Wednesday, October 25, 2006

this is not my day

Today’s practical exam wasnt too good…. :(

i didnt have enough time to finish it…left a few things undone…the thing is, i couldnt finish it, not because i didnt know wat to do…i knew every single thing, i knew everything in detail! infact i was helping my classmates cos they didnt know wat to do. i was d only one who knew everything so well…..but i just didnt have enough time to finish all the experiments and graphs…

none of the 25 girls in my class finished the whole pracs! 1st of all, we were the 1st batch to have Biotech pracs and to make things worse we had it in the morning. my teachers were not very prepared cos they were late. my pracs was supposed to start at 8.30, but it only started at 8.45am. my teacher gave us the questions, and then we started writing the procedure, the tabular column and watever that had to be done, and then we started the experiments.

so far so good….only after almost 2 hours did my teachers realize that they forgot to prepare some solution and enzymes which we had to use for the last experiment that carries 8 marks (that’s the killer part!) so she did it, but we had to wait even longer cos it was hot n we cant use hot solution cos it’ll kill the enzymes.

in the end, i just didnt have the time to do everything! we had to incubate it, heat it in hot water bath, let it cool, add some more solutions, and finally read the absorbance value, take down the values (n manupulate it if necessary), plot the graph, find a particular value from the graph, calculate something else from it, and then combine a few graphs and calculations to get another value! as if all these were not enough, my teacher gave us some other value and made us waste time in calculating it!

the thing is, its not very difficult actually, infact, not difficult at all…its just a long tidious process…that’s all …… n i didnt have the one thing which i need most..TIME!!

my teachers didnt even give us extra time, because the next batch was already waiting! i dont get it! i wasnt our fault that we started the pracs late. we were not the ones who were late, it was the teachers themselves! n then they had to forget to prepare the solutions! n t to top it all off, they complicate things for us! wat joy to they get in torturing us!?!

i woke up at 4am this morning ( i made Vidhya call me at that hour so that i’ll wake up!) to study for this stupid, annonying pracs which is of no use at all for me (except for the marks though!)…i skipped dinner, i skipped breakfast, i had to sacrifice my sleep…. all this for the dissappointment i ended up with at 11.45am!!

and to top it all off,, my aunty calls me up at 11.50 am on the dot and asks me how my exams was! she was the 1st person i was talking to after the exam so i told her that i didnt have time to finish it…n wat does she do?? she gives me a piece of her mind!!!! she thought i couldnt finish because i didnt know!! then followed by a LONG lecture…which i dont wanna recall!

anyway, i ended up coming home without lunch also…i so wasnt in the mood to eat! i came back home n spoke to mum about the stupid pracs again….n then slept off for like 3 hours! i guess i didnt wake up earlier cos i didnt wanna study for my next exam yet! todays pracs was so so dissappointing!!!

the only thing i can do now is pray that my teachers will be flexible with their markings….if they r strict, i’ll only get 20 on 25….but if they have a little bit of mercy…i’ll get 23…. Oh Lord pls have mercy on me!!!!!!

i only woke up at 7 pm…that too because my friend ekpt msging n calling me SO MANY TIMES!! there were like 20 missed calls and 30 msges in my inbox! i just had to wake up, or not that girl would have broken open my room door! then went and had my bath in cold water! thanks to my friend cos she finished all the hot water in the tank!!! as it is i was already feeling cold, n then had my bath in cold water, n it started raining just then!! today is so not my day!

i sat in front of the tv from 8pm and refused to budge! cos i didnt wanna do anything else! but it was worth it though….i watched National Tressure…it was goord…but i missed the fist half hour i think….watever….i stil got to see the better part of the movie!

now…..i have to go back to studying….cos i have Zoology pracs on fri…n i have no hope at all for that one! i just dont understand y everyone are so into making my life misserable…(eeerr…not only mine)..y on earth do i have to study about some animals which dont even exist anymore?! i wonder which jobless fool came up with all the names for the parts of these animals and its bones!y couldnt he have settled with just one name??!! y does the same body part or bone need more than one name?!!! i only have one name…(ok i have 2..or more….but my name is easy to remember!!!)

ok, if i start talking about how unfair and jobless the scientists and geologists, archeologists…(watever u call all those ppl) are…i’ll go crazy!

so, i better stop now …cos i do not wanna end up in Tanjung Rambutan! there’s definitely more than this to my life!

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