality was good too…..she paid some RS 10k for it, its about RM1k…for that price i would have gotten some other phone..

i was kindda going on low profile about phone, controlling myself…but now i’m going crazy for phone all over again! i have my eye on a particular Sony Ericsson rite now….but i dared not open my mouth about it to mum….

i was finally satisfied with my Nokia 6230i ( i called it my baby n i even had the baby laughing tone for my sms tone!), n i even told mum that i didnt wanna change my phone till this one was working or at least for another year and 1/2.mum was very happy obviously cos i’ve finally stopped going handphone hunting or changing my phone so often! just 10 days after i told mum this… someone flicked it from my handbag!!! its been 4 months n 4 days already now since my phone was flicked….:(

anyways…what has happened has happened…no use cribbing about it now rite…i’ll just let God deal with the person who took it…n carry on with my life

Happy Diwali and Selamat Hari Raya to u guys….

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