Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lessons to be learnt in Scotland

Lesson #1

NEVER EVER leave ur house without an umbrella.

it doesnt matter even if u r wearing a water proof jacket, or if ur shoulders are gonna fall off, or even if u think u'd drop dead on d middle of d road due to tiredness n excess baggage, NEVER LEAVE UR HOUSE WITHOUT AN UMBRELLA

WHY? cos u can never trust the weather in Scotland now the weather forecast, just like how u can never trust a man who says trust me

Lesson #2

if it;s already raining when u have to go back, dont bother waiting under the shade for the rain to slow down.

WHY? cos u can wait until next year at d same stop, but the rain is a merciless, heartless thing. it'll never wait for u to reach ur destination before it starts poring!

Lesson #3

Make sure you wear many layers of clothes even if it looks sunny when u leave the house in the morning.

WHY? cos the weather is bound to change in a matter of seconds. so if u wanna reach home in one whole functioning piece, just wear many layers. u'll never sweat in Scotland anyways.

Lesson #4

If you are wearing boots, no matter how late or busy you are, make sure you wear skin socks or any pair of socks.

WHY? cos u wouldnt want to end up with sore feet at the end of the day

Lesson #5

If ur umbrella is broken, go n get urself another one in a one pound shop. NEVER buy expensive umbrellas which u think might last.

WHY? cos no umbrellas can stand the wrath of the Scottish winds. u'll just be wasting extra cash

Lesson #6

NEVER carry sling bags or fashionable bags.

WHY? cos it'll only kill ur shoulders. just get good water-proof bag packs

Lesson #7

DO NOT leave the house without a pair of gloves.

WHY? u go n see la.. then u'll know why!

to be continued when more lessons are learnt the hard way


sherlo said...

aiyoh paavam!!!more lessons pls, it might come handy for our (yas n mine)trip next dec:)

Chumi Lakshmi said...

yea la...

oh when u guys come, better make sure u save a lot of space in ur luggage for my things k! LOL