Tuesday, October 31, 2006


i had Environmental studies exam this morning….it’s not one of my subjects…but every semester we have to write some extra paper…so, this sem i got stuck with this one…

We had classes every week for the past 4 months, but never had any test or assignment for it…so, i obviously didnt bother studying for it. n i had this paper today morning which will be included for the finals. i decently wanted to start studying since yesterday afternoon….but i didnt… then finally at nite, my friend i and forced ourselves to switch off the the idiot box n start studying.

We started off very well…we were looking for the notes and important points, questions and answers for the very 1st time!! but it doesnt matter anyway rite..we still managed to force ourselves to start studying…..n sat for half an hour at one go!!! then we ended tup talking for one hour! :p

and then, that was it for our studying….i ended up talking to my mum after that, then had dinner n went to sleep early, cos i was already having a splitting headache…i wanted to wake up early today morning n study…

n i did wake up early…at about 4.20am….n then my friend n i started studying at 4.45. we were laughing n cracking silly jokes…laughing for no reason at all…..making so much of noise….n studying in between….everytime we laugh about something, both of us will immediately look at the clock n start studying again! we had our finals at 10am, n we were looking at the notes for the 1st time at 5am this morning!!

we managed to study the important ones before 10am….the exam wasnt too bad actually…..its all about environment, conservation n all that crap….its partly common sense u know…u can just write ur own stories…it doesnt matter anyway…well, i finished the paper in slightly more than an hour…but took my own sweet time to get out of the class….

when i finally handed in my paper n walked out of class…i was just thinking of how much effort i put for this test. some of my classmates and friends spent about 2 or 3 days studying for this paper, while i was enjoying life, watching tv, sleeping,talking…n only studied for 3 hours before the exam….n i still managed to do quite ok in it.

i’ve become very lazy nowadays….or more like a master or procrastination. i’ve never been like this before. even if i dont study everyday, i’ll make sure i finish all my assignments and paper works well ahead of time. but off late, i’ve been delaying that too! i only start doing my assignment the nite before the day its due!! i tend to push everything to the very last minute….but i still manage to do it…with a lot of tension piling up, n not to forget the headaches and migrains i end up with!

but i cant be like that anymore…my finals is starting in exactly 1 weeks time….i have to start serious studying from today already! i’ve decided that i wont watch tv for more than half an hour each time n that i wont sit with my comp as often as i always do ( which is every hour! i’m so addicted to the net!) i wonder how far i’m gonna keep up with this…! :s

anyway, am gonna sleep now….i studied very hard today…so i got to rest now ….(yea rite :s!!)

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